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  1. ^ you have to do level 1 on all 5 different game types then a boss one before you unlock level 2. I’m not too keen on how that works but I guess it makes you try all the different modes.
  2. I was really scared at first but after a while found fighting all the different Was pretty fun. Fighting the Was always pretty stressful mind.
  3. spatular


    ^ yeah jamestown is fun
  4. the shop lets you buy extra lives and stuff, it's been crucial for me to make any progress past level 1. well i did level 2 world tour without buying stuff but had to buy stuff for everything else on level 2. even after buying loads of extra lives i'm still stuck on level 3 indiana jones stage, the rolling boulders are a nightmare. they keep finding new ways to kill me each time. i did find out some useful stuff about them though, just before they start moving you can climb them, and if you're on a block about to be crushed you can run over the top of them. maybe someone could change the thread title to make this the Mr Driller DrillLand thread?
  5. you're probably right it probably is basic, but you're reading into what i said something that was not intended, i didn't really comment on the level of realism other than that stuff is higher than i personally would like - i just like sim handling, all the other realism stuff i prefer not to have. the best result for everyone would be to have all that stuff and make it optional. most people seem to be hating these changes, and i can understand that if you liked the previous games this is seen as a step back. personally what they're saying is making me more interested in it as it sounds like it's headed in a pgr/driveclub direction and they're some of my favorite games.
  6. I mean I’m not a fan of stuff like pit stops and tyre wear, but I agree there probably should be the option for people who want that level of realism.
  7. Looks like highlights are still on channel 4.
  8. Great news about mr driller, always wanted to play this in English to understand the different modes and be able to save will help! £16 which is cheaper than expected too.
  9. you're right to be wary but just wanted to point out you can get good ones with minimal lag which should be fine for most games... well they're good enough for shmups, and rock band. guitar freaks possibly an exception with strict timing i don't know. i never have any usb ports spare on the ps4 pro so hope the new one has loads on the back - but i don't think it will.
  10. bit trip runner 1/2/3, and harmoknight come to mind. They’re really good too, although I never finished runner 3.
  11. Just a heads up anyone new to the game getting a bit further in might want to look up how to get the proper/true ending as it’s easy to miss out. Although I can’t remember if they made it easier in golden.
  12. that's what i did to play beat saber on pc, got it from ebay, think it's the first consumer version, so not the developer kit ones, think people call it cv1, it works fine with racing games too, i got the 2 camera one, but if you want to try any room scale stuff 3 a camera one would be better. there's something about usb ports to check as well as the pc specs - https://support.oculus.com/204823846627499/
  13. spatular


    they're pretty bad but you'll probably get what you ordered eventually. i preordered psyvariar and it came out nearly a year late i think with minimal/no communication about the delays. that super darius on the pc engine mini is super hard.
  14. HQ means yours is a laptop right? The specs are for desktop CPU’s so you might find it’s closer to the minimum specs than the numbers indicate. These benchmarks aren’t the best but it gives you an idea: https://cpu.userbenchmark.com/Compare/Intel-Core-i5-7300HQ-vs-Intel-Core-i5-4460/m223877vs2310 I had problems running dirt rally 2 last year on my old pc, it would stutter quite a lot, cpu was about 9 years old though.
  15. I hear that’s what all the cool people do.
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