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  1. spatular


    both out now on steam: shikigami no shiro 2 ~£14 (small launch discount) crimzon clover world explosion ~£7.7 (big discount if you own the previous one i guess?) i have been playing a little bit of blue wish desire, seems great so far, current best run was to stage 4.
  2. ^ cheers! yeah i can only get one, still on the fence as 1 is maybe too expensive (although i guess i'll end up with the ps5 wheel too) so probably best going with the wrc. maybe a better question to ask is what are the advantages of the gt3/formula style wheel? i've never had one like that so don't know much about it other than thinking they look cool.
  3. still on the fence about ordering one of these fanatec things. what do people think to the mclaren gt3 wheel vs the wrc one? i think being sensible i should get the wrc one as it's more multi-purpose, but the gt3 one looks really cool and as i play rally games on low wheel rotation i should be fine with the gt3 one...
  4. 998 - 40.327 - m-b clk-gtr fe edit 700 - 57.822 - stingray
  5. I don't think that's possible, unless there's a bug or something.
  6. nice one! that beetle is glued to the track, it's flat out most of the way.
  7. Nice one for setting up some timetrials Boozy! 800 - 51.923 - old ferrari 900 - 44.803 -beatle
  8. yeah i didn't have a clue what was going on in the plot.
  9. i think it's because not all events on the map have leaderboards, so if they don't have one you get the fast travel option. if you want leaderboards for tracks have a look in the rivals section.
  10. spatular


    bit late as a riminder but this is out now! it includes the black label arrange/ketsui mode etc.
  11. i get that side of things, but coming at it from another angle, compared to other shmup devs they're one of the most mainstream/well known of recent years, or at least the games are. guess that shows how niche that genre is now. it's pretty odd. returnal is cool but resogun and nex machina are both better imo.
  12. oh that's interesting. was going to wait for the base on it's own but if that may never happen, i might get a pack now and get an xbox wheel for it later on - anyone know if they confirmed the new playstation base will work on xbox (if you have an xbox wheel for it)? edit, these people think it will work, not sure how official that info is mind: https://forum.fanatec.com/discussion/24316/gt-dd-pro-wheelbase-compatibility-with-xbox
  13. yeah a few of the seasonal ones are 3 race tournaments, when you start the first one it hilights all 3 in white on the map, not that they're easy to see with all the other icons, but you need to do all 3 before starting a diferent event if you want to finish a tournament. although just do whatever you want, it doesn't really matter. edit - i'm having the same problem a few other people mentioned where some seasonal stuf doesn't register, like i did an arcade event and danger sign (with the right car), neither counted.
  14. iirc its just winning at the track, no ratings. Theres a number of championships and you can do them at higher difficulties. But yeah i agree it doesnt require too much skill. The person who said it was like a theme park ride/rollercoaster was spot on, it is fun in that way but its shallow.
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