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  1. Patch for the pc version out yesterday apparently fixes the throttle bug. Ill give it a try later.
  2. spatular


    bit late sorry, been meaning to try and find this, it's a nice tutorial/introduction to bullet hell games, might need to skip ahead a bit where the guy playing takes a while to do one of them at least, to be fair they aren't easy also on gunvein background effect - turn that off for a performance boost if you need it, i tried it on a mini pc and it was running really badly with that background effect on, turning it off made it playable but it still stuttered occasionally so i've been playing it on the big pc anyway.
  3. it's not an uncommon problem putting a game to sleep screws with online functionality in some games if you want to go for high scores you need to restart the game after suspend/resume. yeah i lost some leaderboard entries but it didn't bother me too much, ymmv. i agree with Quest, this is a game of the year contender for me.
  4. ordered the csl load cell upgrade yeah those games were great! Iirc i mostly played colin mcrae rally 2, gpl, and midtown madness (2?) with that wheel
  5. yeah that's amazing! my setup is super boring, big table with a wheel clamp and tv, pedals on the floor so i found something more interesting (well imo anyway), my first force feedback wheel, think it's ~20 years old, not sure where the pedals are, wheel makes dodgy noises when rotated
  6. thanks for all the info and detailed replies! think these bits ^ tell me i should get the csl load cell while it's on offer, and see how i get on, probably end up with one of those spring mods at some point too. like you guys say i'll have to get them more stable, i've got some ideas for that which i think should work ok. the v3 pedals sound great, i think you guys are going to really like them! there's some great setups everyone has too
  7. spatular


    nice work on the top 3 spot i saw your recommendation so its on my list of stuff to get on steam but not been playing shmups as much this year so not got round to it yet, tbh the err “graphics” are a little offputting too.
  8. It works well! thanks for the reply! Yeah i think i prefer rubber to alcantara too, am super tempted by the wheel! Xbox support on the wrc one would be good but yeah maybe not as like you say its a lot more cost, and ive got the gt3 one that works on xbox anyway. ive been reading about load cells far too much today (and how to attach them to stuff), was thinking about just getting the upgrade load cell for the csl pedals - but reviews ive seen seem to compare them badly to the v3 and elite ones, both 300 euros at the moment (well 20 extra for the performance kit) but thats without the mod for the csl load kit, but yourself and @Shimmyhill both have those with the mod and still decided to upgrade (i think thats right ayway). Apparently its to do with the pedal travel, apparently you want a bit of travel that is easier to move the pedal, then after that it should be a lot harder, does that sound right, does the csl with mod provide this sort of thing? Without the mod its apparently just hard to press with no give at all, I mean thats my understanding of it from watching/reading some reviews, ive never used a load cell, im sure even that would be better than without a load cell. So sort of tempted by one of the more expensive pedal sets if they are going to be worth the upgrade but wouldnt be able to get a wheel as well then (and then you get into elite vs v3 haha, i guess v3 makes more sense now as its a lot of money off, bur seems like if there was no sale on youd not be missing out on much going for the elites). sorry for asking so many questions that you guys have probably been through before! edit - now this is a real pro sim rig
  9. ^ thanks for the info, yeah the price is spiraling! your setup looks really cool, nice one! i've had forcefeedback wheels for a long time but never had room for a full setup, been fine with desk mounted but now with load cells becoming more affordable i want to give it a try
  10. that's interesting, i had the same problem (on pc) with both an xbox pad and a fanatec wheel. what pedals/setup are you using?
  11. yeah it's just like you say, wheel mounted to the desk, pedals on the floor. that wheelstand sounds like what i'd need did he make it himself or is it available to buy anywhere? i've seen this which looks interesting https://www.amazon.com/distance-comfortable-PC-Mac-Linux-Unix/dp/B07N2F9YQN might try to make something like that myself, maybe even something simple like a rope to hook round the chair wheels might work. not bought anything yet, still thinking on it, the sale is on till monday, they might sell out of stuff but that's cool, helps me save money how are you mounting your pedals?
  12. spatular


    but you only get those extra lives if you die at regular intervals (and those scores are 1cc scores, you're in the top 10! so maybe not representative, but good skillz ).. yeah i think we agree that the game is really really good just disagree on the stuff around the game, while i was moaning about that other stuff, the checkpoints and lack of continues are a much bigger problem for me. and while i've spent a lot of time moaning about it it's between gunvein and neon white for my favorite game of the year. what i'd be interested to know is does this help or hinder people getting into these games, we can argue/disagree about it but i don't think these things are aimed at us so much, but more at players who might buy a shmup and play it through once or twice using continues and then quit, they may well enjoy it but they won't stick at it (i do this too because this is how i play fighting/action games) so yeah i wonder if the people it's aimed at will like it or not. yeah i prefer the harder modes in mushi but maybe for different reasons, the original mode is more like a cross between a cave and psikyo game so has much faster bullets, maniac mode is more like what i would call an normal/proper bullet hell game with slower bullets. i wouldn't classify any psikyo game as bullet hell personally because the bullets are too fast. but yeah i can see why people do, there are a lot of bullets to be fair. and yeah it's interesting i think a lot of people share your view that bullet hell games require too much memorisation - and i see it the other way round, i don't know if this would be a reason but maybe a lot of youtube videos show high level play for high scores which usually involves much more memorisation, if you see me play hugging the bottom of the screen with more time to pick a path through the bullets maybe it would look more welcoming i don't know.
  13. yeah that's a good point, same for me.
  14. Thanks for letting me in the team! had more of a go today and the throttle thing seems to be more of a problem than i thought it would be, as you cant leave it on half throttle it seems really slow to get going again out of corners, hope they fix it soon. Ill try and do some daily events for the team thing but probably wont play too much till its fixed.
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