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  1. spatular


    ^ Ghost blade HD right? I seem to remember quite enjoying it, its a decent but not amazing bullet hell game. The original dreamcast/non HD version is supposed to be rubbish so make sure its not that version i guess.
  2. yeah i've been playing nier and it does resume for me but not if i've played halo (or possibly anything else) in between. also the electric volt (lime green) controller is £48 on ebay with %20 code if anyone's interested.
  3. spatular


    yeah i don't know much about darius (other than i've played gaiden quite a bit) so get a bit confused by all the different versions, so had a quick look into it - apparently in japan "Darius Cozmic Collection" includes Dariusburst: Another Chronicle EX+ and G-Darius HD. but it seems like we are just getting Dariusburst: Another Chronicle EX+ on it's own - which seems to be a different version of dariusburst. i was more interested in g-darius so probably won't get it. looks like you can get a version with g-darius over here though it's just more expensive (edit - this is the version Camel ment
  4. spatular


    yeah same here. i forgot to say the ps4 version is on there too, that's the one i ordered. there's a darius game coming too - i thought this was a port of the old 3d G-Darius but according to hotukdeals it isn't so i'm not sure what this is now? i didn't expect to be getting shmup news from hotukdeals. https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/dariusburst-another-chronicle-ex-switch-free-delivery-3718060 https://www.thegamecollection.net/dariusburst-another-chronicle-ex-plus-ps4?sqr=Dariusburst%3A Another Chronicle& https://www.thegamecollection.net/cotton-reboot-p
  5. spatular


    https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/nintendo-switch-cotton-reboot-3717512 I sort of wanted to give the cotton reboot a go but wasnt sure ill like it, cheaper price there pushed me over the edge.
  6. Practiced the last stage about 5 times before i could get it right/not be reset, one thing i noticed that helps is i think you always start the donuts on the right. spatular 11’46”620 PS5
  7. I just use the stock setup. will try and have a go in a bit but might not get chance.
  8. Yeah both vita versions are good imo you cant really go wrong with either. The first one has a slightly better screen and feels more solidly built, but the newer one is more comfy to hold and the screen is still really good imo.
  9. Oh yeah that last stage is really stupid, im always going the wrong way on it.
  10. spatular


    haha yeah, i haven't played it in a long time but remember enjoying it.
  11. Yeah because the PlayStation to access the psn sales was free.
  12. I don't like it. they do try it on at the start of most generations but i think this is just too much, and i know you can get it a bit cheaper but it's still too much imo. i generally don't regret getting consoles at launch when there aren't many games, i'm happy that there will be enough good games over it's lifetime to make it worthwhile, and i'm sure that will be true for the ps5, but at the same time if i'm being priced out of the games i'm wondering why i bothered with it, might have been better waiting a few years and getting a ps5/games much cheaper. there are caveats to thi
  13. the handling is similar to pgr/driveclub imo.
  14. cheers for the load cell explanation guys, it does sound good. i think i'm still looking to upgrade to a fanatec wheel that supports xbox/ps as the next upgrade, and whenever that's happened there won't be funds left for the better pedals. but at some point i would like to try the load cell stuff out.
  15. yeah ive thought about that, i guess the main upgrade for pedals is a load cell? I usually play without sound, so use abs, so not sure better pedals/load cell would help much?
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