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  1. 4k discs are region free aren't they? so i think it should play those but probably not the included blu rays.
  2. art of rally is ace! one of the best games released last year imo.
  3. Retiring from deathtiny mode now, still rubbish at scoring but managed to flail around and fluke it to break 300m with 302’126’755
  4. ^ awesome! im still trying on ketsui but cant get a better score.
  5. If this is the BMX trick thing, I was confused about that too, think it was because she put her foot on the floor when landing.
  6. nice work Marlew, ImmaculateClump and Jonster! i guess it's a different skillset or something, i can't do old school shooters at all. that hacha mecha fighter is the one where you get points for ramming the right hand side of the screen, which is definitely pretty bonkers! edit - had a good go on ketsui but failed to improve.
  7. ^ yeah im still not sure, proximity seems to help sometimes, and the full lock on definitely works. nice work Jonster! i thought i was going to break 300m but 297 on the last boss and got about 400 points end game bonus, sure ive had about 5m previously. ImmaculateClump is still laughing at us edit- also noticed how the last boss (not doom) is much harder than the arcade mode, whereas the rest of the game seems similar when youre not in deathdie mode.
  8. Played some more deathtiny, did get a slightly better score of 281m, oddly that when i wasnt trying to get extra hyper levels, was just trying to stay alive in the deathdie mode. Nearly every time i thought it was going pretty well was because id dropped out of deathdie mode without realising.
  9. yeah great scores on deathtiny guys Dont understand how you get blue chips as i seem to randomly get them and sometimes not, so looking at the info that was posted apparently to get blue chips you need to either do a full lock on or speedkill popcorn enemies. So i guess ill try that!
  10. Sure you guys would be on the ura loop if you’d played as much ketsui as i have oh yeah ive got a ps5 just using the ps4 as i know the pad works on it, itll probably work on the new one just not tried it yet.
  11. it's going to a hdmi switch, good thinking, i'll try it straight into the tv. looking into it more it doesn't seem like an overheating problem, it's just odd that it happens after a certain amount of time. not sure why the text was small!
  12. i like the new leeds gk kit https://shop.leedsunited.com/21-22-home-gk-ss-adult
  13. does anyone know if overheating can cause handshake problems? (on a ps4 pro) it used to occasionally get a black screen on the tv, but the playstation was still running - think this is a hdmi handshake problem. but now after using the ps4 for maybe 30 to 60 mins it's constantly doing this, which is why i'm thinking it could be caused by overheating. but the ps4 is not shutting down. and there's probably no point trying to take it to bits and replace the thermal paste and stuff if overheating can't cause this problem anyway. changing tv output from 4k to 1080p seemed to delay the problem a bit.
  14. Yeah all this deathtiny talk got me wanting to join in too, so had a few goes, was a bit all over the place, couldn't remember how it all works, it was still great fun though, got about 200m or so. think my old high score is ~275m. my ps4 is playing up a bit so need to try and sort that out. edit - as the ps4 has been acting up i wanted to get this replay off it - was trying to learn some new routes for arcade mode last year to try and get a better score and this is the result, it's pretty messy and not a clear but is my high score at ~108m edit2 - the video skips oddly near the end, maybe caused by the ps4 problems.
  15. no idea about that specific location but you can spawn a plane in the air wherever you want.
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