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  1. think this has finished now, congrats scoobysi, and good timetrialling everyone
  2. spatular 10’49”602 PS5 my fastest first stage with 3’07, second stage was a bit messy similar to previous times. One go left... edit - last run was a bit slower, crashed on second to last corner.
  3. I think its been on sale twice for £25, it was that price around when the ps5 came out, and again recently, so im sure itll drop again soon ish, maybe even cheaper next time.
  4. spatular 11’11”202 ps5 edit, had another go, rolled it on the very last corner, slow recovery but no time penalty: spatular 11’08”576 PS5 edit 2: spatular 11’03”819 PS5 will try and have another go tomorrow, 2 goes left, hopefully can get under 11mins.
  5. Had a go because of the free weekend, probably will buy it at some point anyway, its more of a game than i expected, it looked more like a music creation thing, but still not as much of a game as i would want if that makes any sense. At one point i thought it was going to take all weekend to just get the calibration right, i think the visual calibration is right now at -100, the audio is still wrong. Who comes up with these numbers, surely itd be better to use the input lag from the tv and put that number in. Or at least they could tell you its based on a tv with 80ms input lag = 0 or whatever
  6. i only got it recently when it dropped to that price, in some ways it's exactly what i wanted, the handling is good imo, but as already said about a million times it's not a sim, it's more half way between sim/arcade like pgr (should have been called something else etc.). been playing on a pad, not had the wheel setup in a while. loads of great tracks. it runs really well, until it rains - i need to look at the settings to try and sort that out. the structure of it is pretty standard - basically a big list of timetrials/races, buy and upgrade your cars - which is also pretty much what i would
  7. ^ someone was saying you can't buy individual games yet, might be what's happening there. i got pack 3 from the eshop, not through the game, but not sure i could explain exctly where from mind. it's coming to xbox, ps, etc later apparently.
  8. spatular


    ^ yeah i just had a quick go at lunch, using an M30 pad it seemed ok, maybe there is some lag but it was hard to tell, not like in that video. had fun on progear and gigawing, not played those in a while so no idea how accurate the emulation is, framerate did seem a bit odd in places but that could be normal, cave games don't always slow down smoothly. there's loads more options/settings etc than i'd expected for such a low price.
  9. spatular


    ^ that looks quite bad i'll probably get it anyway because progear. might be worth waiting for the other versions in case the lag is reduced though. edit - got it and it seems ok (using M30 pad), not very noticeable lag like in the video.
  10. spatular


    Yeah number 2 is brilliant but dont think its on steam. Ive not played the first one loads but thought it was alright. out of the steam sale games mentioned the ones id recommend most are mecha ritz, blue revolver, and neko navy
  11. Great work everyone whose giving this a go! ive started a few times but always give up. Well guess i did make a few really simple games a long time ago. anyway the main reason for posting was when i was looking into unity, someone posted these tutorials in another thread on here (sorry not sure how to find it), and they were really good (i did about half of them), so if anyones interested: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLUtKzyIe0aB3TZfe2wsIgJgGZW5G_NAxa
  12. I really liked dirt 5. Maybe the structure could have been better but personally i like a big list of races to pick from, and it lets you skip event types you don't like too.
  13. spatular


    edit - in reply to Spoonman ^ cool, looks like a nice monitor, it's a TN one fyi. also edit - switch recommendations, for bullet hell stuff, not sure about definitive, but if you like bullet hell stuff you can't go wrong with the top 2, and the others are damn good too: esp ra.de. crimzon clover rolling gunner neko navy danmaku unlimited 3
  14. spatular


    What's your current screen? there's two different types of screens usually used for monitors (i'm generalising/simplifying a bit here) - TN - usually faster but worse viewing angles, and IPS - usually slower but with better viewing angles and colours. there's VA as well, think they're in the middle, and less common for monitors. But yeah i'd probably say TN was good for shmups because of the speed, i used to use a TN panel on it's side for years, it didn't bother me but the viewing angles weren't great so the colours would be a bit off. so the lack of viewing angle might be what's causing you
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