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  1. not sure if they're classed as founders edition but nvidia still have their 2060/70/80 super cards available to buy.
  2. spatular

    Xbox Game Pass

    ^ you can’t add a gold sub to a gamepass ultimate one without it converting to less time. So yeah you have to let your current ultimate subscription end first.
  3. spatular


    I got the impression the ketsui dlc mentioned was the soundtrack stuff that’s already available would also be available for the US release. I could easily be wrong though. I don’t know much about the dlc but think I have it because it came with the disk version, or at least some of it did. also that aleste stuff seems like it’s going to be on a micro game gear too.
  4. spatular


    this is on now but nearly finished i think, according to google translate ketsui is getting a north american release. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XRczDpcw03A
  5. if you've only played normal - just to say it works like mario kart so normal = 50cc (which the game doesn't seem to explain very well), so yeah it can be a bit slow/boring. the other modes are a lot better/faster/exciting imo anyway.
  6. spatular


    ^ ketsui news is odd as it's been out a while now so i guess its dlc or release in other countries. also fingers crossed for some batrider info.
  7. on xbox but will try and join in if anyone posts any times here
  8. Yeah I’m enjoying this, similar to what most people have said, the handling/drifting is good, time trials are fun, the AI/rubber banding is a bit off. Generally I think AI in racing games is pretty much always rubbish though, here it’s just slightly more rubbish than normal. I prefer time trials anyway so no AI problems there.
  9. spatular


    ^ oh nice, think i only just unlocked that mode, haven't tried it yet. oh and about a week ago but forgot to post, switched to reco and improved mushi 2 scores: stage 1 - 16'379'050 overall - 168'435'594 (last boss) thought that might be my highscore but checked and have a slightly higher 1cc score with abnormal palm from 10 years ago or something.
  10. spatular


    ^ ah that makes sense cheers!
  11. spatular


    thanks! think i miss those due to hammering buttons to skip the story stuff i think it is for hard mode... i was playing hard mode anyway!
  12. spatular


    i signed up for it and was playing stuff, enjoyed going back to play stuff like crimzon clover/neko navy/mecha ritz/blue revolver (turns out i'm particularly rubbish at blue revolver). but there was a lot of games to play - messing around getting a game to run full screen, then work out what the buttons and stuff do, then have a few goes, submit a score at the bottom of the leaderboard, and repeat, was getting a bit annoying so i've sort of given up for now. shame as there were some cool games in there, i probably should have just played a small selection of the games. the only one i think i did ok on is neko navy, cleared hard mode which i don't think i've done before, it's mostly really good fun, second stage boss is a bit of a difficulty spike, and the last level is really hard, had 5 lives and gained 2 more during the stage and used them all so it took me 7 lives just to do the last stage! congrats on the kamui clear! i enjoyed what i played of it but spent a while playing without knowing you can lock onto stuff in the background, well i have played it before and thought i should be able to but the buttons weren't setup right. don't think i got very far in. edit - does anyone know how you select different routes in mecha ritz? i've played it quite a bit and didn't know about it but apparently there are multiple routes or something.
  13. yes a lot of pc's may struggle to run the game, more relevant is that a pc with a similar specification to the new xbox will run flight simulator well.
  14. ^ iirc the guns/reactor cores is a sort of in-game shop where you buy stuff for your current run. buying the new mech teams is done outside of a run i believe - if that helps. i think it was on gamepass too.
  15. spatular


    ^ esp ra.de, rolling gunner, Ikaruga, Neko navy, Danmaku unlimited 3
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