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  1. Tiki

    Microsoft Kinect

    I think this is a good point. Will be interesting to see what MS do to court the casual market in terms of console redesign...
  2. The PS3 engine coders must just be shit.
  3. Is this selling out or likely to sell out any time soon? I'm somewhat struggling for time to get into town at the moment and want to trade MW2 in...
  4. Tiki

    Sony's EyePet

    Well, that and it's actually out. Or nearly.
  5. Tiki


    "Does Jeff the Turtle follow players around the entire time they manipulate their third person?" "Almost. Like Watson is to Sherlock Holmes." "Can you imagine how annoying that would be?" "Maybe the buddy isn't such a good idea." Steve squashed that hope. "It's going to be a buddy. Players will love it." "It's really Poochie-Joins-Itchy-and-Scratchy." "How am I ever going to look somebody who plays Tony Hawk games in the face again?" "Isn't our turtle supposed to be a bit more studly?" "Turtles aren't studly by nature." "What about the turtle they used in the 1950s to pimp the atomic weapons program? He was kind of studly." "No he wasn't and, besides, he's dead." "What?" "Dead. Hanged himself from the side of his posh midtown Manhattan terrarium. Left a note saying he couldn't handle the shame of what he'd done. Wrote it on a piece of Bibb lettuce."
  6. It's a 1up thing innit? People would whine whenever a mega game was given anything below maximum score despite the fact that it actually got a good score. I'm sure Shawn Elliot used to go on about it. I'M ON YOUR SIDE
  7. Right. I've finished the main quest basically playing a goody two shoes and would kind of like to carry on, but turn my guy a bit darker. I was thinking it might be fun to join the Thieves Guild but it looks like I've somehow passed up the opportunity a long time ago. Basically I get to the midnight meeting where you're supposed to meet the people to talk about joining and they'll chat to me but the main dude with the torch doesn't ever offer a conversation option about the Gray Fox. Is there a chance I've somehow fucked this earlier on? I haven't played in a while and can't really remember if I've done any quests about the fox. There aren't any posters up about him any more, did I kill him in the face? Help. Or I'll just have to resort to robbing people without being a member.
  8. Tiki

    EDGE 207

    Blood Bowl. Noooooooooooo.
  9. Missed this completely. Looks pretty interesting and rather spiffy too.
  10. Presumably these aren't just straight up re-releases? They must have been tweaked to work in Vista at least?
  11. Looks lovely. As others have pointed out though, REALLY like Zelda. Any word on if/when English release?
  12. I was looking on the GW site and Astilius is right, the price of stuff these days is shocking.
  13. What was the name of the Games Workshop Mad Max style car game that they did? EDIT: Found it, Dark Future. Looks shit hot.
  14. Tiki

    Lucidity - XBLA

    Agree wtih Nap. Looks nice - I really like the style - but the gameplay sounds like someone has just tried too hard to find a sideways approach to adventure games. I'm assuming they've prototyped and it has promise but still, sounds a little odd.
  15. It was the DC swirl, with a 2 in the middle.
  16. Tiki

    Tectoy's Zeebo

    See, I think this too but whenever I mention it in the industry I get lol'd out of the room "Surely people will just use Flash?" EDIT: 'In the industry' <- twat
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