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  1. Latest trailer: A lot more Nights and Billy Hatcher vibes now. Which is better
  2. Back to 1998. Get a Saturn and all the good games I missed out on despite actually having one at the time. I had such poor taste back then, making me think the Saturn was an awful console.
  3. A generous 2-hour demo is now up on the Switch eShop. And as a nice little extra, you can even play as Wonder-Bayonetta in it
  4. Up to episode 4 now, and really impressed by this. After the disappointment that was Watchmen's finale, here's hoping this HBO series stays interesting right til the end. Also, good to see the House of Astora pretty much becomes the conquering religion over the next few centuries.
  5. With TLoZ: BotW, Mario Odyssey, AC: New Horizons, Bloodborne, DS III, Death Stranding, MGS V, RE2 Remake and The Last Guardian some of my favourite games of this/last gen, and TLoU pt.2 and Read Dead Revolver 2 some of its biggest disappointments, I think it's easy to see which side I would pick.
  6. I'll miss all this when Edgetm eventually goes. at that Poundland Pinata score!
  7. Edgetm 8 Making this the highest rated Yakuza - since Yakuza 0 - game so far?
  8. "Of course they're not as good as the ones released when I was 10. They're even better! WOOF!!"
  9. Start a talk show where you give questionable medical, psychological or educational advice.
  10. I think, sadly, that is indeed the reason behind all this mess. Myfavouritemagazines.co.uk were excellent compared to this.
  11. Oh, a Judgment sequel would be most welcome. Best Yakuza game imo, mainly because I never really got on with Kiryu as the protagonist. Takayuki was much more likable.
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