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  1. Well at the 8:11 mark in the above video, you can see the gem collecting is back but in a very limited way. Keeping my fingers crossed NLG got it right this time. It does look absolutely lush though. ScreamPark mode explained:
  2. What are people's opinions on Pulstar and Blazing Star (Neo Geo's answer to R-type)? Worth playing?
  3. Surely they're non-canon when talking about the WB series? :p
  4. Did my ears just deceive me, or is that "Virtual Tiger" song from Nintendo's E3 presentation from a few years ago, somewhere in SSBU ? EDIT: Seems "Virtual Tiger" used the Wii Sports theme as its base. So that's where it's from apparently.
  5. Resident Evil 2 -for the very first time- on the PS classic. It is the only main series RE game I haven't played believe it or not (bar the godawful 6th one, which I gave up on after a few hours, and Nemesis doesn't count). I won't say it hasn't aged one bit, but it's still a cracking experience to be sure. Enjoying every minute of it so far.
  6. Mos def. Probably my favourite title on it at the moment. I also found out why it's actually Monster World IV, and where it fits in the Wonder Boy series... If I'm not mistaken, MW IV is also WB VI - but they stopped calling it WB because the protagonist is a girl this time. And did you know that WB III: The Dragon's Trap, is actually WB IV (and MW II)? Because there is no real WB IV (and the real WB III came out in the arcades first - the MD version of which featured some amazing box art by S. Matsushita btw) and MW III is WB V.
  7. Ocarina of Time probably. When I got my N64 I was still a bit of a Sega fan, so I didn't get SM64 for it. Instead I got Goldeneye and Star Fox 64, and OoT a few months later. Completely blew me away, and suddenly I was no longer a Sega fanboy. The fickleness of youth.
  8. I loved it. But a lot of forumites didn't.
  9. I share your worries. In fact, the effin' gems from the second game are definitely back (cfr. supra), and they've introduced bleedin' cheeves as well. In a bleedin' Nintendo game ffs! I predict a competent but ultimately artificially drawn out game with content that should not have left the cutting room. Like the second game then.
  10. Yeah, it wouldn't be his first time. Nor is it the first time he mentions a new Okami game either.
  11. Still keeping my fingers crossed for this one though:
  12. Oh man, you best not be trolling Kamiya-san!!
  13. Supposedly the battle mechanics are too complex. Compared to that other RPG series the developers are known for I assume.
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