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  1. Kirby Fighters getting a sequel on the Switch it seems: €20 ?! GTFO
  2. Or Tango Gameworks switches publishers? Ah who knows.
  3. Gaming just became a lot more cheaper for me. I'll really miss Tango Gameworks though. In that respect, what happens to Ghostwire Tokyo now? That was supposed to be a big PS5 exclusive.
  4. The chalice dungeons put it below BotW imo. "HAVE YOU GOT THE CHALICE?"
  5. The battle system in this is pretty good. Do all Yakuza games have a similar battle system? EDIT: Scratch that. Are all Yakuza games this awesome? Really loving this; the setting, the characters, the tailing, the fighting... Stick it in my veins!!
  6. Few more details: – Built upon the idea of seamless exploration of Monster Hunter World – Players and monsters can move between areas without loading screens – More creatures will be shown in the coming months – There will be more free content after launch – Using RE Engine – Targeting 30 frames per second – Traditional but fresh Monster Hunter experience – Retains all of the DNA of the Monster Hunter series – Not a spin-off title, but a main series game – The Monster Hunter team is more interested in naming the products in a way that represents what they have to
  7. I'm still only on Ch. 14, but tbh it's really become a drag imo. Mightily impressive in almost every aspect except the actual plot and its momentum.
  8. This thread should be read with this piece of music in the background:
  9. Or in people's memory. Apart from Transformers they're Platinum's worst games. Almost like Kamiya was deliberately trolling his Western audience. Scalebound anyone?
  10. Indeed. A shame it's no longer available. But it can definitely be found 2nd hand. Best Transformers game by a mile btw.
  11. Latest trailer: Six weeks later and I'm getting too many Blinx vibes tbh. Or Mario's Odyssey in Poundland...
  12. Yeah, Nintendo is seriously starting to get on my nerves with all these store-exclusive releases. Uses the excellent RE Engine apparently.
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