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  1. Oh brother, this is from the same series? Downloading demo
  2. Can't really disagree there tbh. Maybe I needed to clarify I was mostly put off by the new direction the MGS story was heading in rather than anything else. This time it's been a case of clearly having been deceived which has really soured my mood. I also want to point out that people complaining that this thread is now full of negativity, should read back and notice how full of positive vibes it was before the controversy hit. A lot of people were eagerly looking forward to what was actually promised - and if you watch all of the trailers, there's no way that it was marketed other than a remake true to its source material. Tarring everyone who's disappointed with the same brush of miserable whiners is simply gross generalization. People were deliberately being lied to, and now people are upset. Just a matter of cause and effect.
  3. Or; the boxes were already printed way in advance, and now it's dawning on them the public might not like being mislead after all?
  4. Yeah, and that put me off the series for years. After I eventually completed MGS2 (over a year after I'd actually bought it), I went away very disappointed.The first MGS I picked up after that incident, was PW (as the PSP didn't have many big budget releases at that point), which got me back into an otherwise excellent series. But boy did Raiden leave a sour taste in my mouth. Maybe this time it'll be different though. At least I'm getting a replacement for my broken Cloud & Hardy Daytona statue.
  5. I know, but without wanting to read all of the spoilers, I got the impression that it will be just this one installment. Iirc, someone said that this is the reason why they haven't called it FFVII remake part 1. As I said, it'd take the sting out of most of this if it's still going to be a full blown re-imagining. What ticked me off was not only would we be getting something we didn't sign up for, but at the same time we'd be told that this game was the end of the project that was supposed to span different games.
  6. You're not wrong imo. The only one that did deliver in the end was The Last Guardian. And some people might even disagree on that as well.
  7. I think both the RE2 and 3 remakes show that their is quite a big market for current-gen remakes. People really seem to like the remakes of classic games updated with a new engine and current-gen tech. At absolutely no point in the entire 5-year (!) period that has passed between the announcement and the release, Square even hinted that this wasn't going to be the case with FFVII. They didn't do this, because they knew it isn't what the public really wanted. They even went as far as simply calling it FFVII remake.They consciously and willingly mislead the people. And like some people in this thread already assume, the backlash might be quite phenomenal.
  8. My kid just started playing, so he's over the moon with the ladder DIY card. Thanks bud
  9. Cheers, Ward from Pikojiro is now on his way
  10. Look, I still hope it's still actually a good game, but that does not detract from the fact that it all points into the direction that I've been seriously duped.
  11. I'll reserve final judgment til I've actually finished it (or til the reviews confirm my concerns), but from everything that's been said so far, it seems we've been sold something which it clearly isn't. People are rightly upset about this. I for one wouldn't have bought it on launch, if I knew what Square had (possibly) done with the game. People trying to take the moral high ground here, and trying to defend all this, when customers clearly might have been swindled, is a bit much imo. In short; you're maliciously misleading your customers.
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