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  1. Borderlands 3 killed any interest in the series for me, for a while anyway. The writing was absolutely horrific, even worse than Borderlands 2 (which at least had some stuff I liked) with everyone shouting and never shutting the fuck up. I know you could say that about the series in general but it was just so much all the time in 3 I'd had enough by the time it ended. I will say they did drastically improve the gunplay though, it felt great to play at least. I did enjoy the DLC for Borderlands 2 that inspired them to make this and it's apparently toned down a lot so I'll give it a go eventually, but for now just too much else to play.
  2. I must get around to replaying this, never played the SOTS edition or the DLC. Thinking about it I've not played the DLC for Dark Souls 1,2 or Bloodborne as I played them at release and never went back. I love Dark Souls 2 though, always did. You can tell how patchwork it feels at times but there's certain elements I always liked like bonfire ascetic.
  3. Finished the overall main story with around 130 hours or so on the clock but by no means finished. Up to about 160 hours now and just been cleaning up dungeons I've missed as well doing any finishable quests, collecting weapons/sorceries/talisman as well as helping people as much as I can. Amazing game, this and Sekiro are probably my favourite FROM games. I do want to do an NG+ eventually but not right away. Shoutout to my new love affair with Rivers Of Blood, amazing weapon. If anyone wants a guide for mopping up dungeons they've missed this has been pretty good so far. I missed 4 - 5 in Limgrave alone.
  4. From what I can tell it doesn't affect much There's no obvious reason not to do it.
  5. I'm not sure if it disappears eventually but if its the one i'm thinking of
  6. ok it was absurdly powerful but so much fun to use
  7. The Night and Flame sword is hilarious, picked it up and thought it sounded cool so ended up respecing to use it. In the boss fight at
  8. The boss in I'll get them eventually but the whole place has been a pain in the arse.
  9. So that's Good session. The CK fight was especially fun. Infuriating at times but more due to my greed in going for hits. The are fucking up next. Bastards
  10. Another little tip is that when you look at the map after collecting it for an area Seems pretty obvious tbh but of course i didn't spot it until now. Another thing is that
  11. Get bleed on those claws and you'll be wrecking fools Honestly the main thing I want is them to improve their engines performance and smooth out the rough edges more than anything. Maybe this is harder to do if they've made many engine modifications but they get that sorted and I'd be fine with it.
  12. Yep, and I haven't even reached the bosses yet!
  13. Currently I'm stuck between two areas When I say stuck I mean I'm gonna complete one of these bastards today/tomorrow without going anywhere else. I'm stubborn.
  14. The mad bastards will do all bosses, even its a 5 - 6 hour run
  15. Awesome thanks. I fully expect that talented bunch to have runs uploaded within the next month or so and then to keep changing as things get found. Should be good.
  16. One thing I'm looking forward to seeing in the future is just how the Dark Souls/Sekiro/Bloodborne speedrunners run this game. Or even how they even start to plan a run. Will be fun to watch.
  17. One thing I just realised, and I'm a complete moron for not spotting this before, on the map screen if you press X or square on the controller you can place up to 100 markers on the map for various things - theres a boss icon, weapons icon and various others. So if you go to someplace and nope the fuck out you can stick a boss icon on the location on your map to come back to it later. This is separate from the actual beacon you can place on the map which shines into the sky during gameplay.
  18. I take it you played Sekiro as well ? That's probably as aggressive as it gets for FROM Softwares games gameplay wise, one of my favourites.
  19. Another thing to note, for a boss you're attempting where you go between summoning people for coop or just having a go yourself, if you activate your finger furl but then decide to attempt the boss yourself, deactivate it before going into the boss room. I was confused for ages why I couldn't summon anything during a boss fight and turned out it was due to that. Seems pretty obvious in retrospect but had me confused for ages until the penny dropped.
  20. Pretty certain you just get him eventually. Unless it's a specific light of grace you need to rest at.
  21. Don't think so but I always try for double jump in games so basically seen it right away. Just a word of warning though, you can't use the second jump during a fall to go a large distance and then use the second jump to land safely, it goes by the distance from the first jump. Found that out the hard way!
  22. Press start and go to the top right of the screen for pouch. You'll see two spaces to assign items from your inventory. Then when playing hold down Y/triangle and press left or right on dpad (I think those are the only ones you can use)
  23. Was in some random cave their and ended up
  24. To upgrade your spirit summons EDIT - (or what cassidy said in better detail above!) My favourite moment so far is when:
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