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  1. YoBo


    Give the new show, 'Samurai 7' a go. A brief intro about the show can be found at the official website: http://www.gonzo.co.jp/english/titles/0404.html And the first 2 fan-subbed episodes can be got here: http://a.scarywater.net/akeep/
  2. YoBo

    World of Warcraft

    Ah, the only trade skill I really did was combat medicine stuff.. and then I hoarded it all for myself because the resources needed for it were too rare :/ If I was the type of player that really enjoyed trade skills and running shops, being part of a city community etc, then I would probably still be playing. Interesting news that they're changing the way FS slots are opened. I always thought it seemed a bit easy that anyone could be a Jedi if they just mastered a certain 5 or so professions. I stopped playing about 2 weeks ago. The vehicles certainly cut down a lot of the boredom involved in the game, and the soon to be introduced vehicle customisation stuff looks fun. The new Nightsister dungeon was rubbish though. The new droid engineer stuff looks ok, but it's not something that would affect me really. I'll probably give the game another go when they bring in the combat overhaul they've promised, sounds like they have some good ideas.
  3. YoBo

    World of Warcraft

    There are several coding groups making unofficial server software. I've joined a couple of hosted servers, but all you can do so far is run around the game world, see and chat with others, look at some spell affects and summon immobile game mobs. The dragons and giants are pretty nice. So what are you doing in SWG at the moment? Trying to be a Jedi? I've just quit after 3 months of playing. Leveling and money-making was far too easy, and I just could not be bothered to try and open my force-sensitive slot. The game also has very little actual content, such as quests, dungeons or remotely exciting zones/worlds. Yup. Melee combat in Ultima Online was great. While each attack had a certain delay just like every other mmorpg, your movement, timing and dodging your opponents swings brought far more dexterity and challenge into the game. EQ's melee combat was rubbish, but then the only character classes that used it primarily were just there to tank for others. WoW's melee characters will apparently have far more to do during combat. They'll have a rage meter that builds as they take damage and several attacks or counter-attacks that use it.
  4. YoBo

    World of Warcraft

    So what do you suggest? Perhaps a 'click till your finger hurts' melee combat like in Savage? Afaik, it will be like EQ, but far more interesting. Loads more special abilities, combat stances and styles and actions. Also you will be apparently be able to download the beta of WoW, or choose to have it mailed to you. Lastly, SWG gets boring very quickly.
  5. mms://stream.playstation.jp/scej/pv_koukaku_sac.wmv Looks interesting.
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