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  1. Yeah contemporary films, ideally from the past 20/30 years.
  2. Ah, amazing! There are so many suggestions here, this is proving to be incredibly helpful, thank you all so much for doing this. I really like the sound of the last 2 films in particular. I have a lot of film watching ahead of me. Thanks again! I'm so grateful.
  3. Yeah, I agree with that completely. What I have been thinking about is whether a film is more popular if it recycles a lot from previously made films compared to those which recycle less and seem more unique. Although I'm not entirely sure how I could prove a film's popularity. It could also be coincidence and a case of a really great story to a really bad story, of course. Anyway, thank you very much for those suggestions! I check them out.
  4. For my dissertation this year, I intend to explore whether it is possible for a film to be unique. It is said that post-modern films are generally full of recycled elements of previously made films, whether they just use them to embrace these elements or to take the piss out of them. Or of course they can just remake the entire film again. So, this being said, I am looking for some films to study which could possibly be classed as unique. It doesn't have to be unique in the sense that it is hard to put it into any genre, or unique in that it's just someone sitting on a box in a room doing nothing for 3 days. A quite mainstream film that seems to be individual will suffice. Also if you can think of any animations that seem unique, that would be great too. Thanks for your help!
  5. There was no intro version of this, but it's just amazing...
  6. Ah, damn. I made it on my macbook and it all sounded fine to me at the time, I suspect it was lying... I'll turn the sound up tomorrow. Thanks!
  7. Here's an animation I made for uni with my friend... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eSkLU_1CT1s And the only concept drawing for it... Enjoy!
  8. I'm doing an essay on Wallace & Gromit's The Wrong Trousers (as you do). I need a film to compare the train sequence in the end to, basically. Nick Park mentioned Westerns in the commentary, so I figured I'd go down that route, but I have no Western knowledge at all. I shall check out those films though, thank you!
  9. Slightly random this, I need to watch some westerns for an essay, which have train chases (or something approaching that) in them. They aren't the easiest things to locate on Google Anyone know of any? The more iconic the better Thanks!
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