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  1. I was a bit concerned it might be chuggy, but it's been largely fine. A couple of minor frame rate drops, but overall perfectly playable. I imagine if you were used to a decent pc version it would be a bit low res/detail, but I've been happy enough with what I've seen so far.
  2. Started playing this on switch earlier and am very much enjoying it. Had intentionally been ignoring as much about it as possible after hearing the initial buzz and I'm really enjoying the discovery aspect. It's pretty creepy when it gets dark, I've been doing a lot of waiting around at night up till now but just built a torch so don't have an excuse any more... Can't wait to dive back in.
  3. What kind of synth is it and what are you controlling it with that's introducing lag?
  4. Ah ok. That would do while they finish Prime 4 I guess.
  5. Metroid of some description or we riot. For real this time.
  6. Aye that's essentially how my friend is using his. I think if I was doing any drums/percussion it'd be an insta-buy, it looks like a superb way of programming that kind of stuff.
  7. Yeah I guess if you're working on a screen it's probably silly to use something less flexible/powerful just for the sake of it. Second hand ones are dangerously close to impulse purchase price for me though.
  8. Tempted by the Polyend Tracker at all @Vimster? One of my friends has one and raves (hoho) about it constantly. I can't deal with learning another workflow right now though.
  9. Anyone that's into Metroidvanias and/or Soulsbornes should do themselves a favour and check out Vigil: The Longest Night. It's deeply "inspired" by Bloodborne, but with a skills tree for the various weapon classes. The dodge mechanic is pretty forgiving so it's actually quite relaxing to play (although I've only played about four or five hours so far, that is subject to change). I can't believe it's not more widely talked about, there's a lot to love in it and it's currently 25% off on the eshop. Dedicated thread is here: https://www.rllmukforum.com/in
  10. I never bothered with parries against Gwyn either, lots of baiting him and using the rocks to get in his way iirc.
  11. Seems a real shame it's so under the radar. There's something very compelling about it.
  12. Played a few hours now, really enjoying this. Got a few points in double daggers and bow and am currently working my way through the catacombs. The dodge is nice and forgiving, makes it fairly relaxing to play (so far anyway).
  13. Nice one, thanks. Needed something new so just grabbed it.
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