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  1. Seems unlikely, Switch is surely the ultimate console for your wandering vagabond-type gamer that we've been reliably informed Alan Wake is not for.
  2. Yes, this 100%. Looks like I'll give it a month or two before (hopefully) buying it.
  3. My trusty* old 980m gaming laptop is reaching the end of its life and now I have an office space I think it's time to build a proper pc again, hoping this means I can pick up something not-bleeding-edge for a reasonable price from someone upgrading. * - not trusty any more
  4. If you like the world building, buy some Cyberpunk RPG books. There are loads of them and you'll get tons of it there. E.g. https://www.board-game.co.uk/product/cyberpunk-2020-rpg-rough-guide-to-the-uk/?msclkid=e517efb12a0514ef6aa98d0595045fd3
  5. Yep! Been waiting for this for a while. https://www.nintendo.co.uk/Games/Nintendo-Switch-download-software/Blade-Runner-Enhanced-Edition-2226966.html
  6. £8.39 for Blade Runner isn't too offensive, I'll be grabbing that for sure.
  7. @daninski I'm kinda scared to look into Norns stuff. It looks ace from the little I've seen, but like a real rabbit hole.
  8. You can drop your own markers too, there are a few different symbols. I'd highly recommend getting into the habit of using them for stuff you might want to return to later when you are levelled up a bit.
  9. Holy shit it's so tiresome reading your endless nostalgia whining. Fuck me. It feels like every god damn thread.
  10. Drop a marker on the map to remind you to come back to him @Lorfarius. I suggest the skull for stuff that needs a good stabbin' when you are a bit tougher.
  11. @Anne Summers I didn't realise you could even do that!
  12. Clearly none of us are monstrous enough to give her the creepy fucker's potion!
  13. Nice one, I've been quite keen to give it a go because it looks so stupid and fun.
  14. For the Dragonlord, are you wearing as much lightning resistance as possible? I found once I loaded up on as much of it as I could and learned to dodge the dive bomb he wasn't too hard.
  15. Absolute legend. The Prophets, midi, vector synthesis, the first softsynth and helping to bring analog back after it seemed to be dead and buried are just a few of the highlights. His contributions to the world of electronic music are astonishing. RIP Dave.
  16. In the grim darkness of the far future, there is only war(hammer games).
  17. I uninstalled it too, the temptation was just too much. Might go back in a few months. Still playing through Cyberpunk which I'm enjoying a lot tbh.
  18. I do tend to agree about the positioning of graces FWIW, there were very few "oh fuck where is the next one" moments and I do feel like that was slightly detrimental to the experience.
  19. It's the new version of "you shouldn't jolly co-op for bosses in Dark Souls". Try using some willpower if you think ashes are ruining the game for you.
  20. Oh and I want Metroid Prime news. Oh no, nostalgia!
  21. Maybe @RubberJohnnycould also tell us some of the brand new things he's looking forward to while having his standard whinge about nostalgia in a forum mostly full of old men who just want to remember what it was like when they were younger.
  22. You can carry on to that marker without fear of ending the game suddenly. There is a good chunk of stuff left after Leyndell, although you are into the home stretch then.
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