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  1. My trusty* old 980m gaming laptop is reaching the end of its life and now I have an office space I think it's time to build a proper pc again, hoping this means I can pick up something not-bleeding-edge for a reasonable price from someone upgrading.


    * - not trusty any more

  2. 11 minutes ago, Lorfarius said:


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    I found a map marker a bit further up the road in a bandit camp. Really tough enemies in there but was able to single them out and win a few fights. Found some massive Greatsword that says its way beyond my level but can be used in two hands. Been using that to mop up some smaller foes til I get better.



    You can drop your own markers too, there are a few different symbols. I'd highly recommend getting into the habit of using them for stuff you might want to return to later when you are levelled up a bit.

  3. 5 minutes ago, PeteJ said:

    I'm sharing your pain, can't do the last fight or Dragonlord whatshisface. Stupid whatshisface. 


    For the Dragonlord, are you wearing as much lightning resistance as possible? I found once I loaded up on as much of it as I could and learned to dodge the dive bomb he wasn't too hard.

  4. Absolute legend.


    The Prophets, midi, vector synthesis, the first softsynth and helping to bring analog back after it seemed to be dead and buried are just a few of the highlights.


    His contributions to the world of electronic music are astonishing.


    RIP Dave.

  5. 1 hour ago, Darwock said:

    I have another question about a suitable order to tackle different parts of the game, if I could get as near to a yes or no answer as possible it would be much appreciated - on the Recusant quest:

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    I have got the red letter marking the final request to finish the quest, but the target is off to the east in an area I don’t have access to yet. All my explorations seems to indicate the path to the east will be opened up by going through Leyndell, the capital.


    However Leyndell also seems kind of like it’s going to be the end of the game, all the NPC people are saying stuff like “go to the Erdtree, become Elden Lord!” and that appears to be in Leyndell. I want to finish the side quests and explore the map *before* I finish the game. I’m over 200 hours in so even though it feels like I have lots left to do I’m also expecting it could end at any moment.


    Should I crack on with Leyndell or should I be exploring elsewhere?



    You can carry on to that marker without fear of ending the game suddenly. There is a good chunk of stuff left after Leyndell, although you are into the home stretch then.

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