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  1. You essentially need to go anti-clockwise around Volcano Manor and loop back towards it if I've managed to correctly identify the bit you are talking about. Head up the ladder at the iron maiden things and explore beyond there and you'll get to it eventually.
  2. I found Crumbling Farum Azula (mostly) much easier than the Haligtree FWIW.
  3. You can get back up via another branch to the left if you are looking at it from the spirit's rot pool.
  4. Absolute bastard of a fight. I ended up cheesing it with arrows from the branch that leads back up towards the grace.
  5. Aye, they'll generally only follow you so far, if you get ganged up then bravely retreat and head back in when shit has calmed down. Torrent makes this a lot easier than in previous games.
  6. I must admit I haven't played an awful lot of it (I know, planning on remedying that soon) but from what I have seen there weren't as many enormous lock-on-able targets and they were in more open environments. Maybe that changes further into the BOTW?
  7. Seems more like you want agreement than debate tbh.
  8. Have you got Latenna's ashes? They'd probably be my choice of ranged summon. *Edit* if you haven't found her, explore the south end of the Liurnia Lake.
  9. Just keep going. It's overwhelming at first but will start to make more sense as you push through.
  10. I understand the frustration with lock-on at times, which makes me wonder are there examples of better lock-on implementations in any similar games?
  11. Finished it. 123 hours, level 155. Loved it, really struggling to think of anything I'd rate higher. The end stretch does feel very boss heavy and is a bit of a shock being put in your place after getting super powerful, but I absolutely adored the game. The sheer sense of wonder is unrivalled IMO. Favourite bit for me was bashing my head of Godrick for a while then finding the cliff path and realising I could just explore beyond him and level up a bit while doing so. Amazing. Low point, Malenia. Asking too much of my meager skills and I ended up having to get some summon help to beat her. Bravo From Software. 10/10. Fuck knows what I'm going to do now, got the same feeling as when I finished Dark Souls, everything else seems a bit shallow.
  12. I think the only achievement you can get locked out of is the Legendary Armaments one. One weapon becomes unavailable if you haven't picked it up by a certain point. Details in the nested spoiler below:
  13. That fight was the second hardest one I've done in the game I think. Absolutely merciless. On that subject, just beat Melania YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAS Have been bumping my head off her for four days now. What a horrible boss. On the home stretch, just the final boss now. Quite pleased, away on holiday on Saturday and it'll be nice to finish up before then.
  14. There's a door in the north west of the outer wall, past a few fire giants. It's protected though...
  15. Which one? Mini Mohg: Daddy Mohg:
  16. I'd disagree, you can easily go back to farm earlier areas or put your summon sign down to sharpen up, it's not like you are forced to go straight back to banging your head off tough areas. I do agree that it's hard going towards the end though, not disputing that at all.
  17. Or just take a break. The game will still be there when you're ready for more.
  18. Getting harder and harder to resist putting a pre-order in for one of these.
  19. I enjoyed it too. The colleseum invader looking like a pin cushion at the end of the fight was excellent
  20. Maliketh was a bit of a bastard! Think it took me about a dozen goes, probably the boss I've found hardest so far. Dreading facing Malenia after what I've read.
  21. Yeah give us the details and we can assemble a murder squad.
  22. He caused me a bit of grief, in the end I got him by doing loads of jumping attacks.
  23. Yep! Any combination of them up to 100 total.
  24. Use the map markers. I put a skull down for bad gits that kill me and need a revenging and the sword for locations I've cleared.
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