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  1. Did this for the first time earlier purely by fluke and laughed out loud at the explosion
  2. Yes, fletched arrows travel further.
  3. I did laugh when he toasted my face tbh. It took me a few goes to get him though.
  4. That guy is an absolute bastard.
  5. Yes, the third row of the Equipment screen is for your armour. Keep an eye on the equip load stat, if you hit 70% you'll be slow rolling and that's just painful.
  6. You can warp to the roundtable from the map, it's in the very bottom left. You leave by warping via the map too.
  7. You can buy the summoning bell from the two wrinkly merchant ladies at the roundtable too allegedly.
  8. @therearerules Catacombs and tunnels. I got some from
  9. Patch notes on Steam now: "Start-up issues related to Easy Anti Cheat (EAC) have been improved. Mouse operation improved. Reduced number of files needed to load when entering a new area."
  10. Someone better flick the big switch soon, I've been edging for 12 hours now
  11. Damn, I missed that too. Oh well, best actually do my job I suppose.
  12. How the fuck am I meant to concentrate on work with less than two hours to go...
  13. 980m here, so we'll be sobbing gently with you and your card
  14. Anything to support this or is it pure speculation?
  15. @robdood I braved Facebook for this: Posted by someone (about an hour ago) that got in touch with them. Hopefully we don't need to wait until the actual release to start downloading.
  16. Yeah, I'm kinda wishing I'd just spent the extra on steam. I'm not really going to be able to play it until Friday evening anyway, but it'd be nice to know I theoretically could earlier.
  17. Seconding Kirby Star Allies. Our just-turned-4 year old loves it. You can take charge and they just tag along having fun.
  18. Apart from Elden Ring, this is the game I'm most looking forward to right now. Every Direct I hope for a little crumb of info and every time I'm left looking like this
  19. PC system requirements posted on the From twitter:
  20. Blackout squad I'm covering my eyes even just coming in here.
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