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  1. How come I am stupidly excited about this release, when I don't even own or know anyone with a next-gen console?
  2. I know I know, it's from Riverdance, but you can't beat Davey Spillane playing uillean pipes.
  3. Saw them at Koko the other night when they filmed album Chart Show or something. The last song they played was excellent, can't remember the title. Nice, epic track.
  4. I got a Thompson Top Up TV Anytime box as Xmas gift. It has got to be the worst piece of kit I've ever seen. In the last six weeks I've had to put up with the box crashing almost once a day when deleting recorded content. It's also missed a number of recordings, with a simple "Recording Failed" message, no other reason. Whenever trying to Ffwd or Rew through content, the box will regularly lose track of its position and jump backwards to a random point in time, by as much as an hour or more. As for the actual content delivered via Top Up channels, these are ropey at best. Apart from a few decent series and sitcoms (which can be bought for less on DVD) the rest consists of average at best documentaries to some rubbish makeover / reality TV crap. they also deliver programmes one can find on any of the other Freeview channels, such as CSI, Spooks and Criminal Minds. But quite possibly worst of all is that of the few series actually worth watching, on a number of occasions they have simply stopped them halfway through, and a few times episodes have been skipped, sometimes by what appears to be a whole season. Looking on forums these problems seem to be experienced by a huge number of subscribers. Your money is better spent wiping your backside with it.
  5. But coolest cover band has got to be
  6. When I saw the thread title I thought it better be Far Corporation. It's pretty much Toto really, David Paich, Bobby Kimball, Steve Lukather and current drummer Simon Phillips - great drummer. Listen to him on Big Country's We're Not In Kansas track, awesome. Not Mike Portnoy-awesome, just passionate and driving. Great vocals as well, great rock song.
  7. The Shadow

    What if...

    Being dead doesn't help of course. What is Trent Reznor working on? Speaking of the two of them, I loved both versions of Hurt, the NIN song Cash covered. Completely different feel but great both ways. What was Steve Vai's role in Halo? Did he just play on it or was he involved compositionally?
  8. I've got all those apart from Tides. Will try them out. Thanks!
  9. I recently had the urge to deviate from my normal prog CDs and try something a bit different: I bought about 30 disks in the last month, these are my favourite five: Mew - And The Glass Handed Kites Great Danish band - I see there's been a topic on them. As a result also bought Frengers, which is a more poppy accessible album than this, but also good. Kashmir - No Balance Palace Another Danish band, apparently hugely successful there. This one has guest appearances by David Bowie and Lou Reed. Oceansize - Everyone Into Position Manchester band, so much better than Oasis. Biffy Clyro - Blackened Sky Scottish band - great anthemic tracks, with some occasional oddness inbetween. Their next two albums get progressively weirder and more mixed. Good stuff. Dredg - Catch Without Arms Very melodic Californian rock band, moving away from their more hard-edged earlier sound. Some input into the album from ex-Queensryche man Chris Degarmo.
  10. Hmm, might give that a go, although I'll wait till it's cheaper. As for Rugby Challenge's graphics, they're pretty ropey, not something I expected from a game in 2006. But then again I'm not much of a graphics whore, so it doesn't really bother me. IT bothers me when the animation affects the gameplay though, as with the sidestep animation and when your player freezes midstride because he's about to be tackled by an opposing player...
  11. Yes, Soong's impressions are pretty much spot on. In theory nice features are the pass left/right on the shoulder buttons, as well as the ability to view the pitch from a variety of angles, left/right, up/down closer/further etc. However, the pass buttons do suck seriously, and with sidestep being a quick left shoulder / right shoulder button sequence, the two get muddled. You need to pass ages before the tackling player is anywhere near you, so it is just a case of trying to fling the ball side to side as quickly as possible, giving you no opportunity to draw in defenders with a delayed pass. If you eventually end up in a one-on-one situation with a defender, the sidestep works OK, except that it triggers an animation which takes about 5 seconds to get out of, by which time another defender has caught up with you. Kicking is too quick to do with any accuracy, apart from when you're roughly in the middle of the field, in which case you can kick a drop goal with a reasonable success rate. Conversion system works quite well. It's also virtually impossible to win the ball from the opposing team, or for them to win it from you, unless you have a pack of forwards that's a lot stronger than the opposing team. Once you have the ball you can pretty much keep on recycling it endlessly, you're bound to win any rucks and mauls, and handling errors are few and far between. The previous rugby game I played was some PC game that came out in the early 90s. It's not progressed much since, and that was a hell of a lot more fun.
  12. With a good review on today's GameCentral and Play.com selling it for £17.99, I'm very tempted to get this. Anyone played it / care to comment?
  13. The above bit is a lot easier if you just roll backwards, rather than turning around. I finished all the Challenge of the Gods bits the other day, numbers 8 & 10 were bastards. Now halfway through the game in God Mode and loving it. It's a bit like Halo in Legendary, the game really comes into its own on this difficulty setting and you really have to be on top of the fighting as one or two hits from enemies will kill you. Good stuff.
  14. I've been playing Far Cry Instincts now for probably not more than 4 hours, spread over a few sessions. Not only did I have to sit through the interminable loading screen each time I start up, but I had to sit throught it once I Quit out of the game to the main menu as well. I also managed to get stuck in scenery, and lost about two hours' of play because of the autosave bug, being taken back multiple autosaves. Every time I die now I get taken back to the same autosave point. The game looks great and handles well and I really want to play it, but to be honest I just don't have the fucking time to delete my profile because of a bug. I had a look at Ubisoft's website and there's no less than 51 pages of patches and fixes for their games (couldn't find an Autosave fix patch, but even if I did I wouldn't have been able to make use of it as the Xbox isn't Live.) I can't really understand why gamers put up with this. If you have a DVD that skips back to a certain chapter point every now and then you're going to take it straight back to the shop, yet most of us would rather struggle our way through the game than return it. And all that returning it would do is that it'll get sold to some other poor sap who then has to sit through the same problems. It would be interesting to find out what the Consumer Board would make of games like Driver 3 which are pretty much fundamentally broken.
  15. Same here, I just kept on shooting him in the legs till he sinks down onto his knees, and then shot him in the head. I found getting past him in Assignment Ada harder than in the main game.
  16. Best sound award for Resident Evil 4 is a bit strange. The first thing I noticed was the short 5-sec sound loops for flies and other sound fx. I found it really distracting. Otherwise a fantastic game.
  17. The Shadow

    Pink Floyd

    Amused to Death by Roger Waters pretty much knocks the socks of everything produced during post-Waters Floyd, as well as by Pink Floyd full stop. Fantastic album, with some excellent Jeff Beck guitar.
  18. Devin Townsend's Ocean Machine, Terria and Accelerated Evolution definitely feature very high on my all time favourite album list. Riverside - comparisons are made with Porcupine Tree, Anathema and Pink Floyd, but generally I find them more varied than that, they've got a strong identity of their own. Sometimes it gets quite heavy, other times extremely melodic and mellow. Definitely worthwhile. I did find their Out Of Myself album more immediately appealing than Second Life Syndrome, but I suspect the latter will grow on me. I did reach a point where most modern prog started to bore me, but Riverside together with the new Sieges Even album have restored my faith. As for Arena, their recent albums all started sounding the same to me, with Contagion being the best of them, although I probably still prefer The Visitor and Songs From a Lion's Cage. They seem to have a pattern of releasing a good album followed by a poor one!
  19. I only started with this yesterday, so far it looks very similar to the previous games, although I found Venice slightly harder to navigate than the other areas in Sly 2, there seems to be less things to climb onto and jump from, maybe they're just less obvious, like the umbrellas for example. My main gripe currently is that I can't seem to modify the camera on the binoculars or turrets. The mnual mentions that each aspect can be modified individually, but going to the menu there is only an inverse option on normal left/right up/down camera movement. Am I doing something wrong?
  20. My favourite recent prog release is Sieges Even - The Art of Navigating by the Stars. Great stuff. Another band I can recommend VERY highly is Polish band Riverside. Their album Out Of Myself is great, and the new one, Second Life Syndrome is rumoured to be even better. I've heard some rather negative reports about the new Dead Soul Tribe, so I think for now I'll skip it. Hotly anticipating Devin Townsend's Synchestra. Also ordered Pallas, should be arriving soon.
  21. I thought the sound last night was really crap. Just a big wall of sound drowning out all the intricate detail, and detail is a lot of what Dream Theater is about. It might have been where I was sitting. That said, they remain fucking phenomenal live.
  22. That won't happen. It's obvious that's the stupid little fuck's intention - the difference however is that Morrison, Cobain and Hendrix were actually talented, and wrote some memorable music. When Doherty ODs, the newspapers will make a fuss for a while, and then he'll be forgotten.
  23. Pain of Salvation is one of the few truly progressive (in the good sense of the word) metal bands out there at the moment. They're playing at the Underworld in Camden on Sunday - entrance is only a tenner. Anyone who enjoys Dream Theater or Rush will probably get some enjoyment out of this. I think this is their first UK gig (apart from opening for Dream Theater a few years ago at Hammersmith) so it would be good if it's not an empty room they're playing to. A band called Dark Suns opens for them.
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