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  1. Funny how tastes differ. I find Tim Guest's column one of the most interesting bits of the magazine, while Penn's are extremely yawn-inducing.
  2. Some wankers don't deserve the column space they're given in the press, Mr Carroll being one of them. Hopefully C4 dropped it when they realised no-one gave a shit.
  3. There used to be a South African student band called "Henry Kissinger's Mutant Scrotum Warts." I don't think they made it big though. Anyone looking for inspiration can look through this lot. Should be some appropriate band names in there...
  4. I thought it was pretty average, at moments even below the normal CSI stuff. The dream sequence was very weak, as was some of the forced dialogue used for plot advancement. Any possible tension was spoilt by advertising what’s going to happen in big neon signs (being Vegas.) For example, (spoiler) Nick shooting out the light while Warrick is watching. It starts with a sequence of Nick watching the light, noticing when it comes on the fan slowing down, looking at the fan, the light. He then reaches for his gun, of course he’s going to shoot the fucking light out. So why then introduce a dramatic music score, Warrick going, “What are you doing Nicky?”, etc? Are we supposed to be feeling Warrick’s tension? It just doesn’t work. There were occasional OK moments where QT used the existing characterisation to good effect, for example when Grissom is lip-reading what Nick is saying.
  5. I played the first twenty minutes or so and wasn't impressed. Will give it another go though.
  6. The Shadow


    Dream Theater boring? You deaf as well as blind? I know thay're not everyone's cup of tea, but boring is the one thing you can't describe them as. Overwhelming maybe. Anyway, Mike Portnoy, DT's drummer extraodinaire recently proclaimed Muse's Absolution as one of his favourite albums of the last few years, and the above-mentioned track is very obviously a tribute to them, right down to the breathy vocals and bass line of Stockholm Syundrome. Worth listening to, even if only for a laugh because of the similarities.
  7. The Shadow


    If you like Muse, check out Dream Theater's tribute track to them, called Never Enough from their Octavarium CD. It's a bit like Stockholm Syndrome but with better drumming
  8. No, just having played all recent platformers to death and seeing that the Frog can potentially share similar qualities to those titles. And then stating in my next paragraph that it obviously won't be anything near those titles in quality because of the licence attached to it, the recent availability of the game licence and that it will hae to be rushed immensely if they want to capitalise on the frog's current popularity.
  9. I can't see what everyone's so upset about. It's got all the elements found in most modern platformers today. Being a frog, platformer will be the obvious genre. And like mentioned, it will contain the Wipeout-style racing as in the ads. He's even got a little leather helmet which can double as an HUD, for some FPS-action. Not to mention the obvious Frogger-3D minigame. Underwater scenes will be in there as well as some rhythm-action. They can even include that little dragon bloke in the other ringtone ad as a sidekick/means of transport. IF you enjoyed Ratchett & Clank or Jak & Daxter, this should be great... The only reason why it will be complete and utter shite is because it's a licence and will have to be rushed out ASAP to keep it current.
  10. I've logged over 120 hours now and I'm still enjoying it. Few things beat simply tearing round the countryside on a Sanchez, and accidently going over a cliff. Probably the only time a videogame has induced vertigo. Worst thing about the game - the time it takes to fucking change clothes.
  11. They were fantastic, Gilmour sounds like he's always sounded - I'd love for them to tour together, one of those bands you must see, even if you're not a fan. Arguments that Roger Waters sounds like Homer Simpson's dad carries no water in my opinion. His Amused to Death album is probably one of the greatest songwriting examples ever, it tops most of the Floyd's actual output as well IMO.
  12. Octavarium comes close to being the most proglike track they've ever done, with lyrical references inclufing Supper's Ready etc. Track 6 is also a virtual Muse-clone. Mike Portnoy did confess his love of Muse, so it's probably a tribute rather than a pisstake. I love the strong instrumental finishes of tracks 3 & 7, great stuff. The balad doesn't do anything for me and the more commercial track 4 is OK, but doesn't particularly rock my boat either - occasional moments of it reminds me of U2, only round the chorus though. All in all a safe but enjoyable album. I suspect it will grow on me more though.
  13. I can't wait for this, the trailer looks great, black & white with moments of colour coming through, like the graphic novel version of That Yellow Bastard. Also judging by the trailer, it looks as if they stuck very closely to the novels; some sequences look like they're almost identically filmed to the frames used in the graphic novels. It will be interesting to see how they place the chronology of the storylines, as some intertwine while others slighty precede others. I don't expect anything that will tax my brain, just some great action, looking very stylish. It's currently rated 123rd on IMDB's top 250 movies, so at least it's looking like it's not a complete dud.
  14. The fishing in Fable. In fact, I did actually kill my wife. In the game that is.
  15. I have gone fishing in the past. You stand on a beach and drink beer for the most part, and if you're really into it, you can even make up your own lures. All in all, it's very relaxing and therapeutic. So whoever decided to make Fable's fishing pretty much the most frustrating thing I've ever done, deserves to be flogged to death. This is from someone who actually liked and finished Jak 2. I spent about fifteen minutes the other day trying to reel in one catch. The amount of effort it took me, I expected the result to be at least a bagful of silver keys. It was a fucking moonfish.
  16. Those were the ones thanks, I found them last night. I was scrutinizing Los Santos and didn't bother with the rest of the map. Both a Ballas and Vagos one up there.
  17. I only need to take over two more territories, one belonging to each of the other gangs, but for the life of me I can't see them on the map. There was the thin sliver one which I almost missed, but I managed that one. Unless they leave one territory each for the rest of the game?
  18. You're right of course. Just as crucial as it is to respect the opinions of fellow human beings, even if their beliefs differ from yours.
  19. It goes both ways. Freedom of speech includes freedom of religion. If people want to believe in something like a God, that's their choice, and not your place to criticise. On the other hand I don't appreciate Jehovah's Witnesses knocking on my door trying to forcefeed me their religion. In short, let people be atheists in peace, and let people worship in peace. Neither should be slagging off the other. Christians do have a point though. It's become the safe religion to make fun of, because people know it's unlikely that there will be repercussions. I'm curious to know whether the BBC would broadcast the recent Birmingham Sikh play, or something Muslims might find offensive. Unfortunately the fundamentalist element has done neither of these religions any favours.
  20. for a man... no not really, she is quite hot, although the chin is somewhat intimidating. And that is one fine arse. As for Daredevil, they'd have to actually burn the negative to make this any worse than that piece of crap. As far as bad films go, it's right up there with Battlefield Earth and Red Scorpion.
  21. Do you reckon the BBC will also screen The Satanic Verses should that ever turn into a theatre production?
  22. Exactly what I was about to say. Mr Wincott does a decent job of the accent as well, considering he's Canadian. He was in Metro with Eddie Murphy the other night, also plays the main bad guy in The Crow. Great voice.
  23. I just can't get over Di Caprio looking like a boy with a fake moustache, and being a dickhead. A silly reason not to go see a movie, but there you go.
  24. I've only seen the one with the bits of stuff hanging above the street resloving into the 4 logo, which I though was very nice. I also liked the Five one, with the ants carrying the letter-shaped leaves.
  25. Did anyone see this? It was on Channel 4 a few weeks ago at some ungodly hour. In short it's a documentary about making a documentary. Lars von Trier challenges Jørgen Leth to remake Leth's 1967 short "The Perfect Human." During the course of the documentary the short gets remade five times, but each time certain obstructions are put in place to see how the director overcomes these. For example, the first time it's remade Von Trier tells Leth that none of the edits should exceed 12 frames, that he's not allowed to have a set, that all the questions he asked in the first film must be answered in the remake and that he must shoot it in Cuba, where he's never been. The second time round he's told to film it in "the most miserable place on Earth" etc. and it develops from there. Interesting stuff if you're interested in filmmaking and available on DVD. God knows why all the decent stuff on TV is shown when most sane people are in bed, sleeping.
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