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  1. Maddox has obviously not heard "Dry Your Eyes" by the Chavmeister.
  2. The Shadow

    Jak 3

    Although I agree with most of what Ryodi’s said, I’ll try to put a more positive spin on it. It might contain gameplay spoilers. I enjoyed Jak 2 in part because of its size and challenging levels but most of you found these to be the biggest drawbacks, opting for the length and difficulty level of something like Beyond Good & Evil instead. Well, Jak 3 is a lot smaller than the previous game and this is compounded by the fact that you will hardly ever have to redo a level more than once, seeing as NOTHING in this game comes even close in difficulty to some of the sticking points of Jak 2. I recently replayed Jak 2 and there are definitely levels that are a real bitch and had me swearing strings of expletives, but not this time round. Sure, there still a number of levels that you’ll have to retry 10 times or more, but seeing as these mostly are of the kind where you travel at high speed through a course or arena and crashing means death and if you crash you’ll crash within a minute, it means retrying something 10 x 30 sec to 60 sec, rather than playing through a level for ten minutes, then dying and having to start all over again. (Call Of Duty, you bastard.) Checkpoints are spread much more liberally, even mid-mission. Remember those stages in Jak 2 where you had to blow up five of a kind of enemy? Killing one was hard, but five was madness. Should you manage to kill four and die on the fifth, you’d start all over again? Not so in this game. Killing one of a kind mostly creates a checkpoint. Dying on the next will have you restart just after you killed the previous one, which makes it a breeze to get through, and a lot less frustrating. Jak’s also got more health to start of with. This can be increased by collecting armour, which is gained through the successful completion of missions. Ryodi mentions several levels containing waves of enemies being thrown at you. This is true, but they’re pretty much a walk in the park, seeing as the number thrown at you is a lot less than equivalent levels of Jak 2, your weapons are so much more powerful, and the liberal sprinkling of health pickups all over the game makes it even easier. Weapon upgrades become available through completing missions or the gun course and range from the very useful bullet deflecting kind, to a Halo 2 needler equivalent, even called the Needle Gun. It still retains elements of the other games. Initially it does feel like you’re moving from mini-game to mini-game, but later on it becomes more of an adventure, albeit more a shooting than platforming one. Most levels consist of you working your way from point A to point B, shooting enemies. There are still platforming elements, but mostly these are very straightforward. There’s also 600 Precursor Eggs to collect. Some of these are lying around slightly hidden, some are in breakable pottery, others are given as reward for completing the many small missions generated by visiting the small yellow icons on the map. The Precursor Eggs serve as a kind of currency, as you can use them to buy Secrets from the Secrets menu. These range from novelty items such as a goatee for Jak to the more useful gun modifications, increasing your rate of fire, damage etc. You can also unlock some of the Dune Buggies should you have enough orbs. The higher priced items are proper cheats, so if you’re not of the cheating kind, there’s no need to collect anything near the 600 eggs. Who would want to collect 100 eggs for invulnerability for God’s sake?! I collected just over a hundred which allowed me to buy everything that’s actually useful within the actual game. For the most part the yellow icon missions consist of simply reaching a hidden egg within a set time limit of usually about 20 seconds. Others though are more enjoyable and include some Dune Buggy missions, as well as flying on the back of a missile collecting checkpoints. The Jet Board makes a return, but is a lot less significant than in the previous game. You’ll still need it in some stages but not anywhere near as often as in the first game. The vents in Haven City now propels you high into the sky when on the Jet Board, allowing you to get to hard to reach areas with Precursor Eggs, using a combination of jumping and grinding. As for Jak’s Powers, the dark powers are there and can now be triggered at any time, provided you have some degree of Dark Eco in stock. There is an additional very helpful offensive power as well. As for the light powers, there are also very helpful and makes the game even easier, as they allow you to regenerate your health and to put up a shield around you. Flying is also new and although a bit tricky to get to grips with initially, it is fun. It gets introduced to late in the game though and in the end will probably come in more useful in an attempt to reach Precursor Eggs hidden high up. The Dune Buggies are great fun. They steer well and have a degree of variety to them in that some are faster than others, they feature different weapons and one has fantastic hydraulics that will see you leaping over ravines. Although featured in only one race, they do feature quite regularly in missions that involve driving and shooting and collecting, plus the few added missions accessed via the yellow icons, which include doing a time trial race on the racetrack and killing as many enemies as possible during a set time. The vehicle you’re in is the one you use for the mission when activating the icon, so it leaves room for experimentation with the different vehicles’ steering and weapon capabilities. All in all, a decent enough game. Nothing made me yelp in delight, but it is all supremely polished. Only two bugs popped up during the game, one was atmos audio that started looping while the other was a bit of the game world vanishing, but both of these were resolved by reloading, and due to the frequent auto save, resulted in me losing in total about five minutes worth of gameplay. Basically I feel the game deserves to sell more than both the copies it’s managed so far in this country. Although reviews have generally been not great, I can assure you that it’s still a better game than probably 90% of all the other shit you can spend your money on instead.
  3. Agreed. He just comes accross as a pompous twat. Too young for a start, and the impression I got is that he's constantly acting for the camera, very aware that it's filming him.
  4. Another fan here, looking forward to the new album. Unfortunately I'll be out of the country during those tour dates Have seen them a couple of times though.
  5. That might explain all the friendly fire. "Frag his ass! Don't worry, he'll respawn."
  6. "Players earn points in the €60 game by shooting policemen, knocking down pedestrians, and picking up prostitutes." A small point, but as far as I know you do NOT earn points for any of those things, definitely not for killing policeman. You do get points or respect however for killing drug dealers and opposing gang members.
  7. Got this on the Xbox and have played a few hours, so far it's pretty much just Medal of Honor, nothing special. A bit boring in fact. I've just finished a section blowing up planes from a tank, which was somewhat snore-inducing. I think it's the same problem I have with Halo 2 on the easier levels with the Scorpion, the tanks are too tough and pretty much kills of anything within no time, it's just too easy, and boring as a result. I know I'm still close to the beginning but I do hope Call of Duty gets better.
  8. I caught the last 20 seconds of a Secret Machines song on CD:UK the other night as I tend to set the VCR to start recording about 5 minutes before Cybernet starts - those 20 seconds impressed me enough to go and buy the CD on the weekend (£8.99 from Virgin). Considering I pretty much listen to progressive rock and metal 99% of the time, it's very seldom that a more mainstream release interests me (the last one was Feeder's Comfort In Sound), but I do enjoy this. Recommended.
  9. Read my post a bit higher up on this page about girlfriends.
  10. No, that's just plain SAD, as in SHIT. Saddest songs: Porcupine Tree - Collapse The Light Into Earth Davey Spillane - Lament (this is an instrumental, uilleann pipes only. )
  11. I bought it but haven't read it yet. Paged through it, basically covers ten games (nothing surprising - Mario 64, Zelda etc) followed by small sections on games they inspired. HMV has it on the shelves together with their game guides, if you want to look before buying it cheaper online.
  12. I just got what is undoubtedly the coolest mode of transport in a GTA game ever, although few things equal the Sanchez, this leaves itself open to loads of exciting game options. Don't click the spoiler if you want this to be a surprise, because it was a pleasant one for me, although most of you are probably beyond this point already and it's also probably been mentioned in a 77-page thread, but Click For Spoiler A fucking jetpack! All the joys of reaching high-up places with loads more control than the other modes of aerial transport. Hopefully I can engage in jetpack dogfights later on.
  13. Anyone else going for all gold in the schools? I only need two more in the Flying School... 80 hours and counting, great stuff. Also dating three girls now, with excellent benefits. Did you know that: Click For Spoiler successfully dating Katie and the cop girl results in you not losing money or weapons when going to the hospital or being busted by the cops?
  14. Extreme - Song For Love Def Leppard - Love Bites Both ace power ballads
  15. I just got the gym bug, where it says you've reached your limit even though you haven't done anything yet. Anyone else fixed it successfully? There's a couple of suggestions on GameFaqs saying to save the game in an empty slot and then resave again over the old slot. Someone else mentions removing all CJ's clothes, try to gym, then put clothes back on, try to gym, and it will work again.
  16. The Shadow

    Jak 3

    Shit. This is worse than I thought. Didn't anyone buy it? Ryodi, I'm counting on you.
  17. The Shadow

    Jak 3

    That's if anyone's actually bothered to get it. I still remember the hatred that poured forth regarding Jak 2, one of my (admittedly frustrating) favourites of last year. I'm getting my copy for Xmas, so no thoughts about it personally yet. Many reviews have highlighted the same issues people had problems with previously, unfair difficulty spikes, the game not being "fun", attempting to cram too much variety into the gameplay etc. Anyone?
  18. My arteries clogged up just reading that.
  19. It was a TV series on Channel 4 a couple of years back, with Jay Mohr in it. IMDB summary: In Hollywood you're only as good as your last flick, and Dragonfire Films exec Peter Dragon has hit bottom with his $150 million bomb "Slow Torture." His only hope to get back to the way things were is the shoot-'em-up film "Beverly Hills Gun Club," and the only person that will help him is ex-child star turned hooker Wendy Ward." It was hilarious, the humour was quite dark as well. I want it on DVD, but fucking Fox won't release it, they probably find it too offensive. Anyway, just wondering if anyone else saw and appreciated it.
  20. Yeah, that is shit, having to target an enemy first to see if he's red or green. It takes a lot away from the intensity of the battle. You could of cours go ape shit and kill everyone, and go at it alone from there on. As for the topic of this thread, I would have preferred: Click For Spoiler playing the last level as the Master Chief
  21. So I take it the Click For Spoiler Stay just out of reach till Tartarus's shield is down and go in for a one-hit kill with the Elite sword tactic doesn't work in Heroic or Legendary anymore...
  22. Looking at Ridley Scott's IMDB entry, he's well busy up until at least 2008. I reckon it's a hoax.
  23. John Turturro How brilliant was he as Jesus in The Big Lebowski? And as Herbie Stempel in Quiz Show? Two roles that couldn't be more different.
  24. And from the earlier generation - Syphon Filter 1 & 2
  25. I had a situation in Pelican Bay 2 last night, where an Elite came running up to me holding what looked like two empty plasma rifles. Do their guns ever run out? Anyway, he ran up to me, I had just run out of bullets, so I knew it was melee time. I whacked him SIX times and he didn't die. He then hit me once and I was dead. They're tough as nails. One of the sword-bearing ones came running up to me as well. I tagged him with a plasma grenade, and it didn't kill him. I then unleased the battle rifle in his face. Still didn't kill him. Luckily I had a plasma pistol with one charge left, which did the job (while I was backtracking furiously, praying that I don't back into a barrier.)
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