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  1. It took me about half a day to get past the second boarding vessel (Pelican vessel) at the beginning! I was so elated when I did it that I ejected the tray without Saving and Quitting. Now I have to do it all again. I'll tell you one thing though, after initially being disappointed with the game playing it through on the easier levels, it once again becomes a whole new game in Legendary.
  2. Yep, it's a great game. Not the easiest out there, I think some of the opening levels are probably the hardest, but later on levels become easier and more interesting. One boss battle might have you wondering what the hell to do. Controls are very Halo-like, and some of the game's ideas reminds me of Halo as well.
  3. Click For Spoiler If you take a boat and go all the way around to the north of San venturas, you'll find one of those floating helicopters. You'll still have the 4-star rating, but at least it gives you an opportunity to look at the desert before being blown out of the sky.
  4. Are there any earthquakes then? There was a radio report about an earthquake. Please Spoiler bracket the answer.
  5. Jak 3 is out already? FUCK! I thought it was due 26 November. Still, I do have GTA: SA and Halo 2 rotating, with Morrowind, Metroid Prime, Mario Sunshine all still unplayed... life's too short.
  6. It's available now, but as I'm getting it for Xmas, I've got another 6 weeks to wait... which sucks ass. Anyone got it? I'm interested in the singleplayer game at the moment. GameCentral had a positivew review, although they mentined as "new additions" first person mode, which was avaialble in the previous game. They also said it plays identical to the 2nd game by which they obviously mean it controls the same as the previous game, but the way they kept on about it you'd think it actually IS the previous game with online multiplayer added to it.
  7. He's a clone, like the Aussie. I know because I personally killed the Aussie many times over. Nothing personal, I just don't like losing against them in sports.
  8. I haven't played near enough of it to have an informed opinion, but so far I don't much like the feel of the weapons, they all feel a bit lightweight. The shotgun takes forever to reload if you wait till it's empty and the melee attack looks awkward. Why does he drop one weapon when doing it? And why can't I drive into the water? The vehicles control easier though, and some parts were quite intense, but the first area with the scorpion was a bit of a yawnfest after the initial fun of picking banshees out of the sky wears off. In terms of controls, it feels pretty much identical to the first game apart from the higher jumping capability, which is a good thing.
  9. If it's me you're on about, I was talking about THE FIRST FUCKING GAME! Read the rest of the thread before calling people morons and fucking idiots.
  10. Well, I guess your opinion kinda goes against the grain of just about every drumming, guitar, bass and keyboard magazine which have consistenly voted Dream Theater's members the best with their specific instruments for many years running. Also, seeing as their songs average above 10 minutes per song, listening to samples doesn't really do them justice. If with Floyd you mean Pink Floyd, on occasion they had to hire in session drummers during recording as Mason just couldn't hack it at times.
  11. What the fuck are you on about? Guilty Spark? If you want spoilers read the GC review. Unless that is what you mean, that I should've mentioned the GC review contains spoilers. Sorry, I'm just not that into the storyline, I read the review and spoilers but as I read it in a half-arsed way I didn't spot them as major howling spoilers at the time.
  12. Backed up. The black and white buttons are virtually unreachable on the S controller.
  13. Same here. It must be difficult doing reviews, especially if pressured to get the review out there before the release date. Edge spent 45 hours on Halo before giving it 10/10. A game like GTA:SA probably needs around 60 before one can really form an opinion. BTW, why wasn't that reviewed in the last Edge? Rockstar witholding it until release?
  14. 10/10 they gave it. I think it was the new bloke (David Jenkins?) who did the Halo 2 review, and you're right, things seem different. I thought the Fanboy feature they had a while back was a bit shit. They also mentioned yesterday about some other game that it was reviewed by the old management, therefore they do not claim to be familiar with what was said, or something along those lines. Still, I wouldn't necessarily have been able to do a better job, and normally reviews are criticised for being overly optimistic, rather than the other way around. If they said Halo 2 singleplayer was the most amazing thing ever, I would've been more sceptical. The fact that they say it's not that hot reminds me that topping the first one was always going to be a tall order. At least now I'll be pleasantly surprised if I find it better than they described it.
  15. Unless I do what you suggest, be disappointed and then think, "Why didn't I read that fucking review?" I'll definitely get it, my Limited Edition is being collected tomorrow, I just thought it was interesting that probably THE most anticipated game of 2004 might not be what we expected, as compared to the other two big games, Half-Life 2 which is seemingly amazing and GTA: SA which I know is great.
  16. Rome: Total War - Edge 9/10 Then again not being into strategy games I wouldn't know or have any reference point. You might have played it and thought it was overrated, like I thought Beyond Good & Evil was overrated. In the end it's all opinions. I guess the only thing that's NOT subjective in any game is if it's buggy (Driv3r).
  17. Whichever one they'll be playing at his funeral.
  18. Buy Dream Theater's Images & Words and then tell me they're musicians that gave up after learning a few chords. Prepare to have your mind blown.
  19. Oops. Sorry about that. Then again, if you tried shooting at him during the game, you'd have realised the bastard's indestructible.
  20. It got 9 because of multiplayer. Without multiplayer, it would obviously have been a lot less. If singleplayer Halo 2 is what you've been looking forward to for a few years, that review will be disappointing.
  21. I was talking about the first game. Don't tell me you haven't finished it yet! If not, I was only joking, Guilty Spark doesn't fly off into space at the end...
  22. GameCentral's always been quite accurate (imo), unlike the majority of reviews from other game sites. I tend to add up GC, GamesTM and Edge reviews and divide it by three. I know it's sad.
  23. I agree, but it's the huge degree of anticipation (hype?) connected to Halo, and admittedly one is left intrigued at the end when Guilty Spark flies off into space. As for multiplayer being great, I assume they don't mean Live only. But yeah, it's a disappointment that multiplayer has to be splitscreen rather than using the System Link. Or is that only for co-operative mode? And yes, Legendary makes a huge difference to the game. One more criticism of singleplayer was that the AI of the enemies seem to have been reduced, firing a gun behind them not triggering a reaction etc. Apparently the marine AI is improved.
  24. Before you cancel it, they do say that the multiplayer is fantastic though. Maybe it's the perfect opportunity for some of us to get out more and make some friends... or go to meets and hook up with like-minded people.
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