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  1. It's on Channel 4's text pages, page 377. The game scored: Click For Spoiler 9 out of 10 which is an excellent score, but they go on to explain that it's because of the multiplayer, with the singleplayer featuring an extremely weak story, an abrupt ending after about 10 hours, a weak end boss, and the new weapons not really adding much.
  2. So that explains why the singleplayer game was always kept under wraps, because it wasn't very good... oh well, that'll teach us to believe the hype. Of course if you mostly play multiplayer you're smiling, but the poor sods who only have the singleplayer option... Of course we'll all still get it. I can't see anyone rushing out to cancel their pre-order today.
  3. Same here. I think most people that actually complained about the fighting just never bothered to actually get to grips with it properly. One guy I know thought the enemies had to be lying on the ground before you can retrieve them. People complained about some of the larger fights, yet if done probably the fight when one reaches the menagerie shouldn't last longer than about ten seconds. I did like the spawning, seeing as about 75% of enemies can be eliminated with about three to four button presses, some fights just wouldn't last very long. Roll on Warrior Within, the new fighting looks excellent. Ubisoft isn't stupid either, they know the reason the first game went down well was because of its great locations and how they were designed with platforming in mind and I'm sure this aspect of the game won't be neglected either. At least I hope not...
  4. Rockstar should be applauded simply for the scope of the game, I was driving up Mt Chilead thinking: Click For Spoiler Wouldn't it be nice if there was a mountain bike at the top? Lo and behold... Also the little touches, like a sad, empty wheelchair parked on the end of a pier, the dolphins and turtles underwater... I haven't been going all out to do the missions, just pissing about really, only opened up San Fierro after about 25 hours of play. Haven't found a single horseshoe, only about 4 oysters and about 25 tags. Are the horseshoes tied to your luck? Loads of luck resulting in better winning on the horses and in casinos, that would be fantastic. As for the missions, most of them's been great. None was overly difficult, at least leading up to San Fierro. Fantastic game.
  5. If only they'd adopt the Edge review system! Most of the reviews score 8 or above, with quite a few 10s and 9.5s. I just can't believe that there's so many good CDs out there, I'd prefer it if their reviews were more critical. Also, I wouldn't call Porcupine Tree metal. I don't think they would themselves either.
  6. Porcupine tree is misunderstood. They're doing their best to move away from being called a progressive rock band, but due to their past Floydish records like The Sky Moves Sideways which doesn't sound ANYTHING like what they're doing now, they're still being branded by the prog label. I don't think Steve Wilson is a particularly good vocalist but I think he's an excellent songwriter and producer. As for lyrics, I normally don't bother listening to them, it's all about the instrumentation, arrangements and melody really. Interestingly he also produced some of Opeth's work, so despite Porcupine Tree's music being kinda non-mainstream rock really, he's definitely got an ear for metal.
  7. The Shadow


    OK, so I'm not a HUGE fan, but I do enjoy the odd bit of jazz now and then. Not really the hardcore avant-garde shit, mostly some of the more modern instrumental stuff, rather than Louis Armstrong & co. The Doky Brothers are cool, although nowadays they seem to have gone their seperate ways. Also enjoy Leon Parker's percussion, quite minimalistic at times but still enjoyable. Jeff "Tain" Watts is good if you're into drumming. Also enjoy occasional Weather Report and Jellowjackets, although they're more of a rock-jazz fusion at times. For big band swinging stuff, Tower of Power is cool. Also saw Clint's son Kyle Eastwood is releasing a new CD called Paris Blue soon or it might be out already, he'snot a bad bass player. Terje Rypdal does some interesting things, but you're never sure what he's gonna come up with. Listen before buying. Anyone else got any recommnedations?
  8. I meant it as progressive rock / progressive metal, but the thread might just manage more than 10 responses if we make it just Metal. And Porcupine Tree is fucking great!
  9. There was a very positive Sly 2 review in the Evening Standard's Metro magazine, but after the reviewer described the first one as being "infamous for being ridiculously difficult", I thought I'd take it with a pinch of salt. He should play Jak 2, that should drive him to drink.
  10. Goaty is a dead man. It's beyond shit. In fact, it's "the biggest load of shit since a shit comet hit the planet Crapolia's capital, Shitopolis". Not sure who I'm quoting there, but thanks anyway.
  11. I thought the puking was a nice touch. Also enjoyed the rhythm dancing game in the club, and betting on the horses, a quick way to make money, presumably I'll get better at it as my luck goes up. I went into a pool bar but didn't manage to get a game started, probably doing something wrong. The videogames are a bit shit though, I remember them being a lot better in the early 90s...
  12. It used to be 11 November, then they made an announcement that it will be 12 November. Now however, all websites as well as HMV says it's 11 November again, as does the ad in this month's Edge.
  13. Yeah sorry about that, I was listening to a particulary long track. B)
  14. OK, I don't really have any recommendations; as for purchases it's only been Pain of Salvation's Be, which is an oddity. I need a few more listens to really get into it, but although it contains elements of their earlier work, it's mixed with lots of spoken bits, some sampling, a pure piano track, what sounds like a religious hymn sung by prisoners digging holes etc. Interesting, but maybe not everyone's cup of tea. Anything else out there that's recommendable? 26 November - Dream Theater live at Budokan DVD released. Will be pre-ordering soon.
  15. In case no-one's mentioned this yet, officially George W. Bush is the Movie Villain of the Year. Link
  16. Having read Edge's DS article, what I want to know is how it caters for left-handed people. They mention the Metroid game where you move with the stylus and do other things with the D-pad, which sound very much like they intend for you to hold the stylus in your right hand. I'll be holding it in my left hand, and I can foresee some cross-armed problems if I have to operate the D-pad with my right hand.
  17. The gang leader in "Assault on Precinct 13". Not sure what his name is, but he was one cold-blooded mother. Not supernatural in anyway, just plain evil on a human level, which is somehow even scarier.
  18. I' a bit sceptical about that, I still need a serious amount of convincing that the EyeToy is viable in terms of gameplay longevity. I sometimes feel it's being praised more for its innovation rather than actually being proper games that will entertain for a decent amount of time. But of course I haven't read the reviews, so all of this is a bit soon. As for Sly 2, 6/10 is quite good, it's the same as the Ratchet & Clank games, and we all know how much fun they were. I'll wait for second opinions though.
  19. The problem I have with 3D Imax is that you completely lose the size of the screen, which is what the whole concept was about originally. Try seeing something in 2D, its a completely different experience, seeing it on such a massive screen.
  20. Syntax Error raises some valid points. I agree with a some of what he's said, but I don't think it's detracted much from my enjoyment of the game. I never found the car handling atrocious, I thought it was fun, each with their own characteristics. Some of the slower cars are horrible, but let's face it, when there are Cheetahs and bikes around, why bother with them? Police behaviour is inconsistent, but I never went into the game expecting that kind of realism. The most valid point however is having to go back to your original starting point again when failing a mission. There's no excuse for that,and having a taxi nearby doesn't make up for it. There's no justification for having to again walk into the pink marker, having to skip through a cut scene, and again having to drive all the way to the destination again. It should've had a simple "Retry mission" or "continue main game" option, as with Jak 2. I think the mistake most people make is trying to get into the missions too quickly. Spend the first week or two just driving and fooling around. You get to know the city, find out where bribes and spray places are, plus you collect hidden packages. Hidden packages = good weapons delivered = missions are easier to complete.
  21. That's one review I want to read, but I don't own the issue. Anyone here fancies typing it out...? or maybe making a nice big scan of it so I don't have to squint too much reading it? As for the columns, I don't have any particular problems with the columns of Redeye, Biffo and Poole, in fact they're normally the first thing I read, in that order. They vary in quality, but most of the times (apart from the last few issues) Redeye would put an interesting slant on things or raise a worthwhile point (like starting a well-maintained archive of video games), Biffo is almost guaranteed a few laughs and Steven Poole does turn things into something slightly more deeper than just superficial entertainment. As for Nagoshi, he's just taking the piss. I definitely get the feeling that he realises his deadline is tomorrow and he simply can't be arsed. In theory his columns have the potential to be very interesting being so familiar with the workings of Sega. Why on earth though does he think anyone gives a flying fuck about his love for alcohol or some minor misunderstanding he experienced ("remarkable chain of events" my arse.)
  22. I know what youre saying, but that's just a sign of the times. Pure platforming nowadays simply isn't popular enough with the mainstream consumer, they want guns and driving and minigames. Unless a platformer has Mario in the title, it's not going to sell well, so why will companies take the risk? Even Prince of Persia which is probably the closest we've come recently to a platformer features its puzzle and fighting sections. I didn't mind the fighting at all as it was implemented so well (and no, spawning enemies wasn't a problem, if you were fighting properly none of the fights took longer than a few minutes), but some of the puzzle sections were a boring chore. Plus of course the fucking non-raising platform bug, if like me you kept on overwriting the same save file.
  23. NOTHING is less funny than Bo Selecta, apart from maybe the news. As for Will & Grace, I quite enjoy it. Grace is HOT, and the guys are quite funny as well. A couple of weeks back they were all having a go at Dance Dance Revolution, with the really camp guy going wild, which had me chuckling.
  24. You shouldn't look at them as platformers. If you buy Jak or Ratchett expecting a pure platformer, you'll be sorely disappointed. They should be looked upon as multi-faceted action adventure games, which is exactly what they are. Don't expect a great platformer, driving or extreme sports game, because you won't get it. Expect an enjoyable global gaming experience and you'll have a good time.
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