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  1. Try finding that in a shop though... it's not possible. Online the cheapest I can find it is £29, which is a bit much for something released that long ago. That is provided you can FIND it online.
  2. Seasons 1 and 2 now available for £15.99 each from Play.com.
  3. I'm sorry, but anyone saying the PS 2 is a mainstream console for people who don't love games either have no clue or doesn't own one. I have all three, and the PS2 is BY FAR my most-played console. I like the Xbox, but the sad truth is that the best game on it is still one of the launch titles. The GameCube has a whole range of fantastic exclusive games, with many more coming. It's just a pity that the European marketing is up to shit, giving the impression that it's failing. Go anywhere else and it's a different story. It's still outselling the xbox globally.
  4. Herself, which of course they didn't show us.
  5. They were playing Truth or Dare and she was asked whether she had anal sex with Beckham during her alleged affair. She said she's not going to comment, which doesn't mean anything really. She also didn't say she thought of Collymore during her wanking sessions, but that she thought of "someone." Again, it might as well be one of the ladies. Two conclusions: She definitely is hot, looks a lot better than her pictures looked in the papers during the "affair." and Collymore is a dick. But then we knew that before the show already.
  6. I think most people, if they're really honest with themselves, will admit that today's games are exponentially better than the earlier eras. Personally I llok back at those times from a very sentimental viewpoint. Few things are as fresh in my mind as the first time I finished Gunsmoke in the Arcade, or the first time I saw Dragon's Lair, or hearing Spectrum Ping Pong's music. That's why I'm into Retro games and emulators, it's the same as hearing an old 80s tune after many years, pure sentimental value. Of course a game like Manic Miner however still manages to keep me occupied for a few hours, every time I play it.
  7. This is on again tonight at 8, on Channel 4.
  8. Remember The Jeffersons? Not sure if you guys got it over here, but it was great. George and Louise Jefferson, they've made a few appearances in Fresh Prince playing the same characters. Great show with a hard-ass maid called Florence I think, and the thick as shit white neighbour.
  9. You've got that right - I know this is completey going off thread, but we tend to believe a lot of stuff you read in papers or God forbid Men's mags, but every now and then an article turns up that you actually know the facts of because you were there, and boy do they get it wrong. Don't believe ANYTHING you read, they're all a bunch of lazy bastards who can't be arsed to do proper research because it's almost 5PM and a pint awaits. As for Rllmuk, I think it's mostly put me off games I intended buying, after getting negative feedback on here. (Spiderman 2, Burnout 3.) I did however buy Vexx, I presume as a result of reading a Venice Cull post, but haven't played it yet... It was only a tenner though... Whoever ecommended Pitfall, thanks, that was quite enjoyable. Not Ratchett & Clank, but enjoyable enough if you're into platformers.
  10. Naah, I don't think that's got any truth to it. It's just a trademark sound, a bit like Big Country's "bagpipe guitars" on their earlier albums (RIP Stuart Adamson). I reckon Amarok is still his best release by far though.
  11. The Shadow


    Pretty much sums up my feelings about Beyond Good & Evil, which I will replay one day to see if I can see what it is other people see in it, or whether it remains an average experience. As for Ico, it certainly looks lovely, I've started playing it twice now, got further the second time round, but somehow I'm not driven to complete it. Will do though... maybe today. Or should I go for Metal Arms... shit.
  12. Metal Arms - another game lying in the games room unplayed. It's come highly recommended though, so I'll make a plan soon... But then again, soon = the release of Halo 2 and GTA:SA. Fuckin hell.
  13. My mistake, I played the demo which had platforming sections in, but obviously that's just a small slice of the game. Then again, none of the games listed above are pure platformers, they've become platforming/action adventure games and pretty much all of them blends genres via their minigames. Which I don't mind at all, provided they're implemented properly. I've got Maximo downstairs, just need to get round to playing it. So many games, so little time. I got Metroid Prime August 2003 and still haven't played it. Soo Denim, have had a go with Ratchett & Clank 2 yet? What do you think of it? If not, try to get hold of the first one as it's a better introduction to the series (seeing as they follow on each other ) plus some of the weapons you upgraded in 1 will become available in 2 free of charge, if you keep your R & C 1 save file on the same memory card as R & C 2. Not that that's a big deal, you'll probably end up hardly using the older weapons, but it's still nice to be rewarded for having played the first one. I agree with the expanding weapons slot idea, with more and more weapons being introduced, it is a pain to swap between them. I kept on playing the game until I have upgraded every single weapon to the max, as I was curious to see how they would develop. It took a while, probably 50 hours plus I put into the game, also getting every skill point etc. but I enjoyed every moment of it. Don't bother with the ones from R & C 1 though, if you upgraded them in the first game, that's as far as they'll go.
  14. Great, I'll try it out, I'm always up for good platforming recommendations. I-Ninja and Sphinx are two more I want to try.
  15. In light of GTA: SA and Halo 2’s release being imminent, not much discussion has been going on about the wave of platformers all due for release within the next couple of months, so here goes. Sly Raccoon 2 – Looks intriguing, although the new emphasis on stealth has me worried. I’ve just completed Pitfall on the PS2 which all in all is an enjoyable platformer, spoilt right at the end by a stupid fucking stealth section, where being spotted meant being thrown back in a cage. Hopefully people would’ve learnt their lessons by now. Ratchett & Clank 3 – If it’s anything like the first two it should be hugely enjoyable. I especially like the sound of the weapon that makes enemies change sides, which might result in some chaotic action. I thought the armed sidekicks (the hovering robots and the flying groundmouse or whatever it was) worked well in the previous games, hopefully this would fulfil a similar sidekick role. The introduction of an online option is interesting, although I’m not sure what level of appeal it will have. Also worried that the online might mean the single-player game being slightly neglected. Jak 3 – With very little being said about this one, and the official website also lacking any updates since May, this is a curious one. With loads of complaints about the 2nd one being too difficult (YOU WIMPS!!), the last I heard was that Naughty Dog was dropping the difficulty level on this one. In terms of game art that’s been released, it seems pretty much like a continuation of the 2nd one’s story. The trailer looks great, varied gameplay in terms of off-road driving / shooting sections, what looks like water-skiing, the hoverboard, lots of guns as well as a return of Dark Jak, but also Light Jak, the powers of which are apparently more defensive. One thing it will definitely be is an extremely polished game, hopefully they can deliver (again in my opinion) in terms of great gameplay. Prince Of Persia 2 The previous one was a fantastic game, both the platforming and fighting parts of it. If they can build on that, this should deliver in heaps again. The trailers look promising although that’s what they’re designed to do. As to the Prince being more menacing, who cares, as long as the game plays well and they don’t bog you down in cut scenes, I’ll be happy. All in all, it looks like my wallet’s in for a rough ride.
  16. Haven't looked at Edge 142 yet, anyone figured it out?
  17. All the special moves worked just fine for me. I get the impression many people complaining about PoP',s fighting just never bothered to get to grips with it properly. I loved the fighting.
  18. That's clever. tell me how you did it. Haven't seen this yet, but I had my doubts when I saw that Mann wasn't responsible for the screenplay, as with Heat, Ali and The Insider. I'll still see it for his visual style though. Maybe he was just looking for a half-decent script that would justify him filming Los Angeles, a trial run for one of his own upcoming screenplays. Although probably not.
  19. There's a few people out there (those that vote for the Academy Awards come to mind) that seem to think different. But then again they also said Titanic was good. Personally I thought both were good.
  20. The Shadow


    If tonnes of blood, severed limbs, holes punched through bodies, zombies with guns, martial arts, human chop suey, lots of Reservoir Dog-like gun pointing stand-offs, decapitations and some freaky over-acting is what you look for in a movie, watch Versus. Pretty entertaining, but could've done with being 30 minutes shorter. Any of you seen it?
  21. Great. I saw the Amerika video a few weeks back. It's great. I think one gets what they're on about even if you can't follow the German lyrics.
  22. Definitely, great atmospheric intro with La Brie and Graves's voices, followed by the fantastic epic bits when Devin Townsend kicks in. With a nice bit of folk in there as well. I haven't actually listened to both CDs yet despite having it pretty much since release, but I like what I've heard. Nothing revolutionary, it's very similar to Ayreon's previous work, but still very nice. I haven't even begun to actually concentrate on WHAT they're singing about...
  23. Great acting, story and directing. My only criticism would be Eastwood's score being too intrusive at times.
  24. I bet the missions you're missing are the ones in the Vercetti mansion. Instead of running up the stairs to your office, as you come into the mansion, turn right. You should see the pink mission circle in front of one of the rooms there.
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