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  1. Jerry Jones can’t sack himself 😉
  2. Out of context it was just a low IQ play but considering the context… remarkably dumb.
  3. I know it’s not just about one play, but if I’m Zac Taylor I’m cutting Ossai right after the game and he never plays for me again. One of the most bone headed penalties I’ve ever witnessed.
  4. Perfect adjective for it. edit: @Corranga
  5. They need to blow the mercy whistle here.
  6. Niners imploding now. That face mask was ridiculous.
  7. Hell of a play by McCaffery.
  8. Even more so if Bosa is now screwed.
  9. Yup could be over as a contest already. Josh Johnson is not the answer.
  10. +1 for Extraordinary, watched the whole series last night and it was bloody brilliant. The end of the dance scene in particular had me laughing more than I can recall recently.
  11. Alternatively, when someone is in a super busy city like London or New York and is able to park right in front of their destination with no issue.
  12. Hoping for Bengals and Niners win with Cinci winning the Owl.
  13. I see, so as long as most units meet that criteria it should be good. They levels required do seem a touch high for where I am in the game but I am doing ok guess. Cheers dude.
  14. Loving the battles in this one, definitely a step up from Three Houses but I see it continues the FE tradition of only ever Critting when it isn't necessary. Dumb question, does anyone know where I can find my Base Level or what it actually means? I can't find any mention of it so never sure when a skirmish is too high to put my backups in.
  15. Well, what a performance by Cinci. I really hope they’ve got another two in them as I would love to see them win the owl now.
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