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    NFL 2021!

    It’s weird. They said about 90% of the league was vaccinated now but every time I see someone going on the COVID list it seems about 90% aren’t vaccinated.
  2. Looking forward to this. The first season remaster was really well done and this is, IMO, the best of the 3.
  3. 05/11/21 – Guardians of the Galaxy Fucking Hell; I don’t think even Nostradamus saw this one coming. We all rolled our eyes at the E3 reveal. We all thought ‘Christ, first Avengers, now this’. We all deleted the emails from Square-Enix. Except a couple of you buggers didn’t, actually. You bought it, and then came on here spouting about how it’s actually really bloody good. Well, I’m sorry Mr and Mrs. Hivemind I’m not falling for it… What’s that, It’s a bit Mass Effecty? Hello Simply Games, one copy of Guardians please. And you know what it is bloody good. Continuing 2021s rich vein of funny games this had me chortling on the regular, mainly at Drax, but all the team have their moment in the comedy spotlight. It’s not just funny though, there are, unbelievably, some rather touching moments juxtaposed with the lols and bombast and it manages to turn Star-Lord from douche-king to someone you root for, it’s very well done. Gameplay wise the exploring and environmental puzzles are straightforward but made more fun by the gorgeous vistas on display while the combat is chaotic but fun and, I think, matches the style of the Guardians very well. So, if there was a Shock of the Year category in the Rllmuk GOTY this would win hands down. As it is it may very well trouble the top spot for Writing of the Year and in a year where Psychonauts 2 was release that is high praise indeed. 07/11/21 – Unpacking Others have written far more eloquently than I can about this title. I’ll just say it was a lovely, relaxing little experience with a nice well told environmental story. Well worth 2-3 hours of your time.
  4. And in a few weeks he’ll be welcoming Villa to Carrow Road.
  5. Good for him. I really hope he does well for them.
  6. Can only speak for SA but yes. They probably aren’t as abundant as you’d like though. They tend to be at the start of each section of a mission rather than throughout, if that makes sense.
  7. Played a few hours of SA last night and while I can’t disagree it’s a very disappointing port, it was still mostly good nostalgic fun. Mowing down Ballas blaring out Epic will never get old. The most annoying aspect I’ve found, which I haven’t seen mentioned is the voice tracks are terrible in places. In a lot of cutscenes I’m finding that the final word a character says gets cut off and the in car conversations are really low bitrate like they are chatting over a poor mobile phone line. Really odd.
  8. I guess you’re not wrong but the fact they have made no attempt to make him not look like Trevor presenting the news just seems odd.
  9. I thought that pic of Sir Trev as GM was a bad fan mock up. That looks… like a bad fan mock up.
  10. God, I don’t want Terry I just have a feeling it will be him. I totally agree, if the owners are serious they need to pay up and get someone proven.
  11. Well, Smith has gone now so we get to see. I have a feeling it’s gonna be Terry. Shame about Smith, good Villa man but I think he’d done as much as he could. When Terry and ROK left I think he ran out of ideas. The end of the Southampton match had more than a whiff of Lambert about it, like a man who knows he is gone and desperate for anything to save his job.
  12. 24/10/21 - Echo Generation What do you get if you cross Paper Mario, Stranger Things, Earthbound and (insert your favourite LucasArts P&C’er here) but not really get what was great about all these things? The answer is Echo Generation. This is a really odd game with some great and some baffling game design and I’m finding it hard to come up with coherent prose to describe it so I’m going to resort to a dreaded list: The Good It looks incredibly unique with some wonderful boss designs. Finding comic to add to your move sets is very cool. Every move has a different QTE attached. The Bad The story is massively disjointed. Levelling up is sloooooooooooow. New companions always start at Level 1, coupled with bad levelling, making them pointless. In boss battles, special move points run out really quickly often leaving ¾ of health you have to chip away using basic attacks, this is not fun. Some hugely obtuse puzzles with no clues as to how to solve them and pickups that are very easy to miss; which ties into… No fast travel. The map isn’t massive but it’s a fucking chore to keep walking back and forth while you try to look for something you may have missed to solve a puzzle for which you have no clue what is needed. Terrible respawning after failure. First failure you respawn with half health, then 1 health, necessitating a trip back to a safe house (of which there is only one, your house, until rather later in the game) which means more minutes wasted yomping around the map. So yeah, a strange game with plenty to dislike but compelling enough to keep me going to the end. Weird. 28/10/21 – The Curse of Monkey Island Brought myself a brand new gaming laptop, decided to play a game from 1997 that wouldn’t have taxed GPUs back then. Remembered most of it but still enjoyed it even though it’s not a patch on the 1 or 2.
  13. I think that might be genius casting.
  14. Another vote for Paper Mario. Funniest game I’ve played in a very long time. Will be perfect for a long Christmas session.
  15. The Haiku games on mobile are pretty good. Though they do have a ftp element. Each chapter costs a key and you can only have two (one regenerating every 2.5 hours) unless you buy more.
  16. I really fancy this but am a massive baby. Is it as horrifying as Sarah made it sound on TCGS?
  17. BabelRich

    NFL 2021!

    It was looking like that. But Jags finally showed some moxy. Really good game all in.
  18. BabelRich

    NFL 2021!

    In the bar after the game now with my Jags supporting mate. what a game that was. I’m pretty sure all 60000 people watch were expecting a Hail Mary at the end. Hell of a call and hell of a kick. Absolutely buzzing from seeing that kind of drama first hand.
  19. 08/10/21 - Kena - Bridge of Spirits Fancied something new and saw this getting plaudits on here to took the plunge and I'm really glad I did. You know the score by now Kena is, in parts, Pikmin, Zelda, Horizon, Dark Souls run through the mincer and reformed into a Pixar patty. It's been labelled a throwback to the PS2 era but this is no bad thing because despite how easy it is to take shots at; it's just a really fun game to play. Combat is limited to start but soon expands with a small tech tree it's easy enough to max out. Mixing in Rot powers with your general staff thwacking add a bit of spice to the souls-ish combat that never gets too hard save for the odd boss. The environmental puzzles are never really tricky but they are satisfying to solve even if the reward is, more often than not, more crystals you don't need. I disagree with the assertion from some quarters that the story is 'just there'. There's not the level of environmental story telling you'd find in, say, a Fallout; but you gradually piecing together what happened to the village through collectable memories and story beats and is very touching in places. If you want something that is just a good old fashioned fun game with some beautiful looks, get this you wont be disappointed. 12/10/21 - The Artful Escape Kena was gorgeous but this was something else. There is very little gameplay in here but somehow it keeps you grinning every step of the way thanks to its eye-searing, Yellow Submarine-for-the-21st-Century visuals, cool soundtrack and, of course, the shred button. Yes, it's a 2D walking simulator but it has such verve it's impossible not to get sucked in to its crazy world and blunt allegory.
  20. Just came to post that. Magnificent strip this week. https://www.theguardian.com/football/ng-interactive/2021/oct/12/david-squires-on-newcastle-united-saudi-takeover
  21. 03/09/21 - Psychonauts 2 Man, I adored Psychonauts. The imagination put in to creating that world was second just perfect and I only broke one controller during Meat Circus; that's how much I loved it. So what about the long pined for sequel? For me it didn't disappoint. The only thing that made it not quite as good as the original was this time it wasn't a surprise how amazing this world was. 30/09/21 - Final Fantasy 14 - Shadowbringers Quests I'd been looking forward to this chunk of the game since I started after hearing all commentators espousing the greatness of its story. And it was great but I have to say I'm a bit sick of them bringing certain uninteresting characters back from the dead But the filling out of the Acsian backstory was lovely and I'm now ready to go day one with Endwalker so bring it on. Previous
  22. So this got a patch in the last few days and I'm pleased to report that the previous issue I was having with hitching seems to have been squished. Did the second story last night and this game just gets better and better. It's just so fun to play, whoever did the aiming in this needs a pat on the back as it's perfect for controller.
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