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  1. Where can i watch the stream on my iphone ?
  2. You get all the above on the 4s version.
  3. Does this game have system link or split screen?. Really want to buy it, but only if It has these options.
  4. peve

    Forza Motorsport 3

    Why cant I download the Demo from Xbox.com !!
  5. If you want the best go here: http://www.astrogaming.com/products/detail/3/Audio/ As far as im concerned, anything wirless is allways going to be rubbish in regards to audio.
  6. peve

    Fable 2

    Hold the right thumb stick down for more than about 3secs will zoom in around your guy.
  7. Rallisport 2 was never on the PC only the first was. Rallisport 2 is the best rally game ever made and is close to one of the best driving games ever made. This is still the only reason i would ever get another original Xbox due to it not working on the 360 Topspin should be on that list as well as Amped 1 and 2 and prob MotoGP for it pretty much defined online racing game.
  8. Rallisport Challenge 2, By far is the most fun racing game out there we need more rally games in general for nextgen.
  9. I would like to know what Airbrake Sensitivity everyone is running, and if anyone has tried the motion sensor ?
  10. missed that was out the house Let me know when you next on.
  11. I have heard rumours of Rllmuk Earthen Ring Horde players scattered around the lands, the drums of war have sounded it’s time for the players to unite and create the powerful guild we once commanded. post your name so we can get the ball rolling...... Guild players Peve Armcutter
  12. Add me as well, i'd be up for some Sega Rally at weekend. GT - Peve
  13. Push ups are very easy for me as well, and can do 80 in around 2 mins. But all I had to do was 6 of them and 6 side thrust in Wii fit and I was ruined. Mainly because the trainer took ages between each move. I was pretty ruined after......
  14. Did a search and could not find any topic on this. Wondering if anyone wanted to team up online or if we get enough people could do a 8v8 online. Could use Xbox live for voice if anyone else has both.
  15. Best tip is to do manual and turn left into the pit lane right at the start, slam the gears down into 2nd and smash into the pit corner. You should then come out of the pits in about 9th or ahead of the GT40. Overtake as many cars as possible untill you get to the left right section before 2nd banked corner, when you hit these corners just drive straight across both bits of grass in a diagnol method. If done right, you should hit the second banked corner in 1st place. I know its not sim but this game is far from sim and using these methods im manaaged to get the F1 car in no time.
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