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  1. Bristol 1350 Played this with 7 and 8 players today. Wow. What a fun time it can be accusing your family of having the plague. I love social deduction, the great difference here is that nobody starts the game 'evil', and as the game goes on, once some people start mingling, they may begin getting infected. It has a great narrative arc from this happy go lucky start to paranoia and backstabbing later on. Highly recommended. I lost both games btw. It was this no rolls barred video that introduced me to this btw... https://youtu.be/4IvDSy6yTv4
  2. Very concerning, if it's foundation is just an N64 port then it sounds like it might not control as well as the (excellent) perfect dark xbla release? If they can nail the control like that I couldn't care less about texture upgrades.
  3. Been using a terrific app called "BGG catalogue" to keep a track of my collection and plays. Highly recommended! It syncs up with your BGG profile. I became a bit obsessed with adding all my 'previously owned' games, to see how many things I've bought, barely played and sold... My stats: Owned: 62 games + 7 expansions (about 45 at home and the rest at school for club) Previously owned: 85 games!
  4. Best TV series ever deserves something much better, imagine a modern version of The Warriors game that was on PS2!
  5. Thought it would be fun to update this. 5 years later! In order: 1) X wing miniatures game 2) Crokinole - might even be more fun than pool, such a fast paced fun battle with tons of tactics and skill and a healthy dollop of luck 3) Flamme Rouge - such easy rules gets everyone on board quickly, you also can't go too wrong even if you picked a card randomly! Some may say that's a criticism but there's definitely lots of skill too. 4) Fiasco Classic - just incredible, if you want to improv your own awful films, rules light, laughs heavy 5) Cosmic encounter 6) Monikers - the best "describe stuff" game 7) Azul 7 wonders - we always come back to this, must mean it deserves to be in the 10 ten 9) Formula D 10) Nmbr9
  6. Personal Cascadia - £37 Fiasco classic rulebooks - £25 Monikers expansion - £15 Wembley - £8 Bristol 1350 - £20 Kluster - £15 £130 Rebuying things I sold in the past like a fool Cosmic encounter 42nd anniversary plus cosmic incursion - £55 Dead of winter - £37 Deception murder in Hong Kong + expansion - £56 Game of thrones 2nd edition board game and mother dragons - £43 Pandemic Iberia - £25 £206 School club Survive escape from Atlantis + expansion - £28 Escape curse of the temple - £25 Diamant - £20 Uno + dobble - £20 £93
  7. To answer my own questions. Both are Yes! Multitap is a huge deal, 4 player Mashed and PES6 on an Xbox series x in 4k, incredible!
  8. The PSP guitaroo man runs perfectly, not sure about PS2 though.
  9. What's actually better about the standalone one? The retroarch one runs everything fine but I have two issues - needs multitap support - 'ghosting' of the graphics in some games, very noticeable in Ico and MGS3. Are either of these improved?
  10. Want to Buy RPG books.... Fiasco Playset Anthology volume 1 Fiasco Playset Anthology volume 3
  11. Got the retail version of this going yesterday (been using dev mode for a few months). Absolutely brilliant, painless too because I have a usb stick with all the system files on. Only thing I had to do was remake all my playlists as the usb stick appears as a different drive letter in retail mode.
  12. Into the Breach and Slay the Spire are both incredible.
  13. 🕹 High Score Day #109 - https://highscoreday.com
  14. 🕹 High Score Day #100 - https://highscoreday.com
  15. 🕹 High Score Day #97 - https://highscoreday.com First one the ui doesn't look quite right but I guessed it anyway
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