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  1. Art style > resolution (Not agreeing with either side tho, Halo and overwatch are both beautiful imo)
  2. Got the message "your account is not authorized to play halo infinite", closing the app and restarting it a couple of times seemed to fix it. Lots of bugs with the lighting and pop in, but the game play feels pretty good. Am excited for 6pm!
  3. I was hoping to do training and weapon drills tonight
  4. Works on retroarch on Xbox. Even the original arcade game through the DC emu works Also MB deluxe works on an Xbox 360.
  5. Did the last one allow you to party up? Hoping to have a session with some mates on Friday. Also hoping we can play against bots together because it'll be quite boring losing to MLGs over and over.
  6. I use usb for most consoles, works great. Only things in my Xbox HD are DOS, PS2 and EU PS1 ROMs. Check out this channel for all the setup guides that've helped me (it's Archades Games)... https://youtube.com/c/IceStrike256
  7. Yeah fuck it. At least I have deluxe and an Xbox 360 still.
  8. I finished it recently and did really enjoy it tbh, some good missions towards the end. Big improvement on H4 for me
  9. Fake news. Gamepass only gets 7/10 games
  10. I didn't get past the battle.net sign in. Can't believe you still need to do that in 2021.
  11. Can't believe how good some of the features in the gamepass app are. I've been streaming Slay the spire to my phone playing with touch controls, it even worked on 4G while waiting in a car park. I think my Nintendo switch is becoming redundant.
  12. Get PES 2019 (more sim), or 2017 (more arcade-y) second hand cheap disc and enjoy!
  13. I'm pretty glad halo has a clean, readable art-style (obviously the player/enemy models need some work though). The foliage in those other shots looks great but I find it hard to navigate and read situations quickly when it's like that. It took me an hour to find a ladder at the beginning of Bloodborne for similar reasons haha. Really pleased to hear how well this plays mostly though.
  14. There are higher difficulties and they introduce more courses. The main control that isn't obvious that you will need is to pull the stick diagonally down and left to do a sharp left turn and the opposite for right. Very useful!
  15. Not exactly a nuanced summary of things there. 2013 was great. 2017 is the best 'arcadey' pes of all time imo. It's so fast, responsive and you feel like you can anything. 2019 is the best 'sim' one for me, the way you shift the players' weight with the left stick and the ball feels like a real object. It's fab! The newest ones are unresponsive and shit tho.
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