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  1. Jackson

    Nintendo Switch

    Heave ho is my favourite local co op game on switch, it's hilarious and avoids the frustration/stress of Overcooked. Both is the best option though of course!
  2. I love the way the ranking system breaks it down by section, helps you see which sections you could definitely improve in to go for those expert times. I assume unlocking each bike in order as soon as I can afford them is a fine? Or will I regret not getting a certain one?
  3. I seem to remember he telegraphs all of his moves with long wind up animations, so just hit a few times and back off at the right moments, obviously it's much harder near the end of the fight when he's in rage mode.
  4. Last night in 3 parts... - Wife and sister saw me play a bit of this, "looks stupid". - Convinced them to join me for 5 minutes. - Completed the game without taking our eyes off the screen (Easy mode obvs).
  5. Not a lot to say except I got the switch version and it's so good, probably better than SoR2
  6. Wow that is significant, might have to buy this again, brilliant service from Nintendo!
  7. If you were to get just one, does it matter which?
  8. Heave Ho at £6 is brilliant.
  9. Is that true for all recipes and ingredients? Was wondering what to do with extra stone, this would make that decision simpler!
  10. The egg clothing makes the eggs worth 400 each, not bad!
  11. Did you take them out of the delivery box?
  12. Make sure you set up the game as your own main account because other profiles that join your island later are slightly crippled in that they can't advance 'story' or 'quest' type things. Surprised no one warned you about this, hope I'm not too late!
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