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  1. Want to buy two X Wing 2.0 core sets if anyone wants rid by any chance.
  2. It's disappointing that it looks like a 7/10 game, and absolutely worse than Wii Sports Resort. That had so many fun sports that probably won't get added, dog frisbee, canoodling, archery! Also the bowling has no button for releasing the ball, you just swing but yeah, obviously day 1, it's Wii sports! Can't wait for golf.
  3. I hope the sonic 2 competitive multiplayer mode is included. It's the best part of any sonic game.
  4. It's a physical card game you can play with other people round a table while looking at each other and talking? I don't want to play solo sat at a desk. Why would anyone play digital dominion anyway when slay the Spire exists?
  5. Don't think I've bought anything this year until now Dominion second edition - £20 - always regretted selling this so jumped on a bargain on a fb group Cascadia - £37 - the new hotness, found it in stock on a random website (rollplayshop) so thought why not! Total £57
  6. #Worldle #89 1/6 (100%) https://worldle.teuteuf.fr I much prefer this to wordle!
  7. I disagree, but it's obviously just a matter of opinion. I think STS has a great difficulty curve, why waste my time with easy mode? The satisfaction in getting a little further each time is proper rogue-like stuff and learning that every tiny decision you make has consequences. It's teaching you the game, it's quick, it's more-ish. The mechanics side of things reminds me of the board game Dominion Vs everything after it. Dominion was deck-building perfected and everything after struggled to make changes that genuinely improved anything. Slay the Spire is very Dominion like in its simple perfection imo.
  8. I imagine that is an unpopular stance. I for one found the train one's mechanics didn't feel half as intuitive and satisfying as the simple damage/block system in STS. I guess monster train might be good if you burn out on sts but otherwise I can't see how it's 'better'. More complex but not more depth I didn't think. Metacritic (pc) has STS at 89 and MT at 86. Both clearly awesome!
  9. Really? Never played it at the time but recently tried and it's just so stiff and twitchy and doesn't have the organic bouncy feel of 64. Thought it was shit really. Wave race 64 holds up incredibly though, pushing through the waves, weaving left and right, getting the bounces just right.
  10. Wreckfest Somehow manages to be completely ridiculous yet has terrific physics and driving mechanics. The damage system is insanely detailed but there's so much to the wheel to wheel racing too. They keep it constantly fresh with daily/weekly challenges with some really fun new ways to play. Best racer of the last/current gen for me easily. Rallisport Challenge Rally perfected, the drift mechanics were so fun. Such a shame this isn't backwards compatible. Other favs: v-rally 2, pgr4, blur, Forza series, driveclub, wave race, Iggy's reckin ballz, Daytona USA, micro machines v3
  11. The second cup of 4 tracks is great. And I love coconut mall from the first cup. I like all the branching paths in the Tour tracks too, it's something a bit different at least. A good start, bring on the next 40!
  12. Tetris Effect is the most "wow" game I've played on the OLED. It's on gamepass.
  13. With that in mind should new viewers just start with season 2? Or force down the vegetables before dessert?
  14. Not necessarily. Think it means you have a health debuff that can appear for many reasons, though the hug is definitely a common one. I also got it from a helmet that lowered my HP. The hug one is cured by..
  15. So chuffed to have solo killed the boss (early-mid game) Third time too! I did try summoning help but I died immediately on that attempt haha. The reward Is now my first choice for sure, it's incredibly powerful!
  16. Nice tits! I mean... boobs! I mean... games.
  17. If it runs well that'll save everyone 150gb precious hard drive space!
  18. Just changes the look of some clothes (removing capes, or outer layers etc.), really useful for making mismatched sets look better together.
  19. Put markers on the map. I have been putting the skull down for big enemies I've not beaten yet, the human body image for the NPC's I come across and treasure chest for loot I can't reach/open yet etc, and the house one for buildings/caves I've not explored. Then I just remove them when I've cleared/beaten it. It's doing the job for me.
  20. I'm pretty sure it's just adding up the consecutive hits, it's not that each hit gets more powerful as it goes (not sure if you were implying the latter or not). But yeah it is very satisfying chaining them with the casting animation flowing.
  21. That's at least something to look forward to thanks. I did discover some weapon mods that make the damage scale with intelligence too, so at least going all in on Int will still allow me some melee damage at the same time if I want to mix up my playstyle. Carl Sagan is going to carry on his journey.
  22. Are you using quick resume? I've had some connecting issues solved by closing the game and reopening it properly.
  23. Go onto your equip screen (where you choose your armour and stuff) and you can equip items on there for use in gameplay. You can cycle through the items you've equipped by pressing down on D pad.
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