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  1. Watched a new one on Shudder last night A Wounded Fawn. The set-up is pretty basic, a woman heads off to a remote cabin with a guy she just met and things quickly go south. There's a standard serial-killer vs. victim scenario for a bit then it takes a wild swerve and becomes something much more interesting. It's hard to write much about this without ruining it but I had a blast with it. It was definitely made with a super-low budget but they do a lot with it and the few locations they have. There's some great, schlocky practical effects and impressive performances from the 2 leads. I know the last 20 minutes will be pretty divisive but I loved it. 3.75/5
  2. Yeah, that’s true. Still a trash call from the referee.
  3. They worked a couple of half chances but never anything scoreable. They we're screaming for VAR calls at the end they were never gonna get. America probably deserved it.
  4. America well worth their lead - I thought Iran would have a bit more about them but they've not had a kick.
  5. Finished it tonight and I loved it too. I thought the design was beautiful, the cast were all excellent but Jenna Ortega was operating on a different level. I would have liked more of the family but I suppose it wasn't an Addams Family show, just a Wednesday show. Season 2 please.
  6. This commitment to playing out from the back regardless of the risks is insane.
  7. 45 minutes none of us are getting back.
  8. If that’s not red this ref needs to be fired.
  9. If Iran had a half decent final pass this would be over.
  10. That Iranian striker absolutely bottled that - no need for that square pass, just shoot yourself.
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