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  1. First two of the new season are out and they're really funny. I liked some of the coma seasons but spy Archer is best Archer for me. Good to have it back.
  2. The Personal History of David Copperfield I don't know much Charles Dickens so I went into this pretty cold and had no idea where the story was going. And I totally loved it. Dev Patel is David and he tells the story of his life to an unseen theatre audience, and we see it in flashback. We follow David through his life - from tough upbringing with a stern stepfather on through the later years where he encounters a cast of eccentric relatives. I guess Dickens has passed into greater consciousness because I was pretty familiar with a lot of the character names; Uriah Heep
  3. That was absolutely class. I loved the look and sound of it. The acting was superb and it was really funny in places. Folk horror is very much my thing so this was right up my street.
  4. Currently watching a live Instagram stream of a man about to sign a contract - they've just put a Black Panther helmet on the table. This is my life now.
  5. Best episode yet for me. I love the way each episode moves between genres - last weeks knockabout National Treasure fun and then full-on body horror this week. And I really like the way it uses modern music - Frank Ocean, Cardi B etc. That really adds something to the feel and style of the show.
  6. Up to ep. 10 now and this is hilarious. Podcasts are the perfect forum for Alan to indulge his pettiness and vindictiveness. His audition for the milk marketing board had me creased up.
  7. Quality from Bamford for the equaliser.
  8. A goal from a defender with a header from a corner? Superb. After that early mistake Gab has been pretty good. Willian looks tidy as well.
  9. Leno saving Gabriel inside the first 90 seconds.
  10. Yeah, IMDB and the writers guild website show 10 episodes. So that's good.
  11. The best Homelander bit was him doomscrolling memes and getting progressively more angry.
  12. It is proper funny in places. There's a bit in episode 3, I think, Only 8 episodes this season? Feels like there's going to be a lot left unresolved by the end.
  13. Remember that fairly terrible slasher film from a few years back, The Babysitter? It's about a babysitter who's into Satanism and murder. Well, great news. McG is back with a sequel that no one asked for or was expecting. Trailer is the whole film.
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