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  1. Run https://www.imdb.com/title/tt8633478/ Steven King was raving about this one recently but that's not a always a good thing. It's a two-hander about a young girl, a wheelchair user, and her mother who live in a remote house isolated from the rest of society. The daughter begins to suspect her mother is up to something suspicious and that she's hiding something from her. So she tries to investigate but is stopped at every turn. This was decent enough but nothing special. There were some silly contrivances and some scenes stretched credibility but the 90 minute ru
  2. Lots of stuff on twitter saying Diego Maradona has died.
  3. Les Miserables https://www.imdb.com/title/tt10199590/ French police drama about a noob cop joining a street-tough squad as they patrol a rough area of Paris. On his first day on the job the new guy sees that some of the tactics and techniques used by the veteran cops might be causing more problems then they solve. As the squad patrol, a stolen lion cub sparks a potential riot between gypsies from the local circus and the mostly black community. An accidental act of violence that gets caught on camera by a local kid flying a drone adds to the tension. T
  4. It's not as bad as The Martian - nothing is. But it keeps the same tone all the way through and uses that annoying interview device right through as well.
  5. Yeah, having thought about it for a bit I think I agree. There's so many moments where things happen that make no sense just to move the plot forward like It's pretty bad!
  6. I've read a few Jim Dodge books and they're really good - Stone Junction is his best I think.
  7. Finished up The Last Astronaut last night and it was pretty good. Once it had played it's hand and the story of the object is revealed there's nowhere left for it to go. Worth a read though.
  8. Extra time in Belfast and in Serbia after Scotland shipped a last minute equaliser.
  9. When the players come into it it gets good.
  10. Started a new one yesterday, The Last Astronaut by David Wellington. It starts out as a fairly standard first contact story - an unknown object appears in space on a path towards Earth so NASA put together a crew of astronauts to fly out to meet it. The type of thing Greg Bear was writing back in the 80's. It then takes a bit of a swerve and becomes something else entirely. I'm about 60% into this and it's pretty good. The characters are well written, the space-stuff is exciting and the First Contact mystery is suitably mysterious. I got this for a couple of quid on ki
  11. Cowboys and Aliens Indiana Jones and James Bond team up to fight space-monsters in the old West. A long, humorless, slog of a film. It does look nice in places and Harrison Ford can still charm but the whole thing is a total misfire. 2/5
  12. Not a single positive thing can be taken from that. Absolute shambles with a lot of blame going to Artetta.
  13. How much longer can Artetta indulge Lacazette? It was harder to miss that header than to score it.
  14. There were about 50 passes between Willian losing the ball and the goal, but that’s still Willians fault.
  15. They showed a reverse angle from behind the goal and Barkley is straight in front of Leno. He’s not saving it either way but it’s probably one of those bad rules applied correctly. Varsenal etc.
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