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  1. Can't get over bringing on Nketiah who turned down a deal and wants to leave, ahead of Aubameyang (currently in a dogshit run, I know) and Pepe. Just spectacular thinking from Artetta.
  2. Xhaka has to take the red card there to stop that attack. Although we deserve absolutely nothing tonight. Beginning to thing Artetta is another Emery-level bum.
  3. How is Nketiah on the pitch ahead of Pepe? Guy is fucking trash.
  4. That leg-breaker on Taveras not even a foul?
  5. These VAR calls are funny and all but we have to get a grip here. That was far too easy.
  6. We were trash for 47 minutes and lucky to be still scoreless. But that was pure class from Tierney and Odegaard.
  7. If that was Xhaka you know it would be red.
  8. I absolutely loved that each sibling endured their own individual humiliation this week. But when I tell you I screamed at this bit:
  9. I haven't watched this weeks yet but I have read this New Yorker profile of Jeremy Strong which absolutely hilarious. There's a quotable line in almost every paragraph. I think the World needs more lads like Strong. https://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2021/12/13/on-succession-jeremy-strong-doesnt-get-the-joke
  10. McCartney 321 is really good. It covers fairly familiar territory but McCartney and Rick Rubin are fine company.
  11. 1. Malignant 2. Spencer 3. Zola 4. Shiva Baby 5. Summer of Soul 6. Barb and Star 7. The Night House 8. Coming Home in The Dark 9. Censor 10. The Green Knight Also rans: Pixie, Shudder St, The Boys from The County Hell. Didn't see: Red Rocket, The French Dispatch, Minari, The Hand of God, Petie Maman, Drive My Car, The Power of The Dog. And loads more. I think I watched The Kid Detective in 2020 so that doesn't make the list but it's a better film that half my top 10.
  12. Dropping deeper and deeper after scoring is the most frustrating thing about this team. Artetta on the sideline telling them to push out and they do the opposite. Is it a lack of confidence or something?
  13. Been sitting so deep since that goal - very annoying. Just asking for trouble. Partay mis-hitting passes isn't helping.
  14. No reason that's not a goal.
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