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  1. America well worth their lead - I thought Iran would have a bit more about them but they've not had a kick.
  2. Finished it tonight and I loved it too. I thought the design was beautiful, the cast were all excellent but Jenna Ortega was operating on a different level. I would have liked more of the family but I suppose it wasn't an Addams Family show, just a Wednesday show. Season 2 please.
  3. This commitment to playing out from the back regardless of the risks is insane.
  4. If that’s not red this ref needs to be fired.
  5. If Iran had a half decent final pass this would be over.
  6. That Iranian striker absolutely bottled that - no need for that square pass, just shoot yourself.
  7. Yep, I watched the first one and loved it. Jenna Ortega is perfect as Wednesday and I love the setup - spooky boarding school for freaks surrounded by a normal town. Perfect cold, winter show.
  8. Watched the first episode of Wednesday and thought it was excellent. Jenna Ortega is really good, the support cast are all quality and they've definitely spent a few quid because it looks great. Tim Burton uses a lot of his favourite tricks and the Danny Elfman score is quality. There's a lot of plot getting set-up in the first one but it handles the multiple threads easily. I'm not going to rinse through it but I'm definitely in for the whole thing.
  9. Same for me. I haven't watched the new one and despite not having much on the go at the moment I've no real motivation to watch it. Every bit of the Irish guys story was so terrible - from his backstory, to the bit at the bowling alley to the ridiculous bit on the bridge. After a strong start I think this is fading.
  10. I normally don't like the super-meta stuff but I really liked this episode. The Joseph Campbell bits especially.
  11. Reminiscence https://www.imdb.com/title/tt3272066/ Nick Bannister, a private investigator of the mind, navigates the alluring world of the past when his life is changed by new client Mae. A simple case becomes an obsession after she disappears and he fights to learn the truth about her. This had loads of good ideas, a fine cast and a decent budget and wasted all of it. This is a sci-fi, noir, mystery, Inception knock-off that never really commits to a single theme or plot. Hugh Jackman and Rebecca Ferguson are good, there's some nice effects (and some terrible ones) but the whole thing is aimless and just drifts on towards a disappointing ending. 2/5
  12. Gaslit An 8 part drama telling the Watergate story from the perspective of the burglars, the plotters in the White House, the CIA etc. It has a great cast - Julia Roberts, Dan Stevens, Shea Wigham, Sean Penn and loads of other recognisable faces. It's All the Presidents Men but from the other end of the investigation. The hook here is they're telling stories of people involved in the scandal but whose stories haven't been told before; the security guard who discovered the break-in, Nixons attorneys wife, the CIA guy running the ops, the cops investigating the break-in etc. I thought this was excellent in parts but didn't really justify it's 8 parts and was struggling to hold my attention by the end. The individual tales are interesting but it's a bit fragmented and it never really pulls it together. There's a few scenes that are styled to look like they're taking place in All the Presidents Men but in a different location - the bit when the burglars are caught is filmed from the look-out spot on the other side of the street, the opposite of what we see in ATPM. The cast are excellent, Julia Roberts and Shea Wigham in particular, it looks really nice and captures the 70's really accurately. It just falls a little short of excellent but had some quality moments. 3.5/5
  13. Since I started putting points into Luck it feels like I'm getting more food and cash drops. It's so great when you're almost dead and you spot a chicken on the other side of the screen and you're slaughtering your way across to get it, you get to it just in time and you turn the table on the horde.
  14. He's looked a bit suspect these last few games and it feels like he has a mistake in him, Gabriel is always there to cover him though.
  15. Top of the table at Christmas boys.
  16. I love when you've Garlic +2 or +3 and you're in the middle of a massive swarm of bats and ghosts, just slaughtering them and it wears off - fffffuckkkk. Then you spot a gap and pop through it. Great game.
  17. Those last few overs give India a chance anyway.
  18. Interview with The Vampire Finished this tonight, it's only 7 episodes so I got through it over a couple of weeks, and I thought it was tremendous. Violent, camp, gothic and pretty funny in places. I've not read the book or seen the film so it was all new to me. Hopefully there's a season 2 or a season 1 part 2 because I really want to see where the story goes. 4.5/5
  19. Depends on your taste in horror but I thought The Viewing and The Autopsy were both excellent.
  20. The ending of this and the killer reveal drops it from a solid 3.5/5 to a 1/5. And that 1 point is for Saoirses performance.
  21. That's one of the best performances of the season, no doubt. Everywhere on the pitch the Arsenal were better. Jesus in the second half was superb, winning the corner that led to the goal. Top quality.
  22. That foul on Saka was so clear even that clown Jenas acknowledged it. Then Saka is booked for his response - just trash refereeing. Jesus confidence looks completely shot - that miss from the Martineli cross was bizarre.
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