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  1. Great stuff. Thanks for your help.
  2. Hello all, I have a very quick question, hopefully someone can clear it up for me. I have a chipped X-Box connected to a fairly standard (but nice!) wide-screen TV. What kit will I need to generate the best picture available to me? (I’m 99% certain my TV doesn’t have a Progressive Scan more). Should I get an ‘XBox High Definition AV Pack’ or an ‘XBox Advanced AV Pack’ ? I noticed Official Xbox kit was being touted in the tread. Thanks in advance.
  3. OK, I’m fully prepared too be DeLorianed but can someone confirm if it’s a full version of Metroid Prime: Hunters or a demo that comes with the DS at launch? There was a story on Game Central last week saying it was a demo version and it’s mentioned on another thread here. But a quick google search wasn’t much help. Can anyone clear this up?? Cheers.
  4. I’ll watch anything with ‘Hey Now’ Hank Kingsley in it, so I’ll be checking this out. Thanks for the heads up. I cracked up anytime he was on screen during Hellboy.
  5. I was wondering if anyone watched this and what people thought. I had expected great things from this show, the trailers looked good, it’s a HBO production and best of all it was a Western. But, boy, was I disappointed. The whole show was a mess, the script and the characters where awful. This was the biggest let down for me, with Western mythology script writers are working with classic character archetypes, but Deadwoods characters where barely one-dimensional. The New York fop, the grizzled saloon owner, the drunken aggressive Irishman (thank Clint he was killed off) all dull, dull, dull. The first episode just dumped all the major players in front of us, with no build up or no attempt at back-story. Also having your characters say f*ck, c*nt or c*ck sucker as often and as loudly as possible doesn’t make for entertaining adult drama, it struck me as just lazy. On the plus side the Clint Eastwood ‘sound-a-like’ playing Wild Bill was excellent and Ian McShane was good. I intend watching the next few episodes and hopefully it’ll improve because a well made Western drama would be great to see. Any opinions?
  6. Q. Orsen Welles tried to make a movie about which Super Hero? Even going as far as writing a first draft of a script and costume designs. A. Batman For various reasons tt didn’t happen, sadly. But how cool would that have been?
  7. The bit in LA Confidential when James Cromwell (Dudley Smith) shoots Kevin Spacey.
  8. Did ER do a live episode a few years back? There was one cool scene when the camera follows some cast members into the staff room and there’s a live baseball game on the television.
  9. I've been playing this little flash game for a while now and it's bloody addictive. Click 'Go' and then click 'stop'. Only problem, you can't see the cursor. Link. Stolen from B3TA. (De Lorian for me??)
  10. Super Mario Bros 3 – is one of the best games ever released on any system. Mega Man 2 – My favourite MM title. Punch Out – A straight up classic.
  11. I don't think they're saved anywhere. But I always thought it would be possible to knock a few seconds off my Time-Trial times in actual races, especially the longer ones. If you get a 'fast-start' and pick up a Mushroom on every icon block, just a theory, I've never checked my race times against my Time-Trial saves. All my times are with Toad, BTW.
  12. Ooh, some very nice times. 0'53"06 on Rainbow Road, good grief I need to practice. Here are my Super Circuit scores, I haven't played the unlocked 'Super Mario Kart' tracks enough to hit any decent times. I'm only going to add my decent scores (Cheep-Cheep Island 1.34.13?? the less said the better). Just out of interest are you posting your Time Trial times or 150cc race times? Peach Circuit 56.00 Riverside Park 1.28.31 Bowser Castle1 51.43 Mario Cicuit 1.06.31 Boo Lake 1.23.96 Bowser Castle2 1.17.71 Luigi Circuit 1.27.00 Sky Garden 1.26.00 Snow Land 1.32.51 Bowser Castle3 1.32.58 Broken Pier 1.17.81 Bowser Castle4 1.58.80 Rainbow Road 1.19.38 (I'm leaving this here to shame myself)
  13. Shigsy pause mpeg and takes a print screen baby
  14. Excellent stuff. The best 'vania yet and it totally made my Sunday. Molyneux should be a returning feature and the Miyamoto sock puppet was class.
  15. I’m looking forward to any new/returning Cop shows. New seasons of Cold Case, Without a Trace, the SCI and Law & Order franchises. New NYPD Blue is always a highlight, although I’ve no idea what season Channel 4 or Irish T.V are showing at the moment. Looking at the new shows from the 2003 season very few really took off. Cold Case , Las Vegas, Average Joe and The Simple Life where the hits we saw here. But none struck me as mega-successful. ABC fared worst last season with only 2 new shows from 12 coming back for new seasons and Fox didn’t do much better with only 4 from 12 returning. It seems CBS did best with 4 new shows from 7 coming for the 2004 season, although I’m disappointed The Handler got axed. I’m sure The WB will produce a Dawsons Creek/ One Tree Hill style show which are always popular. But apart from the new season of the police drams I mentioned, I can’t see many new shows grabbing my attention.
  16. There was a story on Game Central during the week saying there is a playable Resi. 4 demo with the latest issue of Famitsu.
  17. I saw this last night and I really enjoyed it. It looked great, especially the scenes in the Russian graveyard. At 2 hours long it rattled past at a fair old pace. I thought the cast was excellent, Hank “Hey now” Kingsley and Niles from Fraiser where both excellent. But Selma Blair was criminally underused. I hadn’t read any of the comic books so I had no pre-conceptions of what the characters should look like. Hopefully it did sufficiently well to allow for a sequel or two. I want to see more of that clockwork Robot-Nazi. (And Selma Blair, of course,)
  18. I’d love to make a documentary on Patrick O'Connell, the Irishman who was manager of Barcelona FC when the Spanish civil war broke out.
  19. The scene in ‘Silence of The Lambs’ when Lecter escapes from his cage. He’s killed the guard and tied him to the roof with his bed clothes, it’s shot from behind and the way the guard is lit he looks like an angel. But as the camera draws closer and the light moves off we can see the damage Lecter did to him. Also, Traffic. The way the scenes in the city have a blue tint and the desert scenes have an orange/red tint. Adds to the atmosphere.
  20. This thread has me laughing like a fool. The episode when George buys Jon Voights car is just gold.
  21. C’mon this is a video games forum. Our favourite episode should be the one where George tries to rescue the Frogger cabinet which held his old high score.
  22. Was Jimmy the guy who always referred to himself in the 3rd person? “Jimmy thinks you’re hot.” “Jimmy’s sweet on you.” The Seinfeld/Larry Sanders hour on BBC2 was the best hours television in the week, back in the day.
  23. It’s only a small thing but I’d like to be able to throw back grenades that have been thrown at me. Obviously if a plasma grenade sticks to me there’s nothing I can do, but if the throw falls short I’d like to be able to pick it up and fling it back. Or, if you time a melee attack correctly on a grenade flying towards you, you can bat it back.
  24. I saw an add for a new Martin Clunes show last night in which he plays a doctor. Whose name is Martin. The name of this new show? Any ideas? Yes, it’s called Doc.Martin.
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