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  1. The scene in ‘Silence of The Lambs’ when Lecter escapes from his cage. He’s killed the guard and tied him to the roof with his bed clothes, it’s shot from behind and the way the guard is lit he looks like an angel. But as the camera draws closer and the light moves off we can see the damage Lecter did to him. Also, Traffic. The way the scenes in the city have a blue tint and the desert scenes have an orange/red tint. Adds to the atmosphere.
  2. This thread has me laughing like a fool. The episode when George buys Jon Voights car is just gold.
  3. C’mon this is a video games forum. Our favourite episode should be the one where George tries to rescue the Frogger cabinet which held his old high score.
  4. Was Jimmy the guy who always referred to himself in the 3rd person? “Jimmy thinks you’re hot.” “Jimmy’s sweet on you.” The Seinfeld/Larry Sanders hour on BBC2 was the best hours television in the week, back in the day.
  5. It’s only a small thing but I’d like to be able to throw back grenades that have been thrown at me. Obviously if a plasma grenade sticks to me there’s nothing I can do, but if the throw falls short I’d like to be able to pick it up and fling it back. Or, if you time a melee attack correctly on a grenade flying towards you, you can bat it back.
  6. I saw an add for a new Martin Clunes show last night in which he plays a doctor. Whose name is Martin. The name of this new show? Any ideas? Yes, it’s called Doc.Martin.
  7. Woah, where did you hear this Mr. Reynolds? Possibly best film news ever.
  8. 'Every Rose has it's thorn' is one of the best love songs ever written.
  9. Lyons Den, that my favourite. It’s like a pun stolen from The Simpsons. “I play Jack Handle, a retired cop…..”
  10. Yeah, that was the one. “Has anyone here seen the movie Tron” “No” “No” “No” “No” “No” “Yes” “No”
  11. There’s so many in the Tree House of Horror episodes. My favourite is the Tron episode. There was a Curb Your Enthusiasm, reference a few months back that left me laughing out loud.
  12. Elton John is one of the finest singers England has ever produced. The Jesus and Mary Chain had one good idea. Ice-T is genius song-writer. Stiff Little Fingers are the best band evet to come out of Ireland.
  13. Do it, man. Me and my friends started a campaign a few months back after a gap of nearly 8 years. Even if you only play a couple of games it’s totally worth it. We’re using 2 edition AD&D rules with a nod towards some of the more reasonable 3rd edition modifications.
  14. Hi Benito. Happy Birthday, love me. Daniel B.
  15. (P)Resident Evil 2? What was the Peter Kay one?
  16. Good grief, is that Ron Jeremy?
  17. With the guy throwing the bomb in an Oscar Wilde style? That’s a classic!!
  18. My cousin and I played this for weeks on end. Happy days. Tiki's avatar reminds me of this classic. So much fun.
  19. "Lets go driver" Seemed to be in every seaside arcade I visited as a child. The first game I ever completed.
  20. Nah, I've no idea. But I think new seasons of TV shows normally start late September/Early October on American TV, but I've read nothing on 24 S 4.
  21. How cruel. Yeah, great ending. I loved the scene with Jack talking to the bomb disposal guy. Bomb Disposal Guy:"Cut the green wire" Jack: "I don't have a green wire" Bomb Disposal Guy:"..." Tuesday nights won't be the same.
  22. There are some nice dodonpachi vids here.
  23. I’m sure this has been done before, but it’s always good for a laugh. Moments of madness in games when you do something totally stupid which causes your death. My current favourites include: in Super Mario Kart, if I get a green shell I like to get rid of it as soon as I can. Unfortunately I keep firing the shell when I go over a Zip-Pad so I catch up with my own shell and crash into it. Doh. Or in Halo, when I try and sneak up on and ambush some Covenant. I’m thinking, flick a grenade and then open up with the pistol. So I get into position and throw…… predictably the grenade hits a tree and bounces straight back to me. Blowing me up AND alerting the covenant to my presence. C’mon ‘fess up. You’ll feel better.
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