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  1. It’s a classic all right.

    My favourite Buffy/Angel episode since ‘Once more with feeling’. The opening scene ending with the child collapsed on the floor in front of the television was well disturbing.

    And when Angel leaps on Spike. :rolleyes:

  2. Sod that Walken is amazing how could you.

    I rewatched True Romance Tues night so my view is slightly skewed btw.

    I mean THAT scene with Hopper? Does it get any better?

    "Boss, Prepare to be happy" kills me everytime. :ph34r:

    What about The Dead zone and Deerhunter?? King of new york?

    I just never saw the appeal. No question he’s cool as fuck and can menace with the best of them but I never watched him and thought ‘wow, no other actor can do that.’

    And I love The King of New York. Best gangster picture of the 90’s. No debate.

  3. Those Fiennes (sp??) brothers. I know in Schindlers List Ralph was meant to represent some kind of ‘banality of evil’, but he was just so ….. twee. Red Card.

    Hugh Grant. Obviously.

    Christopher Walken. OK, it’s not that he’s a bad actor, just totally limited. Low voice, piercing stare, menacing gait. It’s always the same. (That Fatboy Slim video doesn’t count)

  4. Other technical probs include some dreadful ADR (for which, strangely, brad pitt always seems to be a victim. one wonders if he has real trouble saying his lines)
    Unfortunately, the emotional peak of the movie has been placed right on top of a reel change,

    A couple of daft questions.


    Reel change?

    Genuine queries, no bearding intended. :unsure:

    Great review BTW.

  5. yeah its a decent line up alright. vivendi also have a decent list as well though

    The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay (Xbox)

    Crash Bandicoot Unlimited (PS2, Xbox)

    Dark Age of Camelot: Catacombs (PC)

    Empire Earth 2 (PC)

    Evil Genius (PC)

    Fahrenheit (PS2, PC)

    Fight Club (PS2, Xbox)

    Ground Control II: Operation Exodus (PC)

    Half-Life 2 (PC)

    Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude (PS2, Xbox, PC)

    Men of Valor (Xbox, PC)

    Predator: Concrete Jungle (PS2, Xbox)

    Red Ninja: End of Honor (PS2, Xbox)

    Spyro: A Hero's Tail (PS2, Xbox, Cube)

    StarCraft: Ghost (PS2, Xbox, Cube)

    Tribes: Vengeance (PC)

    Van Helsing (PS2, Xbox, GBA)

    World of Warcraft (PC)

    No Metal Arms 2? :huh:

    Say it ain't so.

  6. It must be hard to get the balance right in trailers. Give away to much and people won’t come, but don’t explain the plot properly and your potential audience is unsure of what your selling.

    The worst trailer I’ve seen recently was for ‘The Day After Tomorrow’ which showed all the best bits from the film spoiler the oil tanker floating in down town New York, the Statue of Liberty covered in ice. End spoiler

    The best was for ‘Eternal sunshine of the Spotless Mind’ which got tone of the film just right and revealed enough of the plot to pique interest.

  7. The episode where Hank takes over from Larry as the host of the show and insults everyone from Little Richard to the handicapped is one funniest things I’ve ever seen.

    God like.

  8. Loved this film.

    My favourite scene was when they're throwing the records at the 2 Zombies in Shaun’s back garden.

    “No, that was an original pressing of Blue Monday”

    “Stone Roses?”


    “Second Coming?”


    “I like it.”

    Love it

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