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  1. As further proof of the infinite injustice of the World: Silverchair guy and Natalie Imbruglia.
  2. Yeah, it’s the only song The Spinmaster has.
  3. Yep. He has a really clean Doo-Wop/Philly Soul sound, kinda like The Delphonics. Cracking stuff.
  4. Mmmmmmm, very nice. Sounds like Marvin Gaye or The Chi-Lites.
  5. Waaaaay back in the Summer of 1990 during the World Cup me and my cousin had a brain wave. We wanted to combine watching the World Cup on television, playing a football video game (Kick Off 2 on the NES) and playing football with an actual ball. So we dragged a 50 foot extension lead into his back garden and set up 2 televisions. 1 for the ‘live’ football and 1 for the NES so we could copy the live match’s that where on. We rigged up a bed sheet above the televisions to deflect the glare so we could watch/play in peace and settled down for some serious gaming. About 3 minutes into the first game his Dad came home from work, he wasn’t slightly impressed that we’d hauled his television set out into the yard and made us dismantle our days work.
  6. There’s loads of funny bits in Metal Arms. The inter level briefings are always good for a laugh and the ‘Delboy and Rodney’ salesmen are good too.
  7. I said Ghost Town by The Specials back on page 3 and no one’s had anything bad to say about it yet. So I’ll say it again: Ghost Town – The Specials
  8. My favourite episode is the one where a drug addict starts working at the propane store. He’s a total waster and decides that he wants to be called Hank Hill. When Hank objects to this guy stealing his name a social worker turns up and accuses Hank of infringing ‘Hanks’ civil rights. Nothing short of brilliant.
  9. More consistent than The Simpsons and as many laugh out loud moments per episode as Family Guy, classic. The episodes when they go to Japan are magic. “Why would my father, a confirmed bachelor, go undercover at a gay rodeo?”
  10. Have we had The Clash yet? I nominate London Calling.
  11. Wasn’t there a tune on the soundtrack that sounded exactly like that song ‘She’s not there’?
  12. Vagrant Story? How about Angry Avenues?
  13. Resident Evil?? What about Quiet Mountain??
  14. Ghost Town – The Specials If you don’t like this song we can never be friends. Or the theme music from Minder.
  15. So The Gunslinger series gives a link between all his other books?? Well, that’s my reading material for the next few weeks sorted. I don’t think anyone’s mentioned them yet, but everyone really should read The Bachman Books. Especially Rage.
  16. I loved it up to the last 15 minutes. When Sean Penns wife turns into Lady Macbeth it just lost it’s way.
  17. It’s a classic all right. My favourite Buffy/Angel episode since ‘Once more with feeling’. The opening scene ending with the child collapsed on the floor in front of the television was well disturbing. And when Angel leaps on Spike.
  18. I just never saw the appeal. No question he’s cool as fuck and can menace with the best of them but I never watched him and thought ‘wow, no other actor can do that.’ And I love The King of New York. Best gangster picture of the 90’s. No debate.
  19. Those Fiennes (sp??) brothers. I know in Schindlers List Ralph was meant to represent some kind of ‘banality of evil’, but he was just so ….. twee. Red Card. Hugh Grant. Obviously. Christopher Walken. OK, it’s not that he’s a bad actor, just totally limited. Low voice, piercing stare, menacing gait. It’s always the same. (That Fatboy Slim video doesn’t count)
  20. A couple of daft questions. ADR? Reel change? Genuine queries, no bearding intended. Great review BTW.
  21. Screw you Sega. We don’t want any news. </Amateur reverse Psychologist>
  22. Not even the presence of the lovely Natalie Casey can redeem it in my eyes. And I *biggest heart ever* Natalie Casey.
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