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  1. The episode where Hank takes over from Larry as the host of the show and insults everyone from Little Richard to the handicapped is one funniest things I’ve ever seen. God like.
  2. Madden, EA Hockey loads of Megadrive and SNES titles.
  3. Michael Madsen spoke about this in an interview in last weeks Observer.
  4. Is that the one that sounds like ‘American Music Clubs’ Great Western Sky? If it is, good call.
  5. Something by the Tindersticks. ‘Tiny Tears’ maybe or ‘Cherry Blossoms’. Heartbreakers.
  6. Loved this film. My favourite scene was when they're throwing the records at the 2 Zombies in Shaun’s back garden. “No, that was an original pressing of Blue Monday” “Stone Roses?” “No” “Second Coming?” pause “I like it.” Love it
  7. Oh yeah, don't forget the 'Stutter Rap'.
  8. The Full Monty – Take Brassed Off’s premise, remove all the anger, wit and intelligence and replace with Hairy Man Ass.
  9. Hmmm, Morrisseys best vocal, no question. But his best lyrics? I’d rate ‘Back to The Old House’ and ‘Suffer Little Children’ as finer lyrical achievements.
  10. Screamadelica, I’d say. Ah, memories
  11. Here is an interesting article on Foxnews about Disney’s finances. It mentions Comcasts possible takeover bid.
  12. Everything that you feel will one day feel wrong. Jeffery Lewis. Says it all, really.
  13. Perfect Good Friday television. Today at 2.55 on BBC1, Back to The Future. Nearly 20 years old but still great viewing. Insert De Lorien picture….. 86mph…. 87mph…. 88mph Now.
  14. Go back 9 months and see what song was number 1 when you where conceived. The Roussos Phenomenon by Demis Roussos That’s almost too disturbing for words.
  15. True enough. Chanson D'Amour by Manhattan Transfer
  16. Games that only run at 50fps are a f**king insult to your aesthetic well being. 5 points You Q’d all night to meet Miyamoto. 10 points You’ve convinced yourself the Dreamcast is still commercially viable, if only the masses would listen. 5 points. You KNOW you’re the best SFII player the World has ever seen. Even with Zangief. 5 points.
  17. You’ve tried to convince someone to ‘do’ the Haribokart post. -5 points.
  18. Galaxy Quest Tim Allen and Signorney Weaver slagging Star Trek? I didn’t hold out much hope for this one but when I seen it, it was really great. Everything about it felt right.
  19. Also: Football in the groin Senor Speilbergo Eudora Welty *burp* Krusty "lets jusy say it moved me, TO A BIGGER HOUSE" All true moments.
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