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  1. Mage players, I have a question for first time play through, I've a soul to spend and a choice to make Im playing online so frequently invaded (I dont usually mind its all part of the fun) if that changes anything.
  2. On the opening screen there is a thing called "The Maiden Voyage" - do that, it will teach you the basics. Once you're on the actual seas you should get prompted into doing "things" Also this is a pretty good tips primer for new players if a little old now
  3. Second episode kept up the good groundwork from Ep1, really enjoyed that again, proper lols occurred.
  4. I had to google this, good lord
  5. I absolutely loved it. I like how firmly tongue in cheek it is, from the start Rab spoke about "destroying the memories of middle aged men" and his "much more E4 appropriate" co-hosts. McDonaldMaster saying "Wagwan" and "Big up Mum" creased me. Big Boy Barry and son, amazing. Actually decent at fighting MK players Made me want to play Cruis'n'blast and Can't Drive this. Rab was utterly superb, proving his gaming chops and presenter credentials. Seemed to be absolutely an update of the original with all the modern trappings you'd expect these days, comfortably inclusive. Bit of celebs, bit of nostalgia, bit of naughty humor (thx 10pm start), not taking itself too seriously, and some decent gameplay, so something for everyone really, brilliant, more plz.
  6. 11 Years on, I ventured back into Boletaria today. Thought I'd remember it all and it would be easy to waltz through. I was wrong. I'm having a wonderful time.
  7. Totally and utterly in for this raid. https://avengers.square-enix-games.com/en-us/news/klaw-raid-gear-pli-devblog/
  8. I couldn't disagree more, ok a bit, I hate modern gamers, demand the world and are not satisfied with anything, absolute screaming crybabies more focused on hating the world and everything in it than actually you know having a good time. I am part of a couple of groups of very Midlife+ gamers and they are the greatest, like minded folk with no time for nonsense, all the passion still and none of the vitriol. Plus all the knowledge of decades of gaming with love of modern and retro. There's not a moment of the day I log on and don't see some of them online and always welcome being joined. It sounds like a parallel universe but it's properly brilliant. I can honestly say I'm having the best gaming time of my life right now.
  9. no no no no no, I mean wingman the multiplayer mode, 2 player teams up to 5 teams, the greatest of all Gears multiplayer modes only in GoW 2 & 3! We tried it a few weeks ago, unplayable at the frame rate then, but now, oh boy this will be getting a hammering on our weekly Gears and Beers nights.
  10. This is such a good game but it's absolutely broken as fuck online for me, I can barely finish a race as it thinks I've missed checkpoints or crashes me to the Xbox dash etc whenever I try online with randoms or a friend. Also I wish they would add a forced perspective option, 3rd person is rubbish, you can see miles ahead and it just feels too cheaty and not like well driving (yes, I appreciate its a fairly arcadey game to begin with), I'd love it if you could set up races with fixed view options.
  11. I've ranted to the account on Twitter several times about this, annoying that the early adopters that bought the game full price cant pick up the season pass content cheap but can rebuy the entire lot for a discount. Much that I loved this game sod em, I'm not rebuying the game to get the extras, put the bloody season pass on sale!
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