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  1. re: Season 2 Episode 4 What was the significance of Got to admit I thought I was done with SW after the films put me off so much but Mando (and I've been recapping Rebels) have sucked me riiiight back into it.
  2. Isn't it just adding Halo 4 (which has just shown up on PC Gamepass) Edit: No I was wrong Patch Notes Optimisation, Cross play and more.
  3. They could not have bollocked this up more, now a new order is raised (just came through via email no explanation) saying they will charge on dispatch - Estimated delivery Jan 10th.. Another hour long call here we go..
  4. mines still not arrived, on the phone to MS again now. No tracking details No delivery Cash taken from account Order vanished from history....
  5. Anyone had a delay on the expansion drive from MS?
  6. Sea of Thieves is staggeringly beautiful - not sure if it's 60fps upgraded or anything though. Gears 5 will be a good one, it's already eye popping on a one x. Forza Horizons 4?
  7. In exciting order news the MS site details have changed to pre-ordered and Est Delivery 10th. re: CD-Keys, they are absolutely dire these days, barely any savings and busted keys galore. They cancelled my pre-order of watch dogs (ult edition was £51 when they put it up) ON RELEASE DAY citing technical issues then put it back up at £79 seconds later.
  8. After hearing nothing from MS since pre-ordering the Series X, a pending charge has appeared in my bank statement tonight so it looks like it's happening.
  9. Playing on the Xbox with a HOTAS, really enjoying it so far, annoying that you have to have a controller on as some of the on screen prompts (like press X to begin right after loading) dont get recognized on the stick, it also means you need to have the standard controller plugged in via usb so it doesnt turn off every five minutes.... Also came across a bug in the Fleet Battle tutorial where I destroyed the Star Destroyer power generator before it asked me to and wouldnt let me progress. restarting and waiting till I was required to destroy it sorted things.
  10. I've got a Titan too (work from home and game in it so it gets a lot of use), absolutely sorted my back, was a pricey but utterly worth it purchase for me.
  11. re: performance, on my xb1x I changed the display mode from 4k to "best performance" and it stopped the fans going mental and defiantely ran smoother.
  12. I finished it this morning, the campaign was great, absolutely loved it. I was pretty under powered at the end especially the final mission was quite tough. I skipped most of the side missions to plough through as I didnt want to do any multiplayer before I'd completed the campaign (thanks to the spoiler warning when you pick it at the main menu). Edit: You can go back to any skipped side missions post campaign as info. You can press up on the d-pad at the wartable to swap modes
  13. Im 11 Hours in, really enjoying it. Not even going to attempt to disuade anyone thats already made up thier mind but I'll basically say this is superhero Anthem. Absolutely love Kamala, was utterly wrong about who I thought I'd like to play and who I actually do like playing. everyone feels very different apart from basic attacks. Combat is quite different from the beta with lots of tactical changes and skill trees changing your version of each hero a lot. It takes ages to unlock anyone via the story but I recommend you do play it as its really quite fun. Dying causes a ridiculously
  14. Had another quick go at lunch, paused it to make a sarnie, came back and bang, 14gb update... thanks
  15. I like loot, I like superheroes, I like beat em ups and I like coop, I'm really enjoying myself to be honest as I thought I would during the beta. I't got a long way to go to compare to similar titles but its scratching that part of my brain that enjoyed such bobbins as Too Human and I'm hugely just enjoying Kamala and her story. It's not going to change your mind if you didn't enjoy the beta but I think for those that like the setting and characters they will get a lot out of it. Note: I went halves with a gameshare friend £46 (cdkeys) I definitely wouldn't have took the plunge full pri
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