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  1. This was truly magical, I will never forget that amazing culmination of our nautical adventures <3
  2. Just go to twitch and sort by viewers, will give you a quick at a glance idea.
  3. Had a nice day of leisurely sailing round on this, decided to finish off the Legends of the Sea commendations which is just sailing round collecting information on 'famous' pirates that have odes to them in game. Really enjoyed it and got myself some sweet tattoos
  4. I just started playing in a lockdown Everquest group with the same people I haven't spoken to or played with in 20 years. It was fantastic.
  5. That could be because he bought a different edition with different starter bonuses, I shouldn't worry, 5k wont take you long to make, you have a lot of fun/misery/elation/despair and adventures ahead
  6. Have you done the maiden voyage (its on the main menu) it's a new tutorial. Eurogamer recently did a guide too
  7. I was fully expecting a chunk to take out the traveller. Well that was spectacularly meh.
  8. Can't help but think, look at the Traveller, just sitting there doing feck all. Hope I get to eat those words.
  9. Make sure youre in a tower instance where Zavala has moved to the side and the NPCs are all looking at the Almighty
  10. Can confirm, obtaining the game using that link on my phone and not changing a single thing on my console worked, I've just fired it up to check.
  11. Just a word of warning I couldn't get that link to work on my Win10 machine, it tries to open the MS Store app which detects your region. Sent the link to my phone and it worked though.
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