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  1. I don't normally binge but blasted through these this morning. I'm sure the old school purists will have plenty to moan about but I enjoyed that immensely and really want the next 5 asap!
  2. I've responded to that so you should be onboard now shipmate \o/
  3. @Andy_Whythe Xbox Console Companion still shows clubs, the new Xbox app doesnt. The console companion is just limping along and a bit broken sometimes but you should be able to manage clubs from that. Can you do anything at this link? https://account.xbox.com/en-gb/clubs/profile?clubid=3379858972117707
  4. I've just loaded mine up on the X to check, I don't get tearing at all 4k 60Hz, 10Bit HDR monitor (BenQ) and TV (older LG OLED) both fine. Here's a Twitter post showing someone else getting it. I wonder if it's related to HDR bits or something?
  5. @strider is the new expansion stand alone? I've been slowly lapsing back to M:tg having played the physical version from revised (bought some power 9 proxies the other day ;p) and a massive fan of the Salvatore Forgotten Realms books.
  6. Big fan of this kind of game too, great list so far. Planet Alpha from this months Games with Gold fits this description nicely too. Going a bit more retro Another World and Flashback
  7. Imminently I guess, it was features pretty heavily on the MS 2021 thing last night as part of the Win 11 bumf.
  8. Exactly, Sea of Thieves runs at 60fps in the browser, way way better than even my One X did.
  9. Have to say I'm super impressed with the improvements to streaming now, tried SoT, Gears and Hotshots last night on an absolutely ancient macbook via the browser and was super impressed, to the point that I'd say if you only have an older xbox one dont bother just play via cloud, the framerate was absolutely silky smooth.
  10. #2 is absolutely bugged as hell, no made it though it yet as it's locked me out of places and all sorts. It is also not instanced so another crew there makes for a very bad time, they didnt really think this one through which is a shame after the amazing first episode.
  11. a couple of friends that tried it have warned dont even attempt #2 if theres other players in the vicinity (It's not instanced apparently and causes knock on effects)
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