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  1. I've not got the sharpest reactions these days but they seem lag free to me.
  2. I've been using my SFIV TE original stick for years, the Brook XE/B adapters are a godsend. I cannot play arcade stuff on a pad, its just horrible, stick alllllllllll the way
  3. I cannot believe that Battle Royale doesnt have online support, absolutely gutted.
  4. Dug out Blasphemous from the pile of shame this morning, absolutely brutal. Theres something distinctly souls like about the atmophere, timing and pacing albeit wrapped up in a 2D retro metroidvania aesthetic. Recommended (for masochists).
  5. Lost Sands: A Sea of Thieves Adventure May 26th - June 9th
  6. Rolled the platinum this weekend and finished up the endings. What a ride, I don't know what I'm going to do now
  7. At this point I'm guessing thats the only way 99% of the player base are going to see it! Maybe its a return of the original meg you summoned with Merrik back in the day?
  8. I missed the adventure due to Elden Ring frenzy taking over my life. I am not missing this one!
  9. We're going on a Meg hunt! Work alongside Merrick, Belle and other pirates to summon the Shrouded Ghost and recover a powerful artefact in the next Sea of Thieves Adventure, 'The Shrouded Deep'! See the pale beast for yourself from April 21st to May 12th.
  10. The search is finally over! Some kind soul on twitter put me out of my misery https://twitter.com/DType40/status/1515313779852120064?t=u_a-zw1V-_adnPKG27dEuQ&s=19
  11. Activate Godricks rune, grafted sword, twinsage mask, both +5 talismans and the +10 int boosting physik flask that should be enough, I started as a prophet (int 7?) and did it.
  12. Yeah I've got an 80 Faith character with maxed seals and most of them are pretty piddling damage compared to my Blasphemous Blade or Halo scythe weapon arts. Mostly I buff myself silly and use those. Flame Clease Me is completely invaluable. Frenzied Burst is amazing to snipe with. Flame of Frenzy for AE fun. Use Flame Grant me Strength first to buff your damage. Rotten Breath is ridiculously ace for a vast amount of bosses and oddly so is Pest Threads vs giant sized enemies. Basically my prophet is a swiss army knife not exactly a cannon.
  13. Did it myself yesterday after realizing I still had a couple unused
  14. I've bought all the ones I can. Yes thats all done and dusted.
  15. Question for those at/past Crumbling Farum I'm down to my last couple of Stonesword keys (after activating a lift there) from spending them willy nilly all over the place. Is there anything ahead of me where I absolutely MUST keep them for? Thinking about trophies I could miss etc.
  16. So I was helping my mum clear out some clutter from her shed and in there was an old ammo box full of my grandfathers tools and nick knacks, with lots of old tobacco tins. Inside one was this pin badge which I absolutely loved when younger and I distinctly remember getting as a freebie, probably 80s to very early 90s from a magazine of some sort, maybe Look-in, or Beeb or even might have been an early C&VG or something. Anyone else have one of these and remember where it came from? Love that my Grandad had this safely stored away
  17. Elden Ring is consuming my every waking thought at the moment, but almost done so will definitely be on again imminently!
  18. Question re walking Mausoleums May have cocked it up...
  19. I did exactly the same, did a massive Area of effect spell and bad things happened..
  20. The bit just after, Jesus Christ, there coming out of the god damn walls... I can't wait for this to be over so I can back to trundling round on my go go and not crying non stop
  21. Urgh, I'm at it is literal hell. I hate HATE it here.
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