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  1. Tom Oliver who played Lou Carpenter is in his mid 80s and lives in the UK. Apparently he’s not well so couldn’t appear. There was an easter egg tribute in the last episode though - they showed a letter to a conveyancer that was addressed to T. Oliver
  2. 25/7/22 Outer Wilds (PS5) I was expecting a gentle walking simulator/light puzzler and instead got wrapped up in an incredibly clever (too clever for me in fact) adventure game that is full of wonderful moments. It's also one of the most sadistic games I've played and made me want to put my foot through the TV. Fuck Dark Bramble. I can see why it's so loved though. I don't think I've played anything else like it. Previously:
  3. I think I’d played Splinter Cell and possibly Pandora Tomorrow between MGS2 and MGS3, which made that first section of MGS3 feel incredibly archaic at the time. The 3rd person view felt all wrong, focussing on Snake instead of his surroundings. The controls were so clunky and I couldn’t manage CQC either. Splinter Cell was so slick and accessible by comparison. Once I got past those opening credits I was hooked though. It’s a brilliant game with some amazing Kojima moments.
  4. 80k basic with a potential 120k in add ons apparently which seems more reasonable for a player that’s had half a good season in the last three years. He’ll be off like a shot if they get relegated. Forest should have added in a bonus clause to stop him doing that annoying JLingz hand signal.
  5. Oops sorry about the spoiler! I've edited my post.
  6. I think the mercenaries in Odyssey were way better than the Zealots in Valhalla. You could end up with a whole bunch of them on you at the same time which made for some fun moments, particularly if you threw a few fighting animals into the mix. I finished the Valhalla crossover event which was great, mainly because My saga is done (unless they pull me back in with the Basim DLC).
  7. Agree. I think it was only the Palace game and the Liverpool game where I thought City might drop points on their run in. I expect them to win every other game. Palace were excellent last night and really rode their luck, but they looked absolutely fucked at full time. I can't see many teams putting that kind of shift in against such a dominant City side and getting so lucky. The run in for Liverpool looks pretty tough and I just can't see them winning every game. I think an away win at a resurgent Arsenal on Wednesday is going to be a big ask especially as Liverpool haven't played that well in their last couple of games. Worst case, we can always beat City in the Champions League so they go another season without winning it
  8. Siege of Paris is done, which just leaves the Odyssey crossover to do and then I’m finally done with Valhalla. I have zero interest in playing Ragnarok. The rats and the rebel missions were rubbish and Eivor’s voice was even more annoying in this DLC than the main game for some reason. Her whispering voice and her pissed voice are the worst. I did like the AC Unity style assassination missions in SoP though but the implementation was half arsed. I guess Hitman has spoiled me when it comes to that style of gameplay. Hopefully Infinity goes back to more environmental verticality and the stealth/assassination style gameplay of earlier AC games and please let it not be another 100+ hour epic.
  9. The communication around delivery of the Next 2 on Kickstarter sucks. The last update was on Jan 17th. It's pretty standard for the project team to maintain radio silence for months on end. Their approach seems to be to info dump when they have finally managed to collate updates on as many aspects of their project as they can. I don't understand why they don't commit to monthly updates, even if there is not much to say. Maybe its lack of experience. The comments section is full of people fawning over the project team along the lines of 'oh it must be so hard for you all and we just have to be patient'. I mean yeah, of course its hard but that doesn't mean the Next team should skip keeping their backers regularly updated and informed. I am not very confident that they are going to get this over the line.
  10. Looking at that list, it's telling how many players either arrive at Old Trafford older and past their peak, or younger and then go backwards in their development. Ronaldo's best days were at Real Madrid, Cavani at PSG, Pogba at Juve, Varane at RM, Maguire at Leicester. Fred god knows. I think the answer is VVD/Matip, Ronaldo/Cavani, Kante/Kovavic, Alisson (if it's about those players at their peak at any club).
  11. I've just bought a new 3DS XL and it could do with a bit of a clean. Can anyone recommend what I'd need to give it a spruce up re sprays, gels, brushes etc?
  12. The thing I remember about Into the Eagles Nest (and god knows why I remember it) was that you didn’t see the bullets when you fired your gun. I don’t think I’d seen that in a game before. Maybe this was one of the first to do it?
  13. There's an interesting interview here with RR that came out last December about the making of Book of Boba Fett: https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/tv/tv-features/robert-rodriguez-interview-book-of-boba-fett-star-wars-1235062364/ The main takeaways are that he shot the Tatooine stuff really fast, George Lucas may have been involved (!), those mod scooters sound like they were RR's idea and then there's this bit It starts to sound a bit Adam and Joe. I envisage footage made with loads of 80s action figures from different TV shows and Robert Rodriguez shouting 'pew pew' over the top of it. I'd love to see it!
  14. They're probably in the (long) queue for a session in the bacta tank. S2 of the Book of Boba Fett will be a Brittas Empire style sitcom focussing on Boba's efforts to convert Jabba's Palace into the finest health retreat in the galaxy, where he will offer long rejuvenating bacta tank sessions and cleansing programmes where you can only drink those sand people water pod things.
  15. Tie in with the Book of Boba Fett: Let’s Bacta Tank! Wear the heartbeat sensor and keep Boba’s heart rate steady while he has exciting dreams about sand people. Also from the Book of Boba Fett: Super Bombad Racing 2: we are the mods (we are, we are the mods). Battle sharp suited teenagers in slow moving scooter races around Mos Vespa. Locks at 15FPS when the Switch is docked to simulate your favourite chase sequence from the TV series.
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