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  1. I'm two episodes into White Lines and have concluded that it's absolute shite. It's like that terrible Sky One series Riveria crossed with Coronation Street. The acting is terrible and the plot lines inexplicable. It's got Laurence Fox in it as a Mancunian hippy jesus who leads a collective mass humming of rave music from 30 years ago as a memorial to a dead DJ. It has dogs on cocaine. It has a main character who can't hold down the same accent for more than 15 seconds. It treats us to a series of terrible flashbacks to the 90s. Based on my hazy memory, clubbing was nothing like how it's shown in Manchester in 1996. Facing the front while a DJ capers around with their hands in the air is something that came along with EDM. DJs were hidden away in DJ booths in the 90s and everyone was dancing and facing each other. Clubs weren't brightly lit and people weren't wearing stupid eye masks. Also E's were consistently shit by 1996 and no-one was listening to Age of Love. That was 1990. I'll watch episode 3 tonight.
  2. Grindstone is fantastic. I’m not using the service at all now that I have no commute. Only really keeping it as my daughter loves Sneaky Sasquatch.
  3. Has anyone played this undocked and does it work? Mine hasn’t arrived yet but I’d like to use it in the garden if possible.
  4. From what I remember, the only numbers really talked about around the PS4 and Xbox launch were 720 v 1080? It was pretty well understood what that meant, whereas I'm not sure these new numbers will resonate with buyers in the same way. You have to be one of the PC Master Race or work for Digital Foundry to make any sense of what the difference in teraflops or SSD bandwidth actually means.
  5. So what is special about having Disney+ on SkyQ versus just downloading the Disney+ app onto a SmartTV? Is there some kind of combined search or planner across non-Sky apps on SkyQ? Maybe the ability to record from those apps too?
  6. I played it on PS4. Looks like it is an option on Xbox but you can only change it from the main menu, not the pause menu. Options -> Game options -> Audio language
  7. I switched the voices to Russian with English subtitles. I think it adds to the atmosphere.
  8. How is it that I’m paying for Sky and BT Sport and the Liverpool West Ham game isn’t showing anywhere? Ffs!
  9. Treble off Actually I do think it’ll be an easy home win. Without wanting to sound like a knob head I’m also happy for the Shrews to get another pay day.
  10. I liked the remake but I didn't love it in the same way I loved the original. I thought introducing Mr X in the first run messes up the pacing. He was only in the second run in the original and spiced things up by keeping you on your toes as you revisited areas from the first run. In the remake he's a bit over used, so by the second run, he's become an annoying bell-end. On the first and second runs, it's already been said how the intertwining nature of the stories was lost and I agree this was a mistake. It makes the second run really repetitive and the story doesn't evolve properly. Some of the cool hidden stuff disappeared, like doing a 'no gun' run to the underground tunnel by the police station where you have to kill Barry with a knife (although I guess it wasn't him after all) to get a key which gets you a parts for a super powered magnum. Enemy variety was really dialled down and they dropped the hunters and spiders that were in the original (even though I hate spiders and dread to think what they would look like in the new engine). Lickers were re-used all over the place. I thought the plant enemies were a bit shit as well really. It's a great game, but if anything it gave me more of an appreciation (no doubt rose tinted) for the original RE2.
  11. I've also spent the last 37 years thinking his name was Nien Numb. Double bombshell.
  12. Yeah how? ‘Nothing ends Adrian, nothing ever ends’. The end reasserts the message of the original graphic novel entirely doesn’t it?
  13. I watched the final episode last night and absolutely loved it. It's been a superb series with so many incredible moments. I think the highlight for me was episode 6 (This Extraordinary Being) which was just jaw dropping television. I doff my santa hat to everyone involved who had the bottle to get this series made. Lord only knows how they pitched it to HBO. It's comfortably in my top 3 for the year along with Chernobyl and Succession S2. What a year for TV we've had!
  14. The third type is the person who thinks it’s rubbish when they get to chapter 2 and then gets to the end of chapter 3 and realises just how wrong they were.
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