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  1. Lads (not Clippa, he knows) I'm sorry but you don't have your shmup facts straight. I almost choked when you said they have bad controls, yikes. The controls are an integral part of their design and there are people who prefer playing them with a fight pad and are very good at it too. Most serious players use arcade sticks but keyboard, d-pad and stick are all valid control methods. Analogue stick on the other hand is just no. Nex Machina is not a bullet hell shooter. I suggest reading the shmups forum FAQ for the basics. http://shmups.system11.org/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=11882
  2. Barny

    The Valve Thread

    I feel like using rude language to describe how I feel about Valve but what's the point. They have gone from being one of the absolute best developers ever to being a joke. All this Half Life nonsense is pure wank. It's self gratification from people who really should be better than that and what about that Steam console? Yeah that worked out well you deluded pricks. You really thought you could compete with those huge corporations with an 'innovative' controller and a half baked version of Steam for the TV? Ridiculous.
  3. Not surprised at all. So the rumour a couple of months ago was true. Now buy the same games in the VC store.
  4. That could have been me playing that rolling logs bit. I liked Banjo-Kazooie up to a point but I'm not very good at that type of platformer and I always get so friggin annoyed with them. Watching it was almost painful. I better stick to RPG's
  5. Really great to a new rail shooter but the music was extraordinarily bad. Generic wub-wub brostep is really not my thing despite being a dubstep fan. The visuel design looks uninspired, a poor mans Rez. So far not impressed.
  6. That was beautiful. I want a Trico at home.
  7. Very happy about Japanese voices. If I'm being extremely charitable I would call P4G's voice acting passable at best. Every JRPG should ideally have the option of original voices.
  8. The regular red vinyl one is still available. It's the Newbury Comics one people are flogging on Discogs. http://www.juno.co.uk/products/king-geedorah-take-me-to-your-leader/625223-01/
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