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  1. Him and that Heelvsbabyface fuckwit, I would never tire of kicking.
  2. Finding the Cine Edition of Almost Famous today at my local HMV, plus 20% off, is my reward for being stupid and not pre-ordering it. Also, Snatch is a tenner in CEX. I managed to find a copy of that too. Hoping Dr. Strangelove pops up similarly priced.
  3. Imagine flying about the Everglades in a swamp boat.
  4. I've an el-cheapo 3rd party remote and it works fine. I'd be very surprised if the official one doesn't. Congrats on the purchase.
  5. Rockstar's refusal to put a pillow over GTA V's face, means we're not seeing GTA VI for a long time, IMO.
  6. The Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard (2021) Unwanted sequel to shit movie ends up not being totally shit, with Salma Hayek bulldozing her way across the screen and destroying anything in her path. Banderas doesn't go over the top enough as the villain and they should have begged, borrowed or stolen whatever they had to, in order to get Costner for the part of Reynolds' father. Morgan Freeman is some weird stunt casting in said father role and really needs to retire. Some decent gags and action, with a clearly bigger budget. Did not hate, but that's enough. 3/5
  7. With the caveat that there's still some tomfoolery with the first movie's transfer, (because like T2, it appears to be cursed), it's the best these movies have ever looked on a home format and worth every penny. To get back to your earlier post, I find myself enjoying more musicals as I get older and have waaaaaaaaaay too many discs to narrow down any sort of top ten. I'll throw this one out though, in terms of lesser known stuff... Logan Lucky. Gorgeous transfer, don't hear too many people bringing it up.
  8. Basic Instinct looks awful, IMO. The new colour grade makes it look like Scorcese's The Aviator, which I doubt was the intention. Leave it well alone, or at least until there's a standard edition. Studio Canal appear to be on a crusade to fuck up as many Carolco titles as possible.
  9. I will normally defend Ray Winstone, because of Sexy Beast, but how the fuck did he get past a table reading? He makes Kenneth Branagh's Russian/Glaswegian accent in Tenet, seem plausible. Aside from that, it's a better Bourne-esque movie, than the last actual Bourne movie IMO.
  10. Grabbed it for £13.85, when Amazon were doing all sorts of weird price reductions in May, (it had only been out a week), so hope to get to it sometime this year...
  11. Finally got a Series X today, banishing my GoW One X to the living room. Things I like about it: 1. Swift set-up, as it was able to carry across everything from my One X. 2. Silent. Not. One. Fucking. Peep. 3. It's smaller than I imagined, yet still a rectangular beast. 4. Makes my PS5 look like something from an experimental art exhibition. Things I don't like: 1. It could heat a small village. 2. Not being able to use the battery pack from my One X controller, is pure cuntery. 3. No really, it could heat a small village. I'm fucking melting as it is! Current mood:
  12. The colour reminds me of Killmonger's Black Panther outfit.
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