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  1. Funniest thing Martin and Short have done for years.
  2. That just looks like another shade of poo.
  3. Far Cry 6 and Deathloop on PS5, although I've bounced off Deathloop quite a bit. Assassin's Creed Odyssey on Series X
  4. Even the pirates are saying wait until after the 22nd, when a proper 4K version will drop on HBO Max.
  5. Although I enjoy the original movie, (the new 4K release by Shout Factory, is amazeballs), I've never found it scary. I've been more amused by it, the idea of a masked menace going about his business and not giving a fuck about being seen in broad daylight. The scene were Loomis and Sheriff Bracket are talking about Michael and he drives past right past them, is hilarious. Loomis is standing there, going "NO, CAN'T SEE YOU! TUM TEE TUM" Don't start me on some of the dialogue that Laurie and her mates are saddled with, either. Especially Annie, who only appears to have one set of clothes.
  6. Rami Malek is a passable TV actor, who touched lucky.
  7. I'm getting on with this a bit better, now that I've modded one of my rifles to fire armor-piercing rounds. Went exploring a bit around the top of the map, got into some scrapes and had a right laugh. Still need something that deals with helicopters quickly. The bastards.
  8. Someone mentioned it going into 3rd person mode, when you entered bases. I was about to go 'eh?', because my game stayed in first person the whole time. A few hours in and then it decided it would randomly change to a 3rd person view in a base, and I FUCKING HATE IT!
  9. IV is the only one where I tried to use bikes as much as possible, as the cars cornered like a fucking bar of soap on a wet road.
  10. I've plugged hours into FC 4 + 5, the best moments found when you're wandering around the maps, doing your own thing. In comparison, I'm maybe ten hours into this and it's fucking boring. It looks gorgeous, but I feel no compulsion to explore this world.
  11. Speaking of Smear-o-vision, whoever handled the opticals on Star Trek: The Motion Picture, needs a dig to the chin. The non-effects footage looks gorgeous, like it was filmed yesterday, but any optical effects, (I.E: some of the greatest starship footage ever put on film), it's a smeared mess. Not so bad in the darker scenes, but given that The Enterprise herself is brightly coloured and fucking huuuuuge, you can't help but notice how weird the grain, (or what's left of it), swarms around her. If Wrath of Khan looked like this, I'd murder someone.
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