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  1. Finished it this morning. I didn’t enjoy it as much as Fallen Order, but still had a good time with it. The long wait for part 3 begins.
  2. My wife suggested we watch this, after a recommendation by some of her work colleagues. Halfway through episode 1, I turned to her and said "I want fucking names." Makes an episode of Columbo look like Inception.
  3. Turkish gift cards. You don't need a different account, just a VPN.
  4. He's just a shit actor, although Mrs Jonas is giving him a run for his money in this.
  5. "If we remove any reference to Terminators or time travel, no one can sue us."
  6. Redfall Fuck this nonsense.
  7. It immediately looks better than the second one, which wouldn't be hard.
  8. Looks terrible. Not helped by most of the voice actors sounding bored as fuck.
  9. Turned it off an hour in. Cinema died during that hour.
  10. Haven't played a Zelda game since the Gamecube days and that's how we'll be continuing. I'm waiting on Redfall and then Jedi Survivor.
  11. Balls, that was our date movie tonight.
  12. It should be renamed Korean-Flix. I see they've also listed some movies like Nobody as 'Ultra 4K HDR', when they're clearly not.
  13. Actors released from their contracts and no idea if/when production will resume, sounds pretty cancelled to me.
  14. I have 7 nieces ranging from 9 to 18 years old and it's the younger ones who love the original movies. I enjoyed them more during a recent rewatch with my wife, (who hadn't seen any of them), than I did when they first came out. Did anyone like the Fantastic Beasts movies? I watched the first one and didn't hate it, but have no real desire to watch the other two.
  15. I also loved it and cried like a fucking baby towards the end.
  16. Dat Superman III scene. You know the one. When Time Ran Out also mentally scarred me, despite living in Northern Ireland and unlikely to ever encounter a real volcano.
  17. Yeah, I fucking hated how they cut the cartoons into segments, as that's all I cared about. Imagine tuning into Get Fresh, just for that Gaz Top wanker.
  18. Bloc Party You'll be going about your business in a shopping centre, having long forgotten that these cunts even exist and then someone drops Banquet, like a giant fucking stink-bomb.
  19. £7.99 if you use TopCashback.
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