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  1. I think you forget where you are.
  2. The only Brosnan entry I dislike is TWINE. Dull as dishwasher.
  3. The second one is so bad, Stallone himself disowned it. Third one is better, but still dull low-budgeted DTV crap, that was shot in 17 days and looks it. Don't expect much Stallone screen time in either.
  4. Is Seong Gi-hun an utter fuck-up? I can't make up my mind, as they don't labour the point enough in episode 1...
  5. Unfortunately, no one can be told what The Molyneux is. You'll have to see it for yourself
  6. Good to know that I can delete the PS4 version. Hadn't played it enough to really worry about a save game, I'll be starting this boyo afresh.
  7. Brad Bird needs to stay the fuck away from live-action movies.
  8. Just realised I have £2.71 sitting in my PSN wallet. This keeps getting better!
  9. I got a bit cocky, after taking down my first Visionary with relative ease. Decided to go after Charlie next and... it did not go well... lol
  10. A fiver?! I was in at a tenner, but fuck me if that's not brilliant.
  11. I fucking bought it on the PS5, before realising it was on Gamepass. It's like rally driving for pensioners.
  12. It's mint, isn't it? I poured hours into Origins, then picked this up and didn't look near it. Since the update, I've ploughed through a good bit of it. Smooth as butter and looks gorgeous. Not sure about some of the dodgier 'outfit' choices, though...
  13. It's the soundtrack CD licencing fees that's pushed the price of The Guest up, apparently. Happy to wait on the standard edition, (which has been announced, just not when to expect it). Studio Canal can fuck right off with T2, until it's been remastered properly.
  14. Guns for show, knives for a pro. Mad Machete Bastard would have been a more appropriate title. Or is that just me? Hehe.
  15. It stays on better with my el-cheapo custom black plates, than it ever did with the official Sony ones.
  16. Just dip the others in some tea. Problem solved.
  17. Not as odd as Universal's LE of The Thing being made to look pretty much the same as those older Studio Canal sets. Shit, they even hired the same artist.
  18. Oh, the days of running down to the local US DVD importer, to grab things that had only opened in the cinemas here.
  19. Cinema over here, cinema and HBO Max in the US.
  20. I'm in the mood to throw on some Rog tonight, trying to remember what ones of his me and the missus have already watched together.
  21. I thought I could actually smell her at one one point, but the dog had simply shit in the hallway.
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