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  1. Fuck, I'm away to download Rhydian's album to try and forget about this debacle!
  2. Oh look, Ronan Keating trying to out-twat Eggnog. Horrible, horrible stuff. Does JLS stand for Just Leave the Stage? Should do...
  3. As a Northern Irish forumite, I'd like to apologize. I in no way shape or form condone this fuckwit. Loving Louie Walsh's gay Colonel Saunder's at a funeral getup. Not.
  4. I'm more concerned about my licence fee funding the BBC and its den of idiots.
  5. +1. Another shit PS3 game that's going back to the shop. And no offence to anyone that's enjoying it.
  6. Mini lol there, cheers! With regards to the avatars, I'm mildly pissed off that chunky blokes like myself aren't properly catered for. I look like a fucking sex-god, regardless of how tubby I try to make myself look, although maybe this IS fat by anorexic Californian standards. Emo twats are in for a treat.
  7. Can you make fatties? Can't see many Yank kids getting a good lookalike...
  8. Finished it early this morning, some excellent scraps. However:
  9. I'm still dumbfounded that this shit actually got a cinema release.
  10. That OP is one of the funniest things I've read in ages. Stupid fucking morons!
  11. Great, I can berate him for making that crap Pan's Labyrinth.
  12. Can't wait till Feb 9th for the blu-ray. Top show.
  13. Not in Germany, Kinowelt have it. And as pointed out, they're region B as well. Sorted.
  14. What, that bit that takes ten minutes to get through, with maybe six or seven bits of fruit that need shooting? Don't be so dramatic, darling. Try playing with your hands instead of your feet. Or are you just crap? For the muppets complaining about the graphics, Specsavers are still running a 2 For 1.
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