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  1. Fuck sake, I've lost count of how many times I've bought this game, across different formats. Less than a tenner for another one, won't do me any harm. I believe I've only ever completed the story mode once on ye old Xbox 360, back in 2013. Too many hours spent dicking around in freeroam, to care.
  2. Quite looking forward to this, could not have given less of a fuck about another show revolving around Gotham City's flatfoots.
  3. R2 was with him for years, pre-Order 66. Who knows what untold horrors he experienced, while jaunting about with sexy General Kenobi. "Hello there..."
  4. It looks okay, but the idea of Kenobi doing anything other than sitting in a cave, playing Wordle and having the occasional wank, (the real reason he wiped R2-D2's memory), still doesn't sit well with me.
  5. Never underestimate the ability of the general public, to not know WTF they're walking into.
  6. One movie made 15 years ago isn't a franchise, Deadline.
  7. Loved that. It took the necessary time to tell its story, but never felt slow moving. The three hours flew by.
  8. The premise of this sounded fun, but that looks fucking terrible.
  9. Adi Shankar trying desperately to get his edgelord wings and failing.
  10. No, I'm not expecting it until tomorrow at the earliest. *EDIT* Came through just before 4am. Redeemed it before I left for work and it's now downloading. Woohoo!
  11. Gamivo were doing it for £25.75 with a discount code. With regards to redeeming it, I usually just use Windscribe VPN on my mobile, select the relevant country and then the UK Xbox site usually accepts the code no problem. Sometimes it doesn't work that way and I have to do it on via my desktop VPN, but it's rarely been an actual issue and never to the point where I couldn't eventually redeem a product.
  12. Series X. Stoopid hype. Stoopid cheap Argentinian codes.
  13. Bruce Willis' problem is that for years, virtually everything he did outside of the Die Hard movies, died on its arse. I daresay it's hard to stay motivated when you want to play various different roles, but have to run back to shooty tough guy roles, just to pay the bills.
  14. "What if Aloy's internal dialogue was all external?" "Genius!" "I know, right? Let's break for lunch."
  15. I enjoyed it a lot, right up until that cunt at the end.
  16. Ha! I didn't even make it through the first episode. Makes that MODOK shite look top tier.
  17. Considering picking up the PS4 version, so I can play it on PS5 with haptic feedback. I already own the Series X version, tell me NO!
  18. Nothing about it looks enticing.
  19. Dude stops a bullet in one of the later books, with one of his pecs.
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