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  1. Dalton is not a hill I'm prepared to die on, anymore. Did not enjoy The Living Daylights the time I watched it and never really liked LTK. I've come round to Sir Rog something fierce, though. Even his shit ones are hilarious.
  2. I worked for Blockbuster, there was no comedy.
  3. Have you ever tried reading the Wiki page on any given comic book character? You would not survive, if taking a drink anytime something was retconned, rebooted or conveniently forgotten about.
  4. The Rock, with Ryan Reynolds in the Elena Eleniak role and Kevin Hart as the baddie. *shudder*
  5. I did laugh at them ripping the piss out of Hollywood action scenes, with Sabotage plastered over the top of them. Some of the worst continuity I've seen in a recent big budget movie, outside of Whedon's Justice League reshoots. Reynolds' hair and weight fluctuate in one scene from untidy and thin to groomed and buff, in nearly ever other shot. And watch how that gin bottle magically moves itself. Dwayne Johnson just isn't even trying anymore.
  6. Red Notice (2021) More Netflix 'original' shite. Fuck off/5
  7. Watched the making of on D+, then went to try the movie again. Nope, still don't like it. A lot of the flaws I could maybe ignore, if they'd cast someone else as Shang-Chi. I found Simu Liu deeply unlikeable, which isn't what you want in your main character.
  8. My problem with the majority of open-matte presentations, (because that's largely what they are and branding them IMAX is a tad disingenuous), is the amount of dead space at the top and bottom of frame. You've no idea how much I'm glad that the version of Tron Legacy on D+, is in a fixed scope ratio.
  9. Is it a Forza thing, to give AI cars the names of people on your friends list? Really fucking weird, that cars with my niece and nephew's gamertags would appear in any race I started, despite me knowing full well that they couldn't give less of a fuck about Forza. Spent hours on this last night/early hours of this morning, just off-roading around the place in my buggy. No billboard is safe, on my watch.
  10. I have to admit... I quite enjoyed that. Almost masks the smell left behind by Spectre. Rami Malek needs his Oscar confiscated, though.
  11. My wife, who is also a card carrying MCU apologist, recently asked me if I'd have been okay, if the MCU had just stopped after Endgame? I said yes, while remembering that I'd asked her the same question not that long ago and received a look, like I'd slapped her across the face. This time however, she just agreed with me. "It's time to either end it, or reboot the original characters." And while I don't agree that they should reboot it, (I'm quite enjoying where Thor has ended up), I also don't give a fuck about ANY of the new characters that they have introduced post Endgame. I'm hoping that No Way Home shakes things up a bit, as I'm a sucker for some Spidey action, but I very much doubt it.
  12. Mandela Effect, I thought he died years ago.
  13. I got stuck in a wall during combat at one point, but that was before the latest update.
  14. It's so well written and acted, that I kind of sigh anytime a combat section comes up. I don't dislike the combat sections, but they seem simply functional as opposed to everything else. I was set to polish it off and trade it in, but I don't think I can. It's funnier than some alleged comedy movies, that I've seen of late. Now, where's the photo thread?
  15. I went through three copies from Amazon, before I got one where the digipack holding the discs wasn't damaged in some way.
  16. So much for waiting on the standard edition of The Guest...
  17. Meatballs on the way in, hotdog on the way out.
  18. I bubble over with joy, at the idea of people meeting Cuno for the first time.
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