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  1. I won a 3ds also. I think I picked the mario design but am Hoping I actually picked Toad.
  2. It's fine. Nothing special. It feels a lot cheaper than the other models of psp and it's also slightly thicker, Than my old 2000 at least. The UMD slot especially feels very cheap. The entire back of the psp opens up. I guess it's using the 3000 screen, It looks a lot nicer than my old slim psp anyway, Very bright and colourful even on a lower setting. My only problems with it are menu buttons on the front of the machine ( Start, Select, Volume etc). They're soft and mushy, And very hard to use. There is also no brightness button on the machine, You have to go through the system menu to change it.
  3. Thanks for that. I bought Rayman
  4. Just did the same, Last copy also in my local store Was panicing I wouldnt get a PS3 copy and I never even thought of checking Argos.
  5. Has anyone tried playing Driver on a 3G? Also Battle for Wesnoth, good or not so good? I'm in the mood for a srpg, And i hear there is an update coming to improve the performance. I am currently addicted to Myst. I've wanted to play it for a long long time, And it's a nice little game to play about with before bed at night.
  6. Any sign of VG+ orders showing up yet? Not expecting it until next week now, But I still have hope of it turning up tomorrow
  7. Also playing this, Although I have only just started. I have just beaten the first boss PSN= Almyn
  8. kaisu


    Mine arrived from Game a while ago and it came with a couple of Gameware screen protectors. Has anyone ever used these before, I'm wary of putting them on as I know there's some bad screen protectors around.
  9. Suikoden: Tierkreis is nowhere to be found, In any shop I went to. I wonder if it was delayed, None of the UK websites seem to have it in stock either.
  10. I love this game. In fact it's keeping me away from Fallout 3 and Fable 2. The only complaint I have is that there is too many story sequences. At least at the start of the game, It's one battle and maybe five or six story videos, In the first few chapters. Maybe it changes later, But I would imagine it probably gets worse.
  11. I just checked my copy and the content is showing up, I didn't try buying it though. Are you playing on a European wii?
  12. kaisu

    Wipeout HD

    Oh dear, Going by some of the forums i'm reading it seems quite a few people are having problems with Wipeout crashing every time they load it up.
  13. kaisu

    Wipeout HD

    Faster than usual. Mega man downloaded in a few minutes. And wipeout is at about 50%.
  14. When playing it earlier I was trying to think what online game it reminded me of. Ragnarok online was the one I was thinking of. Looking at pictures it does look a bit like it. Hi-res backgrounds, Pretty basic enviornments and low-res characters running around.
  15. Yes it runs on my PS3, (Pal copy) Whether or not it runs without problems through the entire game though is another thing. The original Yakuza crashed in the same place every time on my PS3. Although I hear it was fixed with a later firmware update. I'm playing this on PS2.
  16. kaisu

    Dragon Quest

    ? Oh and what was the meant to do?
  17. kaisu

    Dragon Quest

    Finished it. Really great game. I'm tempted to play through some of the older games now, Is it still worth playing through 1 - 3 on the nes? Or have they not aged well? I also have DQVII on my psp, Which I will get around to playing some time. The thought of a 70+ hour game isn't too appealing at the moment.
  18. kaisu

    Dragon Quest

    I'm about to enter what I assume is the final dungeon. I think I might be under levelled though. The hero is 31 and the rest of my main party is 30. I don't really want to have to grind.
  19. kaisu

    Dragon Quest

    It is. Although apparently it has been tweaked slightly to make the areas slightly smaller. I'm just about to finish up chapter 4. I was expecting the first four chapters to be very short, But here I am 10 hours in and only now am I about to start the main quest. The game is fantastic. I was really disappointed with the FF4 remake and thought that I had become bored of jrpgs. Turns out I was just bored of Final Fantasy games. Oh and for anyone that hasn't, Set the battle speed to 1. It speeds up the battle text so much that you can breeze through most random encounters in under 30 seconds.
  20. Not for me, Is it only happening on one stage?
  21. kaisu


    Username: Almyn I haven't made much yet, Just a few creatures. It'd be nice to see some of the creatures from people on the forum though.
  22. Some more levels to download. D3 is holding a level design competion with some people in the gaming industry. http://uk.ds.ign.com/articles/907/907063p1.html There is one i can't get to work though.
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