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  1. I find if I hold no faith for films they end up surprising me so I'm going to ignore this comment but watch the film. Fuck hype.
  2. Why didn't you just use the C-buttons as move/strafe like normal people who rocked southpaw did?
  3. It's ok, it's obviously good stuff if you keep sucking it's dick... I'll get some soon enough.
  4. I needed materials immediately though so took what I could get. The shop had other Sculpey products but not the clay/modelling stuff.
  5. I was assembling a complely uninspring generic 'cute' ninja just as a test of my skills, it was going ok, the clothing had creases and everything I just left it out too long to harden up a bit and it turned to stonnnnnnnnnne. Fuck it, the stuff is really easy to use so I should really get back to do some more. I'll throw some pictures of the construction thus far.
  6. This is the best thread.
  7. True they should stop making them but I'm a sucker for the way the alien looks.
  8. I'm doing Smitty's job until he gets back.
  9. Nah, I'll stick to the old ways of short changing us. http://uk.pc.gamespy.com/pc/turtle-rock-pr...t/902345p2.html http://www.1up.com/do/feature?cId=3170080 5 different people all talking about extra content. I'm sure they weren't ALL talking about the shitty horde mode and single map to go with it.
  10. I dunno. http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/i_left4dead_pc360 http://www.firingsquad.com/games/left_4_dead_interview/ http://www.gamecyte.com/e3-2008-valve-inte...am-fortress-too http://news.vgchartz.com/news.php?id=2167 I forget who said this other one and I'm paraphrasing "we plan on putting out more content than you can play". That enough?
  11. Nah. God forbid I actually want some promised support for a game barely 7 months old.
  12. Valve forums are currently down due to the sheer amount of people complaining about L4D1.1.
  13. Finishing off a game after release = new content now? Cheeky.
  14. I don't think any director is brave enough to make a film purely about aliens as people need to connect with something and it's hard to do it with what is in essence, a pure killing machine. I'd like to see it though.
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