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  1. Bit of a damp squid compared to the last one I thought.
  2. Cool, can you use it on windows for general gaming / xbox or tied to stadia only?
  3. whats the best car to buy in the autoshow with my freebie from the add-on pack
  4. Id be happy of they left it there.. but they never do!
  5. I couldn’t remember how to launch the drone last night but enjoyed mucking about in the bronco in a river. But how do you?
  6. Keen to hear if the convoy thing has been improved, it’s a lot of fun in multiplayer.
  7. I get that its a bit annoying to see people play a few days early if you are only planning on ever playing the base game. But Its not really a dick move either, almost all big online games have an early unlock option at purchase. The way I see it, it'll help with server stability on the general release day. And if you want it now and think you want dlc in future, just drop the money, £36 on the dashboard or £25 using trick.
  8. Its the bloody clicking of the new D pad drives me mad, so bloody noisy. Love everything else. When i use my kids white pads from the One S it feels so weird. Any tips for stuck button? my X button is sticking then releasing a split second later. Bloody kids with buttery toast fingers I bet, wee bastards keep using my controller.
  9. I had a look and couldnt find it, great news. My Monday night pals are on the fence, 5 of us, 4 man squads so thats annoying. Plus we went day 1 with BF5 and were underwhelmed. Plus Halo & Forza all free in this time slot. I reckon 10 hours should be enough to decide if we buy or wait until gamepass next year.
  10. Nice - any more reputable source for this?
  11. I live right beside IKEA so sometimes go with the kids for a lazy midweek dinner. Watch the planes land at the airport, scoff a plate of meatballs and a few packets of tealights on the way out. When you live so close, it’s just becomes a shop and not a big stressful visit.
  12. What's annoying in Multiplayer is that's its only the host that unlocks progress. We got past the ferry last night. I went back to play today and im right back at the start as ive never hosted a game, yet I have unlocked the extra characters that we got from completing the ferry level. Also, I cant change to the new characters as the game progresses? Mate came online so we picked up from where we were last night.. but it remembers the characters, guns, health etc. So when would I ever use the new characters? On a new play thru from scratch? We did the bar level and it was class.
  13. There's a set of free costumes in the game pass app perks section.
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