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    How did you get on, i was at the friday gig. Fantasic. last seen them in 1994 in Belfast so quite a gap. I thought the setlist was fantastic, the band sounded amazing and seemed really happy to be playing. Song after song, barely a gap and even a most pit at times.
  2. Article updated to say rollout due to start next week so all is not lost.
  3. We have 2 xboxs in the house, me and the 2 kids. I would have got a streaming stick for the bedroom purely to muck about. We sometimes move the old xbox upstairs if one kid has his mates round and they make the younger kid 'go away' or when someone is sick. Realistically i know it'll barely be used as it's only a 32" TV and i can't see any detail from the bed. (no plans to upgrade to fit the 'astetic' ) But id have bought a streaming stick either new or a few months later 2nd hand just to try. It's a 2021 Samsung TV and im hoping the app will be supported. I have a spare controller ready to go. Cmon, someone is bound to have the 2021 frame in 55/65?
  4. 2021 Samsung TV's getting this rolled out today https://www.theverge.com/2022/11/16/23462052/samsung-xbox-cloud-gaming-nvidia-geforce-now-2021-smart-tvs Does anyone have 'the frame' TV in 55"/65"?- i think its code is LS03A? I have the 32" in my bedroom but looks like its code is slightly different, QE32LS03TCUXXU Just had a look on app store and no xbox. Sad Face - Probably no point in looking again until someone else with the big brother frame can spot it in the store
  5. Also started today. Enjoyed the accessibility options. Nice big text I can read from the couch that can be sped up also. Great chillout vibes, will suit winter nights.
  6. Not only did quick resume work, I managed to clear my first level (library) using @Orion suggestion. I’m chuffed and now taking a break to play something slower before my heart gives out. Thank fuck for floor chicken at the end!
  7. Thanks, had a great go with this earlier. 25 mins in, the wife comes home, kids gone feral and no dinner on! Does Quick Resume work? Asking for a friend
  8. Keen to hear how frustrating it is. I enjoyed builders' journey on iphone so the kid and I would be up for this but the camera and fiddly complaints might annoy me.
  9. I went to see the gig a few weeks ago in Belfast, they didn't play Mrs Robinson thankfully. Its cheesy as hell. The gig was fantastic - the band battered through Ray so quickly, it was pretty punky. Crowd loved it.
  10. They said that the streaming stick idea was dead, good to see it possibly coming true. Id definitely get one for the bedroom, even though my wife insisted on a 32" that i need to wear glasses to be able to play games on!
  11. Thanks I liked the sound of it from the post a few pages back, bought it!
  12. Thomas was alone I've completed on xbox, loved it! I've went for Baobabs Mausoleum Ep.1 and Pocket Mini Golf! Thanks
  13. I have it on xbox but never played it, more likely to try it on the switch and its the magic price, so thats it bought!
  14. Hey all, I'm looking for some eshop sale recommendations. (I'm really keen on those £1.79 games!) I've started to play an hour in bed lately - quiet games that don't need much interaction. I veer towards arty, unique and short - not really rogue likes. Annapurana type things. Golf Club Wasteland - Found the soundtrack to this to be so immersive, sucked me in when the odd golf level was driving me mad. Loved it. If Found - more of a graphic novel, the artwork was beautiful and compelling. Stories Untold - Spooky, nearly wish id waited until Halloween for this, enjoyable.
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