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  1. My Boys 7/9 still massive Minecraft fans as well as other xbox/switch games. So far we've resisted Fortnite but the clamour is growing. I kind of want to get it over with so they can play and hopefully move on but my wife is resistant and he has a nice circle of mates who dont play it it. I dont want to be the first to intorduce it.
  2. Bug must have been introduced in the last update / cyberpunk car introduction as my mates and I played fine last Monday and this Monday it was annoying, session dropping after every race.
  3. They'd better not as i just got my boys 2 for Christmas!
  4. Anyone on Xbox Series X having a worrying noise when in the map screen? Anytime i use the map and move around, a high pitched whine will start and stop for a few seconds and repeat every 15-20 seconds. Doesn't happen in-game - muted the TV etc.. just on the map screen.
  5. I'm firmly on the fantastic fun arcade game fence. Yes the GUI is a messy but you barely have to interact with it after the first few hours. On the new xbox its so quick it makes for a fantastic drop in racer. I've no interest in it being more serious or career based, keep all that for Motorsport.
  6. Me 3. Which is annoying as the Power button is nearly broken on my TV remote!
  7. Bah, i bought it a few days ago! and i haven't got anything for buying by X - off to live chat then? Any direct link?
  8. If you stop any input on the controller, after 10s the audio will break up - very apparent in party chat. Only happens with new controller, XB1 controllers not affected. 4 of us last night had it, which was not fun when different peoples audio breaking up at different times.
  9. heres hoping it comes with firmware update for the controller audio issue, was doing my head in last night playing with mates.
  10. Nice one, tell her I'm suitably impressed.
  11. Its decent, it lights up when you touch a button which is nice in the dark. I've only lightly used as it turned out I only ever bought one Blu Ray UHD for it, we tend to watch tv on the firestick in the other room.
  12. mate you having Christmas dinner? Why have you started plate on top of main and the best silver out?
  13. I went for a series X, my gaming friends all still play there, we play every Monday night without fail. We openly chatted about considering moving to PS5 but the impetus wasn't there, we have the digital library of multiplayer games we move between as well as our own personal purchases. We all have gamepass and also gameshare so moving away from that would be a challenge. My family have all been avid gamers since the coleco vision and atari 2600 then sega and nintendo kids. I still fondly remember buying the PS1 as a family present for all my brothers that first Christmas. I do not fondly
  14. Added - sorry I haven't created a poll before, pressure got to me!
  15. Which Next Gen system did you buy in the last 2 weeks? As xbox no longer release hardware sales I thought it would be interesting to see if they have caught up a little this gen on the forum at least. Sony have sold 111 million PS4 compared to xbox's 47 - well over 2/1. PS3 and 360 much more neck and neck with 77/76 million sold.
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