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  1. Ha you’ve been snooping in an apartment then!
  2. Yep i know, ive done the tutorials! This is a comical left 90 degress turn and crash i wasn't having before trying squirrells settings. I'll maybe go back and add them slowly and see whats causing it.
  3. Had a lot of fun on Multiplayer on this last night, just flying around Northern Ireland, local airports - taking off and picking a airport to land at and seeing who could stick the landing. Some harily small airports in the mourne mountains. Its just a delight and surprisingly fun in multiplayer. Especially when trying to land a cessna and someone is divebombing in an airbus.
  4. The twin prop did it the entire flight, no matter what i had the engine speed at. I may have missed something but mate had same settings and issue.
  5. I setup everything on xbox like Squirrel said but im having a few problems - some planes just want to keep climbing, constantly flighting to keep the nose down. (Twin prop c4..?) Others keep banking hard left while on the ground / as soon as i take off (the small biplane / stunt plane) If I set everything back to easy this seems to go away.
  6. Finished the Last Stop last night. Its a class story I really enjoyed it. Great script and voice acting. There's not much of a 'game' in it, its pretty rudimentary. I played the last hour in bed console streaming to the ipad. So in that way if you don't like walking sims you'd be best to avoid this. Its like a sci fi domestic dr who vibe.
  7. Was wondering this too - you go first and let me know
  8. Anyone get the multiplayer 'group' to work? Tried to join friends and we kept getting message we've left the group. Ended up just choosing LIVE and spawning at the same airport but hectic to find each other in the air at times. Was wondering if being part of a group actually highlighted the other player in the air
  9. eBay, nearly new, best offer! Really glad I got it. 2nd game using it was a trio on fortnite with the kids and we won, I was able to get more involved and take on people confidently. I see a set on there for £28 best offer at the moment
  10. The Hori split pad arrived today and made an instant difference. Last night I was playing and came 2nd 3 times in a row, I just couldn’t get accurate shots. First game to test and won immediately and just felt more in control. Worth it for £25 and while it looks ridiculous really, maybe the proportions would suit a switch OLED
  11. I’d be playing in bed so the rumble ain’t needed. Got nearly new pair off eBay for £25 delivered so worth a punt.
  12. Interesting - more or less the same price as the grip @Flub mentioned plus presumably better analog sticks? Ive stuck a cheeky £20 offer on one used on ebay. Its actually to play fortnite in bed to grind out some of the kids & my quests
  13. Anyone got a grip recommendation for the switch? I’ve started to play my kids one in handheld a bit and it hurts after a while! I see plenty on eBay from cheap ones that attach to the joycons to expansive ones near £40! I have medium / small hands.
  14. Played this last night as a trio of noobs. Ive only every played a few hours of this in the past and never really liked it. The Tall Tale first episode is OK overall. I still have the exact same feeling of disconnect in this game. The combat feels completely lifeless. Using the sword and weapons feel like they have no actual impact on the enemies, they dont react or feel any impact. I generally dont like games that hand hold too much but at the start it would be nice to have a vague guide to at least point you in the fright direction of how to start it (talk to yer woman, get on the boat and sail etc) Overall i enjoyed the story and those seas are might impressive to sail on. Dont know if id bother with the next episode.
  15. What game are you trying to finish
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