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  1. Normal, and I would say i found that fight hard and was constantly scrounging for health. But then again im clearly average at the game Cant wait to get Roquefort in today.
  2. Just finished her on first attempt. Not gonna lie, I just constantly spammed Y or jump/Y while rotating through all 3 of the team constantly spamming them also. I had a chip for each of them. And any time I got the special activated I used the health one. One thing it took me a while to realise about the game is at the hideout goto the painting and press Y to cash in all in game tasks, you get a ton of money for them. And don’t forget to enable the chips / special moves by pressing LT in those hideout shop menus, easily overlooked after the tutorial.
  3. Fuck me my hands / wrists can’t just about cope with this game. The levels are quite long, just finished the whole mimosa level this evening and I have cramp. I’m finding normal difficulty just right. Some bits are very hard, need the odd continue or careful managing of the special that replenishes energy. Then you pass the sticky fight and get a reprieve. Loving it and can see my lunch hour tomorrow being used up with another level.
  4. Bah, im also struggling with the Parry. Samurai robot is more or less one-shotting me. Don't want to have to drop to easy!!
  5. I think so, its 95% robots you are fighting I cant recall any swearing. The human boss fights are a bit OTT like, wrestling moves etc.
  6. I'm really enjoying this, tho my wrists and fingers are showing they're age, getting tired after an hours play. Ive finished the first 2 bosses so need to force myself into a break. I like the upgrade system, how you can sell back without a big hit, as i realised ive bought 3 special moves but not the unlock to hold 2 at a time so was able to sell one back.
  7. Finished this morning , just shy of 60 hours on the clock. I think its a fantastic game and one of the best narrative FPS games I've played in ages. It has a lot of complex systems that you can learn and exploit or you can just shoot things in the face with a variety of guns. The story is intriguing throughout, very rarely cheesy or generic. The world is alive and lived in, Night City is awesome. I'll miss cruising around. The best time was the 20-40 hours, were you have got to grips with the mechanics and are out doing side hustles to make money for upgrades and exploring the city. I went into a random restaurant for a nosy and sat at the counter.. 3 dudes came in for a stick up and I talked them down, it was just a nice touch. Then in the last 20 hours, a bit more tooled up I was able to really let rip and go buck mental. The Main story missions were all well scripted and fun to play and I'm happy with my ending. Well slightly disappointed my cock ruled over rock n roll 🤣 🫣. I'm probably going to play out the other endings before parking it up and waiting for DLC later this year, I'll be day one. Any bugs i had were purely environmental, the odd car or person in a weird place - no story bugs at all. I missed out playing W3 when it was around so glad I didn't miss out on this. The monowires are so OP, im glad I didn't start using them until after 50 hours in as with them the game did start to be too easy.
  8. Also started this last week when off with Covid and am 15 hours in and totally loving it. Have tried stealth on a few missions but one slip up and everyone is permanently alerted. So then i reach for my bright pink Katana and finish the job. Trying to slow down on the story missions and earn some eddies and teach myself more about how the systems work. Do i need to keep dumping decent guns back at my apartment or just scrap them as i get the duplicates?
  9. fattakin

    High on Life

    Finished it this morning, off work with covid so was able to blast through it. I really liked it. It’s like Halo on buckfast and an E. Once you have a a few weapons you can sling yourself around taking out the waves of enemies. The talky guns aren’t anywhere near as annoying as the clips suggest. The knife is pretty much mute apart from finishing bosses. Some of the levels were really fun and the Mantis boss fight was pretty style and fun to play. Never outstayed it’s welcome at all each level being 60-90 mins and with plenty of guns to play with, if you want a dumb funny shooter then this is it.
  10. I finished this also. I generally haven't played many point n click adventures over the years, and this one is very simple on the point n click side. Its really all about the story. So its slow, usual walking about talking to people and making decisions that affect how they respond to you. Its nice looking, the script they use for different peoples speech is class. The story build gently - I'm not sure how different things actually pan out but it does seem to be a few branches based on what you think. I liked the game, its probably a bit long but suited to lazy late night games or cloud gaming. That'll do me for point n click games for a while. I did have an issue going between xbox and cloud gaming and lost 90 mins of play so be wary. Fucked me right off and nearly gave up.
  11. I have the one before it, Pro 2 bought as a spare. I cant get on with it when playing basic shooters like fortnite on PC. The triggers are so spongy / the travel distance is so far that it feels like your reactions are in treacle. They have maybe changed it or if you dont play shooters you'll be ok.
  12. fattakin


    How did you get on, i was at the friday gig. Fantasic. last seen them in 1994 in Belfast so quite a gap. I thought the setlist was fantastic, the band sounded amazing and seemed really happy to be playing. Song after song, barely a gap and even a most pit at times.
  13. Article updated to say rollout due to start next week so all is not lost.
  14. We have 2 xboxs in the house, me and the 2 kids. I would have got a streaming stick for the bedroom purely to muck about. We sometimes move the old xbox upstairs if one kid has his mates round and they make the younger kid 'go away' or when someone is sick. Realistically i know it'll barely be used as it's only a 32" TV and i can't see any detail from the bed. (no plans to upgrade to fit the 'astetic' ) But id have bought a streaming stick either new or a few months later 2nd hand just to try. It's a 2021 Samsung TV and im hoping the app will be supported. I have a spare controller ready to go. Cmon, someone is bound to have the 2021 frame in 55/65?
  15. 2021 Samsung TV's getting this rolled out today https://www.theverge.com/2022/11/16/23462052/samsung-xbox-cloud-gaming-nvidia-geforce-now-2021-smart-tvs Does anyone have 'the frame' TV in 55"/65"?- i think its code is LS03A? I have the 32" in my bedroom but looks like its code is slightly different, QE32LS03TCUXXU Just had a look on app store and no xbox. Sad Face - Probably no point in looking again until someone else with the big brother frame can spot it in the store
  16. Also started today. Enjoyed the accessibility options. Nice big text I can read from the couch that can be sped up also. Great chillout vibes, will suit winter nights.
  17. Not only did quick resume work, I managed to clear my first level (library) using @Orion suggestion. I’m chuffed and now taking a break to play something slower before my heart gives out. Thank fuck for floor chicken at the end!
  18. Thanks, had a great go with this earlier. 25 mins in, the wife comes home, kids gone feral and no dinner on! Does Quick Resume work? Asking for a friend
  19. Keen to hear how frustrating it is. I enjoyed builders' journey on iphone so the kid and I would be up for this but the camera and fiddly complaints might annoy me.
  20. I went to see the gig a few weeks ago in Belfast, they didn't play Mrs Robinson thankfully. Its cheesy as hell. The gig was fantastic - the band battered through Ray so quickly, it was pretty punky. Crowd loved it.
  21. They said that the streaming stick idea was dead, good to see it possibly coming true. Id definitely get one for the bedroom, even though my wife insisted on a 32" that i need to wear glasses to be able to play games on!
  22. Thanks I liked the sound of it from the post a few pages back, bought it!
  23. Thomas was alone I've completed on xbox, loved it! I've went for Baobabs Mausoleum Ep.1 and Pocket Mini Golf! Thanks
  24. I have it on xbox but never played it, more likely to try it on the switch and its the magic price, so thats it bought!
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