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  1. Could this be good? We've been talking about a trip to London with the kids and we love Totoro.. Half term in October would be perfect.
  2. Currys / DPD delivery delay email 'delayed flight' so i'll not be finding out today!! hoping its decent laugh tho as I've just volunteered to the primary school end of year fun day to set this up in one of the classes on the fancy digital whiteboards!
  3. I might try that one as I’m at her now and not getting too far. Can get to her 2nd stage often enough but start panicking.
  4. Just beat the EB! I have 100 hours on the clock. First ever FROM game and fell for the atmosphere and level design. After playing shite like Ghost Recon Breakpoint and their identikit models and Assassins Creed Valhalla with its endless missions and icons I fell in love the with the HUD and the lack of everything. Loved hearing about how to do things on here and playing co-op with mates, every session in those first 20 hours were fraught and hilarious. Was more than happy to just google when stuck / follow quest lines than have spam on the screen. Next week I'll press on to the Haigtree!
  5. What weve noticed is if you've set a multiplayer password to play with mates, if that mate has rinsed an area of the bosses, he cant seem to spawn. If we move to a random out of the way site of grace, he can be summoned. Not sure exactly, but seems to be boss related.
  6. I got swept up, have never played any souls games and just bought because of the thread and the cheapish VPN code (£30) I'm loving it, have played 60+ hours and have been playing it every chance I get. Can barely keep up with the thread! Im coming up to considering my first respec as i obviously didn't really have a clue what i was doing. In still using the grafted broadsword and wondering is it time to shake this up as i start the altus plateau.
  7. fuck knows what im on about
  8. For me, as my first souls game I can see its made a lot of changes to make this type of game more accessible while clearly still being the same style of game. Its absolutely rock hard and full of systems I have no idea about. and it doesn't care to tell or explain anything - and my brain doesn't want to learn, being so used to games that hand everything to me on a plate. Should be the worst game ever. But the map is so well designed and beautiful you can just gallop across on your horse and explore. Thing is, I generally dislike open world games, I want missions and icons so I feel a sense of achievement every time I play for an hour. My game time is limited so I want to earn something, an achievement or a level up. Yet last night I played 90 mins when everyone was in bed and I didn't have an icon to chase, a mission to deliver or a goal. I just explored, took out some low level beasts and avoided the bigger ones. I didn't feel any pressure to do anything - it was almost relaxing? - this isn't normal for me. Then today a few co-op games with @papalazarou, again just picking a direction and seeing what we found - I think the limit is 2 in co-op and it locks off part of the world but it was good craic. Then on lunch I wanted to get into the castle so I could do a minor quest to unlock the lady who powers up your spirit ashes. Offered myself as summoned help to a few random players online then summonsed people to help me, beat him on the 2nd go with me dying at the same time as the boss, but it counted as him being defeated for me. I remember fighting him on the first day on my own and being pure shitting myself. I can see its a long game, demanding hours and hours of play. I may never finish it, may well through the head up some day but im glad I bought it and am playing it.
  9. the main thing that annoyed me about AWE was the yellow tarpaulin markers showing you the way to go. Clearly an add to to the complaints about navigation problems in the main game. The obvious pointers annoy me in games sometimes.
  10. err im about 90 mins in and a bit lost! Where do i get the horse? I dandered over to the big gate and ran away and have just been following the road and skirmishing. What do the skulls with glowing eyes littered around mean? How do i level up? Find better weapons? I picked vanguard as advised, shield seems OK with ranged but still getting smashed by others.. i assume i upgrade it over time?
  11. Finished AWE in one sitting - enjoyed it, the new light/dark dynamic never outstayed its welcome. Can see how people might be a little disappointed - i was hoping they'd have mocked up part of the town itself for you to mess about in. Think i'll move on to Elden Ring for a bit and pop back and do the foundation when I've given up on that!
  12. What’s the best class for a newcomer who generally likes combat over managing magic spells and combining shit before battle?
  13. I'm thinking of ordering Elden Ring for a laugh. I reckon I could play thru AWE quickly enough as I'm powered up well enough and its still fresh. Maybe skip the foundation for a rainy day. I did play Alan Wake back in the day.
  14. Finished. Loved it! Enjoyed the creepy opening of the story and how it was slowly revealed. Took the rll hive mind advice and upgraded the telekinesis first which heled with the early difficulty. After that its been a nice consistent challenge, only really dying when I didn't pay attention. Exploration was enjoyable (I don't get peoples complaints about the map? Mixture of the signs and the map made it fine to navigate.) Once I got a hand of the combat I felt badass as fk, levitating, launching 3 projectiles etc! Enjoyed how the story panned out and need to read up on the hundreds of collectables. Now to mop up some side missions and start AWE.
  15. Hype is getting to me on this - its fairly cheap on xbox VPN.. but I've: never played any souls games before havent finished an RPG / really long game in ages just finished control today & was going to start its DLC have Cyberpunk next in the queue, bought on day of release and was waiting on the next gen patch have BOTW sitting never played dont really like really hard games with numerous indepth systems
  16. I think I started using the drop walls for the first time as they’d withstand a few energy balls while I could fire everything I had, then grabbed about the room for ammo and repeat. I’d seen online about a cheese technique under the an alcove with energy walls but I kept getting slaughtered so stayed on the move instead.
  17. Cant seem to download the Single player yet? (Operation catalyst) - only let me download the multiplayer standalone. Anyone any success yet?
  18. I think they had a 12 mo deal with Sony??? Also been patiently waiting for it on xbox as it looks like a good laugh and I could see the kids and their classmates loving it. They still play gang beasts every day and don't seem to tire of it.
  19. My kid and his mates have bene playing this for a while, im glad to see it - its broken the fortnite spell. Only thing annoys me is him having to sail back somewhere to sell loot at the end of every session. Makes me crack up at dinnertime! They do seem to be having a good laugh with it, non stop laughing and chuckling at the adventures. Ive tried it occasionally and did find it more annoying than enjoyable but didn't mind the first POTC level. Must try and do the next one.
  20. Fancied starting this, have had it via gameshare for over a year and never started. Really enjoyed the opening section, got as far as the first OoP. Its a bit creepy at times! Decided to pick up the Ultimate Edition in the sale for some series X bells & whistles, sadly doesn't pick up my save but I can quickly catchup. Any tips for the game in general without me having to trawl the thread? From the last pages it seems the AWE DLC is intertwined? How best to play it? Any tips for best weapons / perks? Thanks!
  21. I did, cloned the kids one S to a SSD. Just followed a few tutorials online, had to do a few scripts to copy some machine details/folders then copy back. Cant recall the finer detail but only took an hour or 2. I think the One S runs better with the SSD and was worth doing. I did break the power button opening the machine so do be gentle!
  22. That's nearly identical to the one my son just designed for his birthday, it hasn't arrived yet but from memory its really similar!
  23. Yes ive beaten the bat, fells like ages ago. Will try and retrace my steps back to there. Also tried a walkthrough in the past
  24. I'm bloody stuck on Sams Story and every time i go back i still cant work out where to go. Im in the boat pottering around the islands, ruined police station etc and have a marker I cant work out how to get too. I really want to finish it! (partly to reclaim the 70gb)
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