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  1. Was wondering this too - you go first and let me know
  2. Anyone get the multiplayer 'group' to work? Tried to join friends and we kept getting message we've left the group. Ended up just choosing LIVE and spawning at the same airport but hectic to find each other in the air at times. Was wondering if being part of a group actually highlighted the other player in the air
  3. eBay, nearly new, best offer! Really glad I got it. 2nd game using it was a trio on fortnite with the kids and we won, I was able to get more involved and take on people confidently. I see a set on there for £28 best offer at the moment
  4. The Hori split pad arrived today and made an instant difference. Last night I was playing and came 2nd 3 times in a row, I just couldn’t get accurate shots. First game to test and won immediately and just felt more in control. Worth it for £25 and while it looks ridiculous really, maybe the proportions would suit a switch OLED
  5. I’d be playing in bed so the rumble ain’t needed. Got nearly new pair off eBay for £25 delivered so worth a punt.
  6. Interesting - more or less the same price as the grip @Flub mentioned plus presumably better analog sticks? Ive stuck a cheeky £20 offer on one used on ebay. Its actually to play fortnite in bed to grind out some of the kids & my quests
  7. Anyone got a grip recommendation for the switch? I’ve started to play my kids one in handheld a bit and it hurts after a while! I see plenty on eBay from cheap ones that attach to the joycons to expansive ones near £40! I have medium / small hands.
  8. Played this last night as a trio of noobs. Ive only every played a few hours of this in the past and never really liked it. The Tall Tale first episode is OK overall. I still have the exact same feeling of disconnect in this game. The combat feels completely lifeless. Using the sword and weapons feel like they have no actual impact on the enemies, they dont react or feel any impact. I generally dont like games that hand hold too much but at the start it would be nice to have a vague guide to at least point you in the fright direction of how to start it (talk to yer woman, get on the boat and sail etc) Overall i enjoyed the story and those seas are might impressive to sail on. Dont know if id bother with the next episode.
  9. What game are you trying to finish
  10. I would wait. the S does indeed seem lovely but if you have the exact RRP and a 4K TV you'll really appreciate it when it comes. The stock drops weekly so get those alerts going
  11. I don’t think you can buy vbucks physically as a gift card kinda thing but I think I read they are coming. You could buy Nintendo estore card? There is a vbuck bundle for £15.99 for 2800. I’d buy him the battlepass as it’s not Long started and loads of stuff to unlock easily. Actual skins are quite expensive and addictive to the kids
  12. I think they changed that and it auto loads the credit onto your account now, no longer a redeemable code.
  13. I enjoyed this, finished up last night in bed streaming to the ipad - perfect game for that. Got thru a lot of the puzzles myself and quickly looked up some when i got stuck as life's too short. It may not have reached the heights of some of the other walking sims but was still enjoyable in its own right.
  14. Nope you can do a big fart that browns their pants. I think you hold a button. You can also loose your trousers in a tornado. It’s such a dumb game but a good laugh
  15. Did you happen to get Big Crown Showdown when it was on games with gold? its a great laugh (may be tears too) Totally Reliable Delivery service they also love, its a low rent Human Fall Flat but good for general mucking about in. Don't show them how to fart in it or you'll be tortured! Goat Simulator is on Game Pass too - My kids thing its hilarious, I despise it so usually leave the room when they play it.
  16. Im sure the playground was a lot of fun for you mate! Loved AK as a kid
  17. Haven't watched any JC in decades and now my 8yr old is doing martial arts, its time to introduce him! What's the best one to watch? Cheesy comedy and fights is perfect. The spy next door like someone mentioned or an older classic? We've finished a full Marvel movie run so hes ok with mild violence.
  18. Got an hours of Sams story yesterday and it was great to be back in that world. The colours / textures always remind me of escaping city 17 in HL2. Love all the weathered old bald Russians you meet and so far it looks like enough resources to always have a full complement of shotgun ammo. For some reason I played half of exodus without using the shotty then realised just how effective it is with the ghouls!
  19. I’m waiting for the next gen patch. Started it on Xbox Series X and was mightily impressed but decided to hold out and come back to it. Likelihood I’ll only play once so wanted a touch more bells & whistles
  20. Thanks all, I can wait until tomorrow. On the final chapter of call of the sea so I’ll try and get that finished tonight!
  21. I bought the expansion pass last week - already owned and played the first game digitally. Cant seem to load the DLC - going round in a loop on the xbox - open DLC menu in-game and brings up the store and prompts to install the 2 expansions. they are already in place of course and downloaded. Goto chapter select and DLC showing as locked. Only thing slightly unusual was I installed from xbox website on my phone last night. I've rebooted xbox - I guess I should delete the lot and try again from the console?
  22. Yes I believe so - its in the smart delivery program so when you stick it in the xbox, it should patch itself up to the new version.
  23. I can’t wait, got the DLC in the sale last week, I think both are getting the same update right? it was the reason I bought my one X so can’t wait to see it on the series X
  24. Dont need a disk drive at all, the only disk game we own is lego dimensions which we play on the Series X. I remembered I had an old SSD in the garage that I thought was faulty, connected it to the X and it formatted OK so followed a tutorial to backup the original HD onto a SSD and put it in the S at lunchtime (im on a virtual training course which is pretty boring so I could do this on the side) It feels generally the same in the dashboard but fortnite loads much faster, no texture pop in and playable enough (not as buttery smooth as my X OFC) So I'll leave it at that and use saving for a series S before forza 5 as something we can do together, with his pocket money and summer chores Shame I broke the teeny tiny power button on the motherboard when taking the shell off the other day, but no Biggy can be powered on by controller! @MikeBeaver Are those 3 tiny buttons on the S replaceable? they are so small i can barely see if they are soldered or glued? If glued i could forced the Disk eject one off and put on on the power?
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