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  1. Uh is the Barbican in England?? I heard he has a Dublin date that will have to do me as im in N Eire
  2. I havent watched it but it will NEVAR beat Enemy Territory!!
  3. I agree - I seen him on the Divine Comedy Mini tour last year and it was an incredible show. I believe hes back to Dublin as part of the tour you mentioned. PS tickets onsale @ ticketmaster or where?
  4. They basically bought 2 old kung fu movies, edited them, cgi'd the main actor / baby / cow etc and made and excellent authentic spoof! Loved the bit where they eat yr woman's Dog - classic
  5. fattakin

    The Debonaires

    Quality Band from Belfast that are sounding better and better. They've just cut a new set to demo's and put them all on their site. The Debonaires Please Please Please Download 'Wright Brothers Dog' - its a great song about their dog, what it thinks when the Wright Bros are doing the flight experiments on that beach years ago. Other good tunes: Punchline, All These Battles, Babysteps to Nowhere They are a real blast live, the frontman has a real swagger but still friendly and a boozehead. backing the Ash tour i think
  6. I have to admit that im glad TS franchise is with EA as id love to see it sell real well, the first 2 were great games but not too well known outside the diehards. I loved the Single player game as it drops the half assed 'story' that some FPS force on you and just lets you get stuck in a miriad of cool, interesting levels and just when you think you are bored, a totally different style of level comes next.. from 1930's gangsters to crashed UFO's with Aliens running around - MAGIC! Mini game heaven, burning monkeys, beheading zombies (wasnt that house mini game better than botrh evil dead games together?) Here's to TS3 and Online play will be madness. The swop map option is deadly, bring a nice bit of PC modding to the consoles and should be good for clans etc Now if someone will port beach level from Wolfenstein i'll be a happy man
  7. Was the Bowlie Weekender show ever released or did ya bootleg it?
  8. fattakin

    Best of Pixies

    somebody stick Tonys Theme on there so i can go mental!
  9. Does it support LAN play OK?? The lads in work need something else to play apart from Half Life Sven Co-op!
  10. Which Pool? The one where there are 2 big ol beasties swinning about in it and u are in a glass tunnel?? - duck into the water from the broken grate and there is a hoel in the glass, wipe out the monsters with the big green 'zap em away to an alien world' gun and swim up the top of the room to a little outlet The pool where you have turned on the valve and the water fills the room?? - swim back to the room with the elevator / ladder and wait until the water fills it up and u can fit thru the hole at the top
  11. Im going to have to reccomend Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. Its free, only 260MB to download ( plus 3mb patch ) and is flat out Team Based mayhem. get stuck in, it has a healthy scene UK/Worldwide, the best Q3 engine going and some big mods coming up - try it and enjoy Download from Jolt
  12. Have been playing Half Life: Opposing Forces since last week in work, and i have to admit thats its the sweetest thing to happen to me here It runs like a dream on our P3 800Mhz / 8mb Intel Chipset PC's 1. Alt-Tab-able 2. Dosent Appear on the Toolbar 3. Plays in a window (add -startwindowed to the .exe) Basially - Bossproof!!! As i never finished Half Life (fed up on the Alien Planets) & Blue Shift (some crane puzzle that bored me to tears) Ive really enjoyed the story this time out. The difficuly is about right, with those pesky Black Ops. But sneaking a 10 minute game, with 1 headphone in while the Wee Boss is out having a slash. Defintely an enjoyable game and one i reccomend to Office gamers. Anyone any otehr recomendations of games from this time? Ive played Unreal & UT loads Wolfenstein just about runs, Enemy Territory makes the PC shit itself. Op Flashpoint, Max Payne are a bit dodgy running I was thinking Thief?? Never played it..
  13. Ah Man ive been playing ET since it came out and its mad addictive. Its defiantely the best Team Based Objective game out there at the minute and its FREE dammit. (Its also developed in the UK by these guys: splashdamage) Ive been pimping it for ages and really recomend it to any FPS fans. The games are fun and rewarding, its like a mini-MMORG Ive been playing in a wee clan so give us a shout if you fancy a game Patriot, We play on UK & irish Servers mostly, drop by [VPL] and send me a mail. If you use All Seeing Eye (and if you dont, you should..) to connect to servers, add me onto you buddy list, do a quick search on [VPL]
  14. Co-Op on PC is a real blast in work on our skint PC's (700mhz/4mb intel) 4 of us playing co op - ALl quiet in the Office bar a million mouse clicks and sniggers.. lol
  15. I think its Anal because 1. I would have expected the game to be in slip cases, usually anything 'bundled' isnt in its original packaging - consoles / dvd players / PC kit etc 2. Expecting to get a response that is going to acually please you in this senario is completely unlikey (i.e. if they ship you 2 box's / books / covers) Hence to me, its pointless sending the mail - no offence!!! And if the sleeve has acually damaged the disk you are vindicated!
  16. Bet they're arms are gonna get tired
  17. I cant see anything wrong with what they are doing, its not like buying a bundle from GAME where there are 2 games shinkwrapped with it... The MS bunble is exactly that - packaged in a factory wharehouse somewhere, maybe 100,000 consoles at one time, of course they are going to save the money / space / packaging and put teh games in slipcases... Expecting more than that is crazy and even sending that email is pretty anal.
  18. I found i couldnt relax and have a shit while reading that book, it was too far up its own arse!
  19. For those looking a good , team based Squad game, grab Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, a free 250MB d/load, based to the Q3/RTCW engine. This game is definately the best Objective based FPS out there. (takes the UT Assault/RTCW team based antics and ramps them up!!) Each team has 5 classes with uniquie abilities. (medic / Engy / Covert ops etc) Your players 'stats' and abilities grow over a 3 map campaign (upto 1 1/2 hrs) and are wiped clean for the next campaign - its a mini MMORG Granted, it suffers from the same problem on Public Servers that all FPS games do (fuckwits) but teams can be split up into 'Fireteams', with Icons above your buddies player models and Group / team / fireteam chat so that communication in game can be useful for a change. Ive been playing it since the day of release and ive probabably played this game longer than any other game my entire life, its a breath of fresh air. I can jump on a server, with 5 of my buddies from work and dish it out long ionto the night.. I thoroughly reccomend this game to anyone with a passing interest in Team based / WW2 / action games
  20. Tokyo Bus Guide must be one of the best chillout games ever. The music is just so mellow, and the bus cruises along so peacefully. Are you insane? That game near killed me with its keeping the speed limit, indicating, changing lanes mayhem - Dogs Life on PS2 - ive been chilling out over xmas on that badboy - Poopin at the feet of people who wont give me doggie treats!
  21. You know.. id fecking believe that.. nintendo are twats, instead of having the GC online from scrach, they'll go half assed at it
  22. I wasnt really impressed by that video to be honest
  23. I just bought 4 on ebay and have only had a quick 2 player - seemed fun but the board bits were annoying between the minigames. So i bought Wario Ware to fill the gaps lol
  24. My sentiment exactly.. Need it for the Cube
  25. Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory Because its flipping brilliant. Ive been dishing it out to the Hun daily since its release. And its free! Splash Damage Mario Kart: DD Have only started to play it Multiplayer and the battle Arena's are a bit cack, the racing is top-notch SSX3 Wish they hadnt introduced the Tony Hawk ripp off combo things as now i have to pay attention more but loving it Serious Sam2 Office LAN games ahoy - who woulda knew a 4mb onboard graphic card could bring so much joy Call Of Duty tasty 1p, shite Multiplayer
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