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  1. I find controllers normally fail with the clicking of the sticks input for me. Not sure if the video mentions that, i'm not clicking on a video with that thumbnail
  2. GT7 not due till 2022. Did we know this already? https://www.gq-magazine.co.uk/culture/article/playstation-vr-jim-ryan-interview-2021?amp&__twitter_impression=true
  3. So if I watch a UHD blu-ray I should be adjusting my TV?
  4. Yeah I tried your method but it didn't seem to shift it
  5. Christ that's some balls up. Would be nice of them to get you a disk version when in stock really. @elmo oh shit, just listened to you say on the pod that Argos refund you instantly now, you jinxed it!
  6. Wait, so they charged you 2x £450 and sent you a digital version?
  7. That's really interesting, i'll give it a go cheers
  8. You can set up private servers for upto 7 people on PlayStation, I'd be surprised if Xbox was any different
  9. Brilliant. Definitely keen to try it.
  10. is the crispy chilli oil stuff mega spicy?
  11. I played my PS5 via my PS4 remote play, worked really well, when I tried playing the other way around the picture quality was awful. No idea why
  12. Recently picked this up to play with pals and having a right laugh. Are the season pass(es) worth it?
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