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  1. Well that's the post credits stuff done. I still can't stop playing this bloody game Might see what the platinum trophy involves
  2. I can't be arsed playing if my PS4 progress will eventually port over and it's not cross-gen multiplayer. Seems like it was shoved out before it was ready. It's fine if you haven't played on PS4 I guess.
  3. Moon Safari is incredible. In my top 10 albums for sure.
  4. When i got one way back i was in an hour long queue so there is hope
  5. You're definitely on to something with the intimidation factor of bosses and getting straight to them would alleviate that. I guess the way I play games is very meticulous and it would be in the back of my mind i'd skipped by something I could be using to help
  6. In my experience taking any shortcuts to higher biomes is a false economy (bar skipping bosses). I meticulously went through biomes 1 & 2 before my attempts at 3 and was nicely tooled up with a monster health bar by the time I got to the boss. I went from thinking I'd never getting past Phrike to seeing the credits with 20 deaths.
  7. People need to stop buying from scalpers and they would probably be freely available by now.
  8. My favourite parasite buff is the +20% proficiency rate i think getting your proficiency up fast is so important to doing well.
  9. It's a shame cos it's an incredible game but it looks to have been cast out to die. It will no doubt have a resurgence when they dare to drop the price (do it to early and there will be uproar!)
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