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  1. Can someone help me understand. I thought with Microsoft's smart delivery thing you get the best version of the game depending where you play it. So an xbox one game played on a series x console would be the series x version. So I'm confused why there would be a difference in price. Why wouldn't I buy the xbone version?
  2. I'd give the Yakima Pilsner from Vocation Brewery a try, I really enjoy that one. They Also do a Hebden lager (although I haven't tried that one). Just seen they are out of stock currently but should restock at some point. Although they do come in a mixed case. https://www.vocationbrewery.com/collections/core
  3. So you have to get quickscopes to unlock the new sniper. As you can imagine that's turned most multiplayer lobbies into a shitshow. This is my typical game. Load up shitment, get my kills, check they have counted then fuck off. Total farce.
  4. I've been doing the same. Pretty much had something from most of the best breweries in Yorkshire (so therefore the best in the uk obvs). Got a 12 (pint!) can variety pack from Arbor which was great last week. https://arbor-ales-online-shop.myshopify.com/products/fresh-cans-6-different-beers
  5. If nothing else I expect the events at the end of the first game will prove to be pivotal to character's motivations in the new game. Not gonna say anymore than that!
  6. Has there been any images of the back? Do we think it will have an optical out?
  7. You see the bridge in the trailer and the spans between the towers don't appear to be there though. I'm buzzin for this, day one for sure.
  8. We're in BST now though, which would be 6pm
  9. Electric state is brilliant, in fact I think I may prefer it if I'm being honest.
  10. That's what I did yeah. LMG with a thermal, smoke at your feet, hit the deck and hope someone walks in front of you! Rinsed through it on shipment quickly enough although I felt dirty doing it.
  11. If anyone else is trying to unlock the new LMG but finding that it's not tracking correctly it's because YOU have to be near smoke when you kill someone. Not the enemy as the description of the challenge would have you believe.
  12. Those akimbo pistols need a hard nerf. Absolutely ridiculous, two hits puts you in your arse in warzone
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