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  1. House of Trembling Madness, love that place. Good shout on Cloudwater and Deya, I have stuck to Yorkshire now I think about it haha.
  2. As I can't go to the pub for a while i'm ordering some nice cans. And why not help the NHS too! https://northernmonkshop.com/collections/beer/products/keep-the-faith-12-pack One of my current favourites at the moment, i'll have a few of these: https://www.vocationbrewery.com/collections/core/products/love-hate And North Brew Co will deliver for free in Leeds too. https://www.northbrewing.com/news/local-deliveries/ How are you guys battling against the lack of pubs?
  3. Gonna have to get Amazon Prime basically just for this, or hold off and binge on a 30 day free trial. Not sure I can wait though!
  4. Craig Mazin did Chernobyl right? Which is a slightly more reassuring CV than the Hangover movies.
  5. Interested to see how they flesh out a story that was fairly barebones in the art book.
  6. Inspired by the wondrous paintings of Simon Stålenhag, Tales from the Loop explores the mind-bending adventures of the people who live above the Loop, a machine built to unlock and explore the mysteries of the universe – making things previously relegated to science fiction, possible. Coming April 3rd I can't wait for this. If you're not fimiliar with Stalenhag here's an example of his retro / futuristic style:
  7. Great start to the series. Very happy there's another tomorrow
  8. With the way the last series ended I'm looking forward to him going full Saul. And what happens to his relationship with Kim.
  9. When will this go live on UK Netflix? Monday?
  10. Another mechanic I didn't know haha. Thanks for your tips guys, i'll persevere.
  11. I didn't know that thanks. I'm enjoying traversing the landscapes but going into areas where I have to creep around avoiding invisible enemies I'm finding tedious. Do you ever get a gun to shoot those blokes trying to nick your stuff? Maybe this game isn't for me. I really enjoyed MGSV so I was really looking forward to this.
  12. Got this in the sale. Finding timefall to be a frustrating pain in the arse. I just wanna go around delivering stuff. If I put it on very easy does it get rid of timefall every few yards?
  13. Has anyone mentioned you can switch between Japanese and English audio in the menus on Netflix? I didn't realize till this evening
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