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  1. Is this true of digital versions too? Don't wanna spend £60 then not get the ps5 version
  2. Guess I'll have to get an Xbox at some point now then. Been missing Forza anyway.
  3. I just can't believe they will make COD Xbox console exclusive. It just makes too much money on PlayStation to pass up surely? It'll probably on gamepass and get DLC early etc
  4. Probably yeah. What would be preferable in starting again over say starting from biome 1 and playing the game through from there?
  5. Wording of this made it seem like it was discussed. Not watched myself.
  6. Is the price mentioned in that video?
  7. That's the one! Another one I didn't touch for ages but grew to love.
  8. What's that gun with the returning bullets? That's amazing with the right traits, just a constant stream of damage when you're right next to a big enemy.
  9. Appreciate it cheers. I've since been trying to apply the throttle more smoothly rather than stamping on it and it seems to be helping.
  10. Do you have any recommended settings? I've fiddled a bit but i dunno if it's helped or i've made it worse! I seem to get into tank slappers in this constantly.
  11. That seems to be the case. If I use a pad for a short while and put it on the charge stand it pulses once then not at all.
  12. Excited about PSVR2. Never got onboard with the original so I'm crossing fingers for backwards compatibility.
  13. What a rubbish start to a game. Then I get a disconnected to servers error message every other minute throughout playing.
  14. p1nseeker

    It Takes Two

    I loved the book
  15. Blimey. They were lucky to walk away from that. State of the car!
  16. Those concrete blocks down the side of the road in Germany can fuck right off
  17. Definitely picking this up in the sale. Cheers
  18. Still seems to create a big "other" section in system storage yeah. It could be other stuff in there too of course but it gives you no details. You can store PS5 games on an external HDD and move them back to internal when you want to play them too, quicker than re-downloading.
  19. Internal storage is 825GB with about 650ish usable. Also in my experience if you have a few PS4 games installed the "other" folder in system storage gets huge.
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