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  1. Since i have come back to this game it's surprising how often it's unavailable for hours at a time. Is this normal?
  2. Is there any way to listen if you don't have an Apple device?
  3. Where is this podcast? I can't seem to find it.
  4. Seems like Sony have announced a game due next month quite early. It looks quite interesting, nice idea to get it to as many people as possible. Any life in the game will surely depend on the amount of content people create etc. [Edit] Shit didn't see there was already a thread (https://www.rllmukforum.com/index.php?/topic/327677-meet-your-maker/#comment-13657497). Maybe merge / delete needed here.
  5. I did deep stone crypt at the weekend with a couple of pals and his son showing us the ropes (Christ I feel old!). Was really great fun, felt great to get back into raiding again. Apparently they had a weapon called Divinity that made it easier to kill the boss and boy it seems tough to get that gun but up for giving it a go.
  6. Podcast this week is a must listen btw.
  7. Another daft question: Do I have to do the seasonal storyline week 1 this week, week 2 next week etc? If i miss a week can i not complete it?
  8. Your light level is too low yeah
  9. From what i can see, legendary campaigns etc seem to limit your light level for the sake of difficulty, is that right? Is that the same with all the tough activities (dungeons etc)? If so why am i trying to max my level with pinnacle gear etc? This is probably a daft question I know.
  10. I won't be carrying anyone nowadays trust me 😂 As in you are gonna try for 24hrs to clear the raid? Nah you're alright thanks!
  11. Me and a couple of pals have started playing this again (last played around the time of that calus raid I think) played through the beyond light as it's free and the witch queen. It's great to be back honestly so much stuff to do having been away so long. Bit mind boggling of course but slowly getting back into it and learning new systems etc. Ready to get stuck into Lightfall. Apologies in advance for any noob enquires in here. Do we have anyone doing raids in here? I remember doing Vault of Glass with people from here back in the day.
  12. I think you have to complete menu 19 to unlock online play. Doing circuit experience is a decent earner and quite quick.
  13. How come the Sophy AI races are time limited? Says only till the end of March I think.
  14. Wow. Tied at 35. Superb stuff
  15. Great game for a superbowl is this. Worth staying up for.
  16. I had to turn the US feed off. Ads are next level.
  17. Great first half. Hopefully Mahomes is ok to make it a game 2nd half. Fitzmagic is made for the booth, he's great.
  18. All good points, you may well be right. That bit of the game is not so clear in my memory!
  19. Episode 8 could end up a little rushed? kinda wish the series was a couple of episodes longer looking at that.
  20. Why I think ep.3 fit into the overall arc (massive game spoilers):
  21. Only watch the last couple of episodes of Boba Fett. Spare yourself.
  22. The new time trial is more like F-Zero than Gran Turismo
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