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  1. Oaf

    Doctor Who

    ...and it seems Gloucester has a population of about 7.
  2. It's finally here! PC & Mac. Buy it now, you know you want to - if only to help pay for the inevitable heart bypass surgery I'll need. Shipping games is a young person's game! https://store.steampowered.com/app/1191940/Deathtrap_Dungeon_The_Interactive_Video_Adventure/
  3. https://invisioncommunity.co.uk/deathtrap-dungeon-launch-date-announced/ I managed to squeeze out a Mac version too! iOS and Android next....
  4. Met up with Eddie to do some re-shoots, and he did some promo videos for us. Here’s the first.
  5. Just launched our “coming soon” page on Steam! https://store.steampowered.com/app/1191940
  6. Recovering from EGX. The love for the game was overwhelming! We had a number of people who’d come to the show just to see our game, we had old gits like us, desperately trying to remember whether it was the left eye or the right which didn’t poison you, young kids, couples, groups, all playing the demo through to the end (about 20 mins). Eddie Marsan came down on the Sunday, he’s really happy with it too which is a relief December for PC, Mac, mobile and hopefully AppleTV; console in the new year.
  7. I dunno who's sadder - him for making it, or me for clicking on it. Scrubbed through it - tug of war on a beach, DP talking bollocks, strange bikini zombies. Not quite sure who his audience is
  8. DD suffers more than most from “oh dear, you’re dead”, so we’re looking at various ways of implementing the “five finger bookmark”. From save points, to the ability to keep all your items and go back to any point you’ve visited in the game, we’re looking for something that’s fair but doesn’t spoil the game. We’re working from the original book, with some minor changes in situations where it says “if you have the shield” etc - the game already knows. There’s also an option to change the battle mechanics slightly, so it’s quicker for impatient customers
  9. Completed filming last weekend, now we’ve got to edit 42 hours of video.... Here’s Ian, Eddie and the crew on set:
  10. Oaf

    The return of FMV

    I quite liked The Bunker for its story, but there’s not a tremendous amount of interaction. Late Shift is nicely done, the transition between scenes is seamless. I couldn’t get on with Shapeshifting Detective at all. Her Story is next.... And of course there’s always Deathtrap Dungeon coming in October. Setup for filming starts today! Http://BranchingNarrative.com.
  11. We exhibited (well, plonked a few things on a table) at Fighting Fantasy Fest on Saturday. The response was overwhelming, especially with the kids who were really into playing the demo. Got a pic with the man himself!
  12. Oh! That’d help, wouldn’t it. I’m obviously not meant for a career in marketing. http://BranchingNarrative.com
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