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  1. Here is the aforementioned dog….
  2. Chibnall’s script for the finale has leaked.
  3. I thought he was trying to be a pirate.
  4. Mario Kart Forza, where you’re free to race around Hyrule merrily blowing your Ocarina.
  5. I was thinking of watching it this year, but after seeing that bunch of worst-of-LinkedIn slimeballs I don’t think I’ll bother. Even from those photos they appear to be caricatures.
  6. Didn’t John Bishop say “what’s a Dalek?” near the beginning of the episode?
  7. Nah, I just have to make sure the 1s and 0s are in the right order
  8. I suppose it’s like anything, until there’s a compelling reason (ie a good or popular game (notice the differentiation)) to use it, then we’ll just slag it off as a gimmick, a con etc. I’m starting as CTO tomorrow at a company that’s resurrecting a ‘90s football game as a cross-platform multiplayer football game, where you can trade players on the blockchain. Even now I’m not sure why’d you’d want to do that, but I can see it working within that sort of scenario, especially as player trading is something that’s done in “real” football. I think Square bloke is right though, it’s going to happen, but the whole wallet/transaction process needs to be a to slicker. It’s much easier than it was 5 years ago, but it’s still a fair way to go before your Mum could use it.
  9. Did it in 3. Reminds me of that Mastermind game from the ‘70s.
  10. Thanks, I’ll have a tinker and see if it’s more responsive.
  11. I’ve been playing Forza 5. What a strange game. Unskippable cut scenes throughout more of a “car story” than a racing game. Steering seems all-or-nothing, despite an analogue controller, so I spend most of my time pedulum-ing like a newb. In one “race” I came 4th (of 4), yet I seemed to win. Is this pandering to the idea that nobody loses? It’s very pretty, I like how the music pauses when you do a big jump, but I’ve yet to find a game amongst all this…do I need to just stick with it, or is this what racing games are like these days?
  12. Bagged a series x on Amazon this morning. Hope I haven’t deprived some poor kiddy of a Christmas present. Mind, a kid which expects a £450 console for Christmas is likely to be a brat anyway
  13. I suppose Sony are at a disadvantage as you can only fit about three PS5’s on a container ship
  14. 195k for a 21 year lease, according to the comments.
  15. A six foot Yorkshire terrier and a bloke with a load of Lego stuck to his head. Delightfully bonkers!
  16. Oaf

    Disco Elysium

    PC or Xbox series x? PC is half price in the steam halloween sale….
  17. Apart from the issues I appeared in, and despite the snorefest it has become, my choice would be issue 1 of Edge. At that time, the industry was maturing, the cowboy outfits run by dodgy ex-second-hand-car-dealers were going bust or getting bought out by Infogrammes, 3D hardware was on the horizon, developers were starting to use C (although I’d quite fancy doing some assembler again now), the WWW was just around the corner and wide-eyed young men like myself were planning our first studios. <sigh> For me, Edge #1 encapsulated that era; the hopes and dreams, the tech just around the corner, and an industry just beginning to take itself seriously.
  18. Oaf

    Zool Remake

    And Superfrog, don’t forget Superfrog. Even Alfred Chicken was better than Zool.
  19. Yeah. Judging by what happened to Handmaid’s Tale after they ran out of book, it’s probably for the best.
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