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  1. Knives Out It's been a while since I saw a good whodunnit movie, and I'm sure it'll be a while from this point on as well. 5 knives / 5
  2. Ad Astra Some nice eye candy without much of a story. 2 angry baboons in space / 5
  3. I didn't have a computer or any consoles in 1982, but I visited the local snackbar to play Crazy Kong quite a bit.
  4. Extraction (Netflix) Chris Hemsworth takes a shot at being John Wick, and pulls it off. 4/5
  5. Second Front looks interesting at least.
  6. I imagine you could install Android on a Virtual Machine and go from there?
  7. My DE-10 Nano is slated to arrive tomorrow, with a 128 memory card on Friday. Like @Colonel Panic I'm interested in the programming side of things, and I ordered the book Programming FPGAs: Getting Started with Verilog
  8. In some cases where the game's source code has been lost, modern ports are just straight up remakes of the original. Bubble Bobble comes to mind.
  9. This all sounds like terrible customer service. Obviously, putting the screen should have been as easy as they advertised it was in the video, in my mind they sold you a defective product. And then to tell you to give feedback to the engineers? And telling you you're not allowed to post the conversation between you and their help desk? What a bunch of wankers. I'd be posting it to warn people, because fuck them.
  10. The Hateful Eight A very slow burn, just the way I like my westerns. The only thing I did not like was the narrated parts, it could've conveyed all that information without the voice over, and it seemed lazy to me. 4 bullets / 5
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